Ake Vader  /  11 Jun 2017, 10:49
Dreamhack 'Quake' BYOC tournament defined as QW 1on1
It seems Dreamhack pulls a QuakeCon and reveals that the rumored "Quake" BYOC tournament during Dreamhack Summer in Jönköping, Sweden, between 17th-20th June (i.e. in two weeks' time...) is actually to feature Quake as in QuakeWorld and nothing else. The tournament form will be QW 1on1 with group stages and playoff. Prize purse is set to 15,000SEK (approx. $1650).

More information on the Dreamhack website
2017-06-11, 14:51
Anyone thinking of going? I'm considering!
2017-06-12, 02:18
is there still seats left?
2017-06-12, 04:18
I still have the placeholder ticket I won from QHlan, in case anyone needs one.
2017-06-12, 06:42
Who else won tickets at QHLAN?
2017-06-12, 10:03
There seems to be tickets left, quite expensive though;
2017-06-12, 11:41
Me and bps are contemplating going. So if anyone of you who won tickets at QHLAN that will not be going you can donate them to the greater good of QW
2017-06-12, 12:34
Feffe is going with us!
2017-06-13, 16:21
Thor and his bro won tickets, I think, you could check if they are going.
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