meag  /  4 Oct 2017, 08:35
Eclipse one-day duel tournament - #5: Sunday 8th October
Since the weekend, several questions have been asked.

Can carapace make it three wins in a row?
Or will speedball turn up to ruin his party?
Are any russians ever going to enter?
Did marriage strip lordlame of all his power?

(That last one was me, after playing him on Monday). All these and more will be answered this Sunday at 20:00 CEST (19:00 BST, 18:00 UTC) when we meet up one more time for Eclipse Cup #5. Sticking all with same rules as #4, so map-pool is still TB5 + bravado & skull.

The one thing I'd like to improve is starting on time, which has slowly been getting worse each week. I will try and contact people around 19:30 and will start removing people I can't find around 19:50. It's important to start on time, and while it's fine to just turn up and play at 20:00, I need to have the groups ready which takes about 10 minutes. Even if you shout "yeah I'm definitely playing, I'll be there", that's sufficient. So either be able to reply on discord or be on a quake server before 20:00 please.

Update: Tournament is over, thanks to everyone for playing.

Watch the final on YouTube
Full results are on the wiki
Download the demos from badplace.

There will be a break in the Eclipse cups for a couple of weeks now, while we assess better ways to boost scene activity.
  • Ake Vader (-dm6, -skull)
  • dev (-skull, -bravado)
  • gloomy (-dm4, -skull)
  • lordlame (-skull, -ztn)
  • speedball (-dm6, -dm2)
  • thor (-bravado, -dm2)
  • x1bot (-dm4, -dm2)

  • ocoini (-dm4, -dm2) - looking for a runaway parrot


Structure will depend on signups, but as a guide:
  • 6-8 players: 2 groups of 3 or 4,then double-elim - group winners into WB, runners up into LB (max 4 match bracket)
  • 10 players: 2 groups of 5 then single-elim: group winners play runners up (2 match bracket)
  • 12-16 players: 4 groups of 4, then single-elim - group winners play runners (max 3 match bracket)
  • >16 players: will split into 2 divisions, each will be one of the options above

As long as matches start on time these formats should take around 4 hours to complete, so expect the tournament to end around midnight CEST.

  • Games start at 8pm CEST (7pm BST), please be on Discord (#events channel) at that time, and report all match results in the channel.
  • All matches are BO3, tournament map-pool is: DM2, DM4, DM6, AEROWALK, ZTNDM3, BRAVADO, SKULL
  • Map-pool reduced to five maps before match starts: the higher-ranked player's nominated map is tossed first, then the lower-ranked. If both players nominated the same first map, the lower-ranked player's second option is tossed instead. Higher-ranked player picks the first map. Lower-ranked player picks the second map. If a decider is required, players toss maps from the _entire_ map pool, low-seed player tosses first.
  • Players will be placed into groups, and play all opponents in their group (round-robin)
  • Ties in group stage will be broken by maps won across all games in group, then by maps won across games between players involved in the tie, then by frag difference between players involved in the tie. If still tied (!), the tie will be broken by cointoss (/cmd rnd)
  • The grand final may be BO5 if both participants agree - high-pick,low-pick,high-pick,low-pick,low-toss,high-toss. Otherwise it is BO3 with normal map-tossing rules applying.

Ping rules
  • Be prepared to play on London servers (for some level of fairness vs Brazil/Canada etc)
  • If requested, be prepared to ping up to half your opponent's ping, or 51 (whichever is lower - the BLooD_DoG rule)
2017-10-04, 10:45
serenity now! -bravado and aero
2017-10-04, 11:25
Removed nigve's duplicate posts.
2017-10-04, 14:03
I'm in - skull / ztn dropped
2017-10-04, 17:52
i'm feeling ill a bit, hope i'll be fine at sunday.
-dm4 -skull;
2017-10-04, 23:02
-skull, -bravado
2017-10-04, 23:19
-dm6 -dm2
2017-10-05, 04:43
Wish I could join this one as I have a couple of losses to avenge versus people who already signed up (hello gloomy and trygve!), but I'm out of the country for a few days. Enjoy!

And just for fun: -dm4, -dm4
2017-10-05, 18:13
Wonderful buildup!

I'm so in!

I humbly ask to never play dm4 and dm2 ! <3
And I want to play Carapace - cus he's gorgeous! And im to starstruck to ask him personally. Plus he has a tank. Which by the way is the reason I let him win all the time.
2017-10-08, 08:10
I toss Bravado and Dm2 :3
2017-10-08, 09:49
I'm in:
-dm6, -skull
2017-10-09, 19:55
how about a 4on4 tournament?
2017-10-12, 22:30
meag, I have an idea about 1-day next Sunday.
Can you do it this weekend?
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