meag  /  26 Sep 2017, 17:34
Eclipse one-day duel tournament - #4: Sunday 1st October
Last week carapace shook off the rust to defeat bps 2-1 in the final to clinch the title. This week we have an expanded map-pool, with dm6 & skull available for selection (ping rules etc the same as previous tournaments).

Tournament starts at 20:00 CEST (19:00 BST, 18:00 UTC) and will run for approx 4 hours. Exact structure may change due to numbers but expect a group stage and then knockout bracket to determine the winner.

Signup in the comments below, remembering to list your two map-drop nominations in order (first one will always be dropped, the second is a backup option).

EDIT: Tournament is now over, thanks again to everyone for taking part. After an awkward start we finally got going and after the group stage carapace met nigve in the final.

Watch the final on YouTube.
Full results available on the wiki page.
Demos are on badplace.
  • am3is (-dm2, -bravado)
  • blood_dog (-dm4, -dm6)
  • carapace (-dm2, -dm6)
  • dev (-skull, -bravado)
  • drake (-dm4, -skull)
  • gloomy (-dm4, -skull)
  • greco (-aerowalk, -bravado)
  • nigve (-bravado, -aerowalk)
  • ocoini, new and improved (-aerowalk, -dm4)
  • thorX (-dm6, -skull)
  • x1bot (-dm4, -dm2)


Structure will depend on signups, but as a guide:
  • 6-8 players: 2 groups of 3 or 4,then double-elim - group winners into WB, runners up into LB (max 4 match bracket)
  • 10 players: 2 groups of 3 and 1 group of 4, then single-elim: group winners play runners up (2 match bracket)
  • 12-16 players: 4 groups of 4, then single-elim - group winners play runners (max 3 match bracket)
  • >16 players: will split into 2 divisions, each will be one of the options above

As long as matches start on time these formats should take around 4 hours to complete, so expect the tournament to end around midnight CEST.

  • Games start at 8pm CEST (7pm BST), please be on Discord (#events channel) at that time, and report all match results in the channel.
  • All matches are BO3, tournament map-pool is: DM2, DM4, DM6, AEROWALK, ZTNDM3, BRAVADO, SKULL
  • Map-pool reduced to five maps before match starts: the higher-ranked player's nominated map is tossed first, then the lower-ranked. If both players nominated the same first map, the lower-ranked player's second option is tossed instead. Higher-ranked player picks the first map. Lower-ranked player picks the second map. If a decider is required, players toss maps from the _entire_ map pool, low-seed player tosses first.
  • Players will be placed into groups, and play all opponents in their group (round-robin)
  • Ties in group stage will be broken by maps won across all games in group, then by maps won across games between players involved in the tie, then by frag difference between players involved in the tie. If still tied (!), the tie will be broken by cointoss (/cmd rnd)
  • The grand final may be BO5 if both participants agree - high-pick,low-pick,high-pick,low-pick,low-toss,high-toss. Otherwise it is BO3 with normal map-tossing rules applying.

Ping rules
  • Be prepared to play on London servers (for some level of fairness vs Brazil/Canada etc)
  • If requested, be prepared to ping up to half your opponent's ping, or 51 (whichever is lower)
2017-09-27, 08:20
skull? never played this map (
upd. thanks meag. not sure about my participation beacuse i don't know at what time i wiil be at home in sunday.
p.s. by link "mawe vs reppie" - i have downloaded this "duel_eh_vs_xpr[skull]20081026-1939.mvd"

(Edited 2017-09-27, 21:00)
2017-09-27, 18:15
Unfortunately whatever the 'extra' map was, there would be people who haven't played it before - skull is probably the most common kenya map that people have been playing for years, so I put that one in there for this week. It's also small enough to memorise quickly.

Here's some demos if that helps a bit: (updated links to correct games now)

mawe vs reppie
eh vs xpr - one day tournament finals
carapace vs phantasy

(Edited 2017-09-27, 21:26)
2017-09-27, 18:53
im in. toss bravado, secondary aerowalk
2017-09-27, 19:46
Where has ocoini been you might wonder.

For the past two years(?) I have been in an underground old soviet bunker; practising QuakeWorld day and night while undergoing new exciting experiments!
Yes, it's true the Soviet Union is still very much still going strong and QuakeWorld will never die! Long live Father Lenin and comrade Bulat!

I got an "invitation" to be apart of breakthrough science - without any chance to refuse <<< transmission scraches >>>> (STOP POKIN ME IVAN STOP IT!!! IM DOING IT OK!?!??! NO MOREE NOO MOOOOOOREEE <<<<Painfull scream>>>>!)) >><<Panting heavily>>>

I willingly submitted myself ... <coughing> sorrry.. I willingly submitted myself to undergo .. e-n-h-a-n-c-m-e-n-t-- - -h-e-l-p-S-O-S-s-a-v-e-me-s-o-m-e-o-n-e.-i-f-a-n-y-o-n-e-i-s-r-e-s-c-i-e-v-i-n-g-t-h-i-s-t-r-a-c-k-t-h-i-s-I-p! <<<<<<<<BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ <<<<<<Painfullscreams in background>>>>>

Hi - This is secretary Katinka speaking. Comrade ocoini had to call his mother so he had to end the transmission, but I will be filling in what he didn't have time to explain.

QuakeWorld skill has been found to primarily reside inside the Caudate Nucleus and with help from us you will be able to unlock your true potential. Just as brave comrade ocoini has done through rigours training and new exciting techniques!

If you would like to explore more - please call us on this number +7 818 663 146 366. So we can help you become great. Please have your address on where we might contact you in the future when you call us. Since we are an effective research establishment which pride ourselves by our swift action - the best result for you will be if you tell us your present location - but where you typically sleep at night is also fine.

Oh yes, ocoini will be dropping Aerowalk and DM4. He will also prioritize Skull - as our research shows us it is the best QuakeWorld map ever made. Hail Comrade Zaka. Long live Lenin!
2017-09-27, 21:04
Ocoini is back just in time to save quakeworld. notice two norwegians signed up. rest of the world do you even pew pew bruh
2017-09-27, 23:37
Ocoini's alive!!!!
2017-09-28, 01:17

OCOINI!!! Thank God you're alive!!!!!

Man, seriously, next time at least say goodbye!

Sign me up!

2017-09-28, 03:55
Nice to see you again Ocoini!!

I'll (tentatively) sign up, -dm4 and -dm6.
2017-09-28, 07:36
-dm2 -dm6
2017-09-28, 07:50
-dm4 -skull
2017-09-28, 08:13
Thanks to everyone signing up so far. I'll be a bit slower adding people to the main post as I'm afk until Saturday, but keep signing up and I'll sort it out when I get back.
2017-09-28, 13:14
Well we wait for you, add me (- dm2; - bravado)
2017-09-28, 16:19
where's the like button?
2017-09-28, 18:00
I toss dm6 and skull
2017-09-28, 18:02
1. -aerowalk, 2. -bravado
2017-09-28, 18:16
ok, i'm in - dm4; -skull
2017-09-28, 22:31
I am tempted to join, but havenít played since qhlan. Canít say for sure until I hopefully show up Sunday.
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