Ake Vader  /  31 Aug 2017, 09:15
Romero on Quake's multiplayer-only maps
John Romero has posted a blog update on the origin of the multiplayer-only maps present in Quake, i.e. the DM series. It's an interesting read that, among other things, reveals that DM3 was originally called JRBASE3 and also includes an early overview pencil sketch of the most popular 4on4 map of all time dated all the way back to 9th Jan 1996.

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2017-08-31, 11:39
Thanks for these Åke! Keep em coming!
2017-08-31, 18:37
Maaaaan i miss the ffa quake days playing 1998 on san andreas which was a usa ffa server. And then in 2000 on a ffa uk server playing along side with buffy. So many great memories on these amazing maps. Not to forget my all time fav ffa maps ever e2m2 and welcome to atlantis..sigh :>
2017-09-01, 16:37
Amazing article to see that hand drawn sketch of DM3, realizing how accurate it is of the final map!
If anyone's craving some nostalgic DM3 FFA action, head over to reDome Small and vote for the map by typing "DM3" in the console and invite some friends.

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