Milton  /  5 Jul 2017, 15:09
Quakeworld 4on4 Ladder Tournament Season 1 is over
The end of June came and it also means the end of the first season of the 4on4 Ladder Tournament. The tournament unfortunately didn't see very much activity despite a fair amount of clans signing up. In the end only three matches were played, which is bit of a shame because people did play quite a few practice games and mixes in the maps in the pool during the tournament. With this little interest in Quakeworld 4on4 I doubt that we'll see another season of the Ladder Tournament, but never say never I guess.

After the three played games the final standings are:
1. Kenyalovers (Milton HENU trygve lordlame hell)
2. BROWNSAUCE (cosmos meag paniagua drake gloomy)
3. d99 (LeopolD qirex vrtx qtio klice gore)

Thanks to Dev for helping with running the tournament and to all the players who participated!
2017-07-06, 07:44
sad story
2017-07-06, 15:16
Yeah, sad it is. Thank you for the effort, Milton. It was strange, really, quite a few teams were seen practicing but in the end almost no official games were played. I left for a two-week vacation only to find that it had died completely.
Very sorry to see qw 4on4 in such a state...
2017-07-06, 22:58
Sorry to hear it didn't work out. Thanks Milton for organizing it.
I was really looking forward to playing, unfortunately my team imploded. First I knew about it was when I was at a wedding and checked my messages, one of the lads from [FND*] had PMed me asking why [m00] dropped out. I was like "Have we? Thats news to me!" :-/ lol
2017-07-07, 07:03
Thats sad, I was hoping this could be a fun alternative to EQL.
Unfortunately i experienced the same thing with DIV1 in EQL21...
2017-07-07, 08:46
There is not a lot of activity in 4on4 right now. I think a ladder with tb3 included could work, but I'm afraid we don't have so many kenya fans in our community
2017-07-12, 13:15
Thanks Milton for everything.
We also liked to play, and actually never worked out an oficcial game

QW has very few active players
I guess we could do a 4on4 event on winter, more players, and with bigger team players pool, more then 6, maybe even a loose players pool, like you can invite 1 to play, depending that hat player is not in another team already
Can be weird, but i guess we have to adapt to times, and important is to have a 4vs4 on server

the Kenya initiative was nice, and your streams, it quite stirred up the community, more games happening, ppl learning new maps.

The exposure factor, fear or loosing , or something, was a barrier, to try new maps and to make some games.
4on4 is a nice game mode.

Thanks for all
2017-07-28, 12:52
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