Ake Vader  /  16 Jun 2017, 12:55
Dreamhack Summer 2017 is LIVE!
With the announcement of the QuakeWorld tournament at Dreamhack Summer 2017 coming with such a short notice it is fairly easy to forget that it is actually on during this very weekend. While the short notice is probably an obstacle for most players, there are some known names that will make it there to battle it out for the 15,000SEK prize. Read on for the full details on the event.

Update: event is now over, read on to find out who won!
Sunday 18th June Time: 17:00 CEST

DreamHack Summer 2017, Elmia, Jönköping


Tournament Discord server


Info / Format
- Duel
- Prize purse: A value of 15 000 SEK (cash)
- Groups + Single elimination
- All matches except the final will be played in a best of three (3) maps format.
- The final will be played in a best of five (5) maps format.
- During the group stage both players will remove one map each from the map pool.

  • Dsharp3
  • Slayzah
  • DM2
  • DM4
  • DM6
  • ZTNDM3
  • TZGteslaSaur
  • Thor*X*
  • zsc
  • bps
  • Lornelin
  • feffe
  • Rio
  • TESbLAckX
  • Oscar*10*
  • NightNiRa
  • Nightreaver
Final standings
  1. Bps
  2. Rio
  3. Feffe
  4. Zsc
2017-06-18, 08:37
MOAR SIGNUPS! i need my quake fix!
2017-06-18, 21:10
Almost missed this...congrats BPS
2017-06-19, 13:13 says rio finished 2nd, and not feffe?!?!
2017-06-19, 13:33
My mistake, thanks for pointing it out.
2017-06-19, 17:00
Didn't Oscar play the tournament as well?
2017-06-20, 22:57
With a turnout like that, I don't see DH doing another QW tourney.

Why did only 9 people turn up?
2017-06-20, 23:31
Good question. While i realise new games have a much greater appeal to the younger generation than QW one would think Dreamhack, with 10,000 BYOC seats (2016 figures, but can't imagine they downsized), should result in more than a dozen participants in a QuakeWorld tournament.
2017-06-21, 19:36
It was simple poorly announced beforehand, and poorly marketed o site.
They set up a booth with a sign, and hoped players would join, that's about it.
2017-06-22, 14:11
QW players knew about it months ago on the website...
2017-06-22, 14:19
It wasn't confirmed until about two weeks before the LAN. Personally I was quite certain it would be a Quake Champions tournament when it took so long time to announce it.
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