Ake Vader  /  1 Aug 2017, 07:04
Romero on how they "nerfed" Quake's player speed
The reputation of Quake has always been that of an incredibly fast paced game which requires fast reflexes. Compared to DOOM however, the running speed of the Quake player doesn't come close when cruising down the monster filled corridors or battling it out in a heated deathmatch. One may think that little thought would go into such a decision, however John Romero has recently revealed on his blog that it was a conscious design choice they made at id Software to reach a certain effect in the game due to technical limitations in other areas.

Read the full blog post on rome.ro
2017-08-20, 00:14
i will take bunnyhopping over fast walking anyday
2017-08-29, 17:12
I hope we see this on a update in Quake or Quakeworld.
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