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sassa  /  10 Jul 2007, 12:49
Travail Mission pack
This single player mission pack contains 2 whole episodes and a nice soundtrack.
One quake mission, two episodes with a big finale, two level secret mini mission
Now, what are u waiting for?

..possibly the largest mission pack for Quake in the last 5 years. ©

This mission pack has been very anticipated in the single player community and it's finally here with more than they had imagined.

Func_msgboard wrote:

* 1 new Quake mission
* 2 new episodes and a triple barrel finale
* A 2 level secret mini mission
* 15 single player levels and 3 multiplayer levels
* 2 new bosses, stock and modified after market enemies, one beloved weapon mod, and some new physics
* 4 Easter Eggs, 30+ secrets, countless references to the game and the community

There lays a story behind this mission pack so you will get some background story to this new mission .

1, Make a folder called travail in your /quake/-root
2, Unzip into your new folder called travail
3, Download the soundtrack, burn it as audio CD and put it into your drive
4, Download aguirRe's enhanced glquake and unzip it into your /quake/-root
5, Create a new shortcut to glquake.exe and put -game travail -heapsize 65536 at the end of the target field
6, Start via said shortcut and choose Singleplayer -> New Game
7, Enjoy

If you got more problems, then just comment and I´ll try to help you out.

Travail official site
2007-07-10, 14:26
Do NOT try it with ezQuake. Read the client stuff on the site.
2007-07-10, 15:18
Hehe, i tried and there were no enemies... Will definately play it though!
2007-07-10, 16:33
worked for me on some maps with ez
2007-07-10, 17:59
noobs netquake clients are much better try qrack, joequake, fitzquake, glquake(aguiRe version) e.t.c there are a lot!

i live Ezquake but just for QW
2007-07-13, 11:11
works fine with fuhquake :>
just type "deathmatch 0" in game and use "-mem 16/32" in cmdline.
2007-07-13, 19:11
No, it doesn't.
QW engines don't recognize the new progs.dat. The first few maps seem to work, but later on monsters, items and other things will be missing, making it impossible to finish the pack. Don't spoil your experience.

Travail MUST be played with a NQ engine!
2007-07-14, 11:59
correct negike, later there are some problems :\ the same case was with "undergate".

i wont spoil it so im gonna run fitzquake now :>
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