meag  /  17 Oct 2017, 10:27
shifter tournament - Sunday 22nd October @ 9pm CEST
A couple more one-map tournaments in the next few weeks, starting off with one of foogs's maps, shifter.

The tournament structure will be small double-elimination brackets, and will start an hour later than recent Sunday events - hopefully this gives more people a chance to enter. Expect the games to be complete by 11:30 CEST. I'll do my best to split people into divisions to try and make sure the games are close.

Update: Tournament is complete, thanks to everyone who played. We had a couple of last minute drop-outs in div2, where Thor managed a 100% record en route to the title. Div1 was won by rio, who battled through the loser's bracket to beat VVD in the final.

Some choice games are available on Youtube - (YouTube encoding seems keen to screw the videos unfortunately)
  • 23y
  • bgnr
  • Drake
  • gloomy
  • lordlame
  • RaggA
  • Thor
  • VVD

Potential other maps
  • dad2
  • doomed
  • exileb1r6
  • ravageqwb8
  • skull
  • travelert6
  • ...
    2017-10-17, 17:15
    I'll play
    2017-10-17, 17:40
    2017-10-17, 18:07
    yaaay. +me
    2017-10-17, 19:34
    Sign me up. I'm gonna try and play through the pain.
    2017-10-17, 21:04
    boom boom boom i wanna double boom
    2017-10-20, 11:26
    I'm in, even tough i'm on mobile phone internet
    Would be nice to play travelert6 or that travelert666_test2
    I wanna see Orc vs Milton again and Rok, another good travelert player

    Thanks Foogs for the map.
    The creator of my fav Bravado
    2017-10-23, 09:55
    We have to do something with LG and/or with LG room… Don't need 2nd dm6 with "deny LG all 10 mins" strategy. You can camping LG from middle room and spam it from all floors. IMHO, we have to add a 2nd LG at cells near mega.
    The map is really big. It's bigger than: aerowalk, bravado, ztndm3, dm4, dm6 and q1q3monsoon too. Look like same size as dm2, but shifter is more open - easier to find opponent and harder to hide. I think it's good replacement for dm2 (same as q1q3monsoon is good replacement for dm6)!

    P.S. Signups for Thunderdome 9 are open, but map pool is not decided yet. Definitely: aerowalk, bravado, ztndm3 and dm4 + 1 or all 3 maps from a list: q1q3monsoon, shifter and dm2.
    2017-10-23, 12:10
    2017-10-23, 17:02
    On shifter

    Big map - kind of reminds me of dm2 but with lg - lots of sneaking around yet difficult to stay in one spot as so open

    I enjoyed the games - especially the close ones
    2017-10-23, 18:46
    Despite everyone talking about the size of the map, average of div1 games was 31.6 frags... whether that stands up once everyone gets the hang of it or not is the question, but even the close games were generally 20+.

    Some points made by the specs:

    - the lack of sound queues, sometimes the map goes very silent.
    - controlling the map from GL spot
    - make the RA teleport bi-directional?

    Can't remember the others...
    2017-10-25, 13:20
    Shifter seems nice, I wanna try it out more.
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