Ake Vader  /  25 Aug 2017, 05:13
QuakeCon 2017 under way!
The QuakeCon 2017 event started yesterday with the first rounds in various tournaments. QuakeWorld is, at the time of writing, yet to see any action with the games kicking off tomorrow (Saturday). The QuakeWorld tournament will have some international presence in Locktar, Rio, Feffe and Dirtbox who will challenge the locals Rix and Thump4 among others. In this post we'll collect various links and other information that's good to know.

Event is over, congratulations to the Champion! See full post for final standings.

Whole QW stream from Saturday
Straight to the grand final
Tournament format
1on1 DM
Single elimination playoff
Full rules sheet (pdf)

Map pool

Final standings
1. $2,500 - Locktar
2. $1,750 - Dirtbox
3. $750 - Thump4
4. Rio

Full demopack (Zip on a Google drive)

Results / info
Official site
QW Wiki
Teamliquid wiki

TastyspleenTV by Jehar
QuakeCon #1
QuakeCon #2

QuakeCon 2017 channel on QuakeWorld discord
2017-08-25, 05:57
Due to low numbers it will likely be double elim or round robin. We will know more Saturday
2017-08-25, 06:51
What happened to venom? Did he have enough of db already? :E
2017-08-25, 20:17
Are there really only 6 participants?
2017-08-26, 07:16
I'm wondering the same. Let's hope it's only 'notable players'.
But the number of players in the Q2-1on1 was similarly low.
GL HF, contestants!

Dirtbox bragging around the webs about a dm6 victory against LocKtar during Dallas bootcamp, anything seem possible.
2017-08-26, 17:24
soo. i borrowed this laptop from a nice guy called nacho. but it does not support 144hz monitor. so im playing on 60hz atm. i will borrow feffes computer when he is out of the tournament.
2017-08-26, 22:32
I'm from the future and one of you is a robot
2017-08-29, 12:58
Congrats locke!
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