meag  /  13 Sep 2017, 09:39
Q1Q3Monsoon Tournament - Sunday 17th @ 8pm CEST
To allow lordlame to say he was reigning champion for two weeks instead of one, the format completely changes this Sunday and instead we test a potential new map for Thunderdome 9.

Q1Q3Monsoon was created by Mick as part of ProjectQ1Q3. Some playtesting has led to an alternative version that is a candidate for inclusion in Thunderdome 9's mappool. Thunderdome 9 starts in October, so this tournament is a chance to try it out and get feedback.

Edit: Tournament is over, congratulations to speedball & ric for winning divisions 1 & 2 respectively. Whether you had a chance to play on Sunday or not, please leave any feedback on the map in this forum post.

Tournament results
Some div1 games (YouTube)
The tournament will follow the general format of recent Sunday cups - starting at 8pm CEST, there will be a group stage followed by a knockout stage to determine the winner, but all matches will be BO3 over this one map. If you haven't already, I strongly recommend downloading the external texture pack, available on mick's site here.

You can try it out by voting "/q1q3monsoon#td" (leaving off #td will give you the original, with megahealth in the centre area) on the following servers (list to be updated):
  • (now with very basic bot support)

As this is a trial for Thunderdome, please specify the Thunderdome division you wish to play in when signing up (1-6, 1 = Div0, 2 = Pro, 3 = Regular High, 4 = Regular Low, 5 = Advanced Rookies, 6 = Rookies). I will try and split players into divisions of 6-8 players, so everyone should be up against players of a similar level.

Signup in the comments below.
  • speedball (division 1)
  • VVD (division 1)
  • kip (division 1)
  • gloomy (division 2)
  • rasta (division 2)
  • cuky (division 5)
  • molgrum (division 5)
  • am3is (division 6)
  • ric (division 6)
  • sss (division 6)
  • zzuper (division 6)
2017-09-13, 10:42
i'm in

as for thunderdome, div6
2017-09-13, 12:02
I'm also - in, div2
2017-09-13, 13:07
Me too - div pro
2017-09-13, 21:47
Me div6. :-P
2017-09-13, 21:48
raket, can you upload this map on qw* servers?
2017-09-14, 22:59
I started to watch quake when tox was ruling the world, and moonsoon was the coolest map of q4 ! I'm in, but i don't think so much divisions is a good idea for an one-day cup, regarding the fact there is 4 days left to register to the tourney.
2017-09-15, 10:44
Im IN, always support new maps! : P~~

DIV 666
2017-09-15, 10:58
shouldn't it be q1q4monsoon? or was there a q3 version also.

lostworld is another map which would be great for QW.... but we would need the quakelive version converted (and not the q3 version)
2017-09-15, 19:40
I can try. Div 6.
2017-09-15, 22:21
Just to clarify - I didn't mean there would be 6 divisions, just that I would try and create 2 divisions/tournaments, if there was a big & obvious gap in the skill level (this was done for the bravado try-out tournament too).

If we don't have the numbers then it will be everyone lumped in together, but I'll try and make sure everyone has a chance of some good games against opponents around their level.
2017-09-16, 11:55
Div 666
2017-09-16, 12:11
im in, div6
PS. from where i can download fodquake 0.4 ?
2017-09-16, 16:45
fodquake 0.4 should be available on the fodquake website (, under the 'Test' section
2017-09-16, 21:01
thanks you, it work. cu tomorrow.
2017-09-17, 14:11
"8pm" CEST = 18:00 UTC = 21:00 MSK ?
2017-09-17, 14:26
8pm CEST (20:00)
7pm BST (19:00)
6pm UTC (18:00)
9pm MSK (21:00)
2017-09-17, 15:36
VVD - get your Zapad ass onto Discord :-)
2017-09-17, 17:42
2017-09-18, 11:36
results and brackets available anywhere?
2017-09-18, 11:56
(updated news post with tournament's wiki page and some YouTube videos)
2017-09-18, 17:05
> Some div1 games (YouTube)
Meag, why only my losed games? :-P
Where are my games in LB (which I won) with rasta and kip? :-D
2017-09-19, 08:20
By popular demand - one of the LB final games is on that playlist now too.

I didn't put all the games up, thought watching that many games on one map is a bit much. Just picked some that looked close.
2017-09-21, 23:43
there is a new fodquake?
2017-10-04, 18:52
> one of the LB final games is on that playlist now too.
It isn't LB final. :-]
2017-10-05, 20:17
Um.... it was the last match in the loser's bracket, what do you usually call that?
2017-10-09, 10:39
I found it!
But I have very strange laggs during watch
Is it ok for you?
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