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bps  /  19 Oct 2017, 06:12
CSPREE 1.0 released
Community favorite Molgrum has been working relentlessly to get his server mod CSPREE out of beta and into version 1.0. Today is release day, so read on for more info, changelog and download instructions.
Fixes to the /kill command
Fix Last Man Standing spectating bug
Accepted code from Spike for respawn tokens in coop and per mode map pools
Accepted code from Tuna for to have a correct Bash syntax
Bugfix for Duel Arena not readying up players automatically across maps
Spelling fixes
RL damage 110 -> 120
Freeze Tag tweaks so telefrags respawn you as frozen
Rocket jump fixes
Prewar menu reduced in text
Nailguns ignore armor
Added 20 seconds delay on megahealth in Duel Arena
Gameclock doesn't tick when nobody plays
Matchless locked ports starts instantly
Duel Arena updated with "second chance"
Reliable sounds, antilag on missiles
When enough players have joined, the readyup phase is locked

What is Chilling Spree?
Chilling Spree is a deathmatch mod for Quakeworld that focuses on user friendliness and lots of game modes to try out. It is intended for having fun playing Quakeworld with new twists of the game instead of playing the same three modes all the time.

Chilling Spree features fourteen game modes in total, nine of them which are unique to the mod compared to KTX.

Download from github

Servers: - Kill The King (with maprotation) - Head Hunters (with maprotation) - Casual team modes (cspree modes) - Normal competitive modes (1on1/2on2/4on4) - Duel Arena

More info at the wiki. Visit the project page as well. There's also a blog post by Molgrum with more info.

Enjoy, and wreak havoc!
2017-10-19, 07:01
So I wonder - if I was to set up new servers at some point - would people be okay with the ftesv/cspree combination or would they play elsewhere instead? Just wondering. And if the later what would need to change so they remain on the cspree one?
2017-10-19, 08:20
I also wonder this, feedback is much appreciated on what would make a cspree package be viable for players.

I wrote a blog entry on the future plans.
2017-10-19, 10:53
an installer script for linux like nquakesv is what i need.... if i put cspree on the servers here in aus then people will have no choice but to use them as there are no alternatives
2017-10-19, 11:05
Can you define what you need? I have never used nquakesv so I don't know exactly what you need.

To get a default solution you do:

Download the 1.0 release.
Unpack into quake-folder (pak0.pak/pak1.pak in id1/).
Unpack default_config.tar.gz.

That will get you five ports running in the same fashion as the servers I run.

There is a but it could be worked on, where you can setup ports sort of easily. Needds feedback though.
2017-10-20, 11:28
Nice to see dedicated game modes servers
So we can avoid that annoying start menu stuck in the face, that also dont let people prewar and play around
2017-10-24, 09:52
google cloud services is now in Australia with 1 year free server... i am going to test it out with cspree now!
2017-10-24, 10:42
i cannot get it going... i suspect it is a google cloud services issue though... anyone used them before?
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