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Ake Vader  /  9 Oct 2017, 18:03
nQuake config updates
Today i have made some changes to the nQuake configs in order to try to iron out some usability issues. The issues were mainly configs getting overridden, values not set properly, HUD visibility and also some resolution compatibility issues for us poor people who play on a laptop in 1024x768 for fps purposes.
Rough changelog:
  • Fixed an issue where config values that requires a vid_restart were not set correctly after a client restart. The values would only show up as "latched" values and requiring another manual vid_restart after launching the client. Examples of affected commands could be resolution and gl_no24bits. Fixing this makes for a less broken experience. (Thanks to Meag for hinting that wait commands in autoexec.cfg may be the issue)
  • Removed HUD config execution in triggers on_enter, on_enter_ffa, on_enter_ctf and on_spec_enter and also removed the vid_vsync toggling when going spectator. The config execution removal should also lead to a less broken experience. There are still game mode specific configs triggered that overrides some keys though, i'm tempted to remove those as well.
  • Added a HUD element between the armor and health bars showing the equipped weapon and its ammo. This is for improved visibility which is extra important when running out of ammo, which was not so visible before. (Old version and new version)
  • Slight adjustment to the score elements of the HUD so they don't overlap with health bar in 1024x768.
  • Disabled cl_weaponhide and cl_weaponpreselect. I guess this is a bit of my personal taste but i just think it's confusing for new players and veterans don't seem to use them anyway (they use custom scripts). Weaponpreselect also gets a bit odd with the new current weapon HUD item as it's possible to "preselect" a weapon you haven't picked up yet, resulting in the HUD element showing no gun icon and only the ammo count.
  • Changed default crosshairimage from 3 to 1. (3 wouldn't display anything in 1024x768)
  • Updated the readme with mainly information about Discord instead of IRC and updated dead links ( instead of and also mentioning for server/qtv purposes)

Other areas of improvement for the future is perhaps a more consistent key binding scheme, which seems to be a bit all over the place with regards to weapon handling at the moment.

Get the game on!
2017-10-09, 20:19
Other things i want to change are probably v_viewheight -6 and hud_gameclock_countdown 0. Should be the most common values and make sense?
2017-10-13, 07:44
I play 1024x768x119hz on CRT monitor. I insist I'm not poor!!!11oneoneone

(Phenom II 955 @ 3200Mhz, sometimes @3900Mhz, 12Gb RAM, OCZ Vertex 3 240Gb)
2017-10-13, 07:51
Anything for the fps counter to hit the ceiling!

nQuake actually works quite well even in 800x600 (it's just the health/armor bars that are stretched but the numbers still show up correctly) with some adjustments needed for 640x480 such as the score overlaying weapons and gameclock overlaying team messages.
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