meag  /  7 Sep 2017, 09:23
Eclipse one-day duel tournament - Sunday 10th September
After nitemare's victory last week, round 2 is this Sunday night @ 8pm CEST (7pm BST).

Same rules/structure/map-dropping rules as last week, so it should be a round-robin group stage, followed by a double-elimination bracket to determine the winner.

Update: Tournament is over, thanks to everyone who took part and also to Jehar for streaming at TastyspleenTV. The full results are now available on the wiki page.

This coming Sunday (17th) there will be a one-map tournament for a new map that is being considered for Thunderdome9 - stay tuned for details.
  • Blood_DoG, dropping dm4 (backup choice dm4)
  • bps, dropping dm4 (backup choice dm2)
  • dev, dropping dm4 (backup choice bravado)
  • drake, dropping dm4 (backup choice dm2)
  • gloomy, dropping dm4 (backup choice dm2)
  • locust, dropping dm2 (backup choice bravado)
  • lordlame: dropping aerowalk (backup choice ztndm3)
  • marffinn: dropping bravado, (backup choice dm4)
  • molgrum: dropping dm4 (backup choice aerowalk)
  • nigve: dropping bravado (backup choice aerowalk)
  • ok98: dropping bravado (backup choice ztndm3)
  • rasta: dropping dm4 (backup choice bravado)
  • ricc: dropping dm4 (backup choice dm2)
  • rio: dropping dm2 (backup choice dm4)
  • splash: dropping bravado (backup choice ztndm3)
  • thor: dropping ztndm3 (backup choice bravado)

  • Games start at 8pm CEST (7pm BST), please be on Discord (#events channel) at that time, and report all match results in the channel.
  • All matches are BO3, tournament map-pool is same as Thunderdome 8: DM2, DM4, AEROWALK, ZTNDM3 & BRAVADO
  • Map-pool reduced to three maps before match starts: the higher-ranked player's nominated map is tossed first, then the lower-ranked. If both players nominated the same first map, the lower-ranked player's second option is tossed instead. Higher-ranked player picks the first map.
  • Players will be placed into two groups, and play all opponents in their group (round-robin)
  • Ties in group stage will be broken by maps won across all games in group, then by maps won across games between players involved in the tie, then by frag difference between players involved in the tie. If still tied (!), the tie will be broken by cointoss (/cmd rnd)
  • Knockout stage is double-elimination - winners of group stage progress to knockout stage WB, runner-up in each group goes into LB

Ping rules
  • Be prepared to play on London servers
  • If requested, be prepared to ping up to half your opponent's ping, or 51 (whichever is lower)
2017-09-07, 11:05
Count me in, toss dm4 (backup bravado)
2017-09-07, 15:24
Allright, sign me up Scotty. Toss dm4 (backup dm2).
2017-09-08, 08:27
my money on rasta
2017-09-08, 08:33
Hmm, I'll sign up. Toss dm2 (backup dm4)
2017-09-08, 09:33
add me in, drop dm4, backup dm2
2017-09-09, 06:51
Im in, drop bravado, backup ztndm3
2017-09-09, 07:30
Im in, drop bravado, backup ztndm3
2017-09-09, 08:22
Could 'ricc' and 'gloomy' please contact me on Discord.
2017-09-09, 09:04
I'm in. Drop Bravado, backup dm4
2017-09-09, 09:48
That's us up to 13 now, 16 will be the maximum.

Also the tournament format will change - either 2 divisions and same as last week, or more groups but single elimination knockout stage, just to reduce the time a bit. I'll see how the groups look.
2017-09-09, 10:21
Sign me up, toss dm2, backup bravado
2017-09-09, 12:55
But where is dm6?
2017-09-09, 14:01
Dropping dm4 (backup dm4)
2017-09-09, 15:15
ok98: As a new Thunderdome season is just around the corner, I went with that map-pool for the moment - ideally we can use regular weekly (small) tournaments to try out different maps and expand the map-pool further, adding another map and adding DM6 back in to make a TB7. For the moment though it's the TD8 map-pool.
2017-09-09, 17:33
Dropping dm4 (backup dm2)
2017-09-10, 07:24
count me in and i drop dm2, backup dm4

(edit : ah ok i didnt see the 16 spots limit, im available during the afternoon if someone wants practice :p)
2017-09-11, 16:24
grats to lordlame
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