Ake Vader  /  14 Apr 2017, 07:39
QuakeCon 2017 to feature $5000 Quake BYOC tournament
The 2017 instance of QuakeCon takes place on August 24-27th in the Gaylord Texan Hotel, Dallas. There was recently some good news released with regards to community competitions as the prize purses for a few tournaments were revealed.
QuakeCon is a classic annual event hosted by id Software in Dallas, Texas. Last year was special as we saw the 20 year anniversary QuakeWorld tournament which was a special event for the whole community, with some of the best players flying over to compete.

This year they seem to be doing something similar with the younger brother in the franchise as they're hosting a Quake II 20th anniversary duel tournament with a cash prize.

In the news released a couple days ago one can see the following list of community (BYOC) tournaments revealed:

QUAKE II, 20th Anniversary Duel - $10,000
QUAKE LIVE 4v4 CTF - $10,000
Battle of the BYOC: DOOM 2v2 Clan Arena - $7,000
The Elder Scrolls: Legends - $5,000
QUAKE Duel - $5,000
RAGE Road Rage FFA - $5,000

We'll also have fun competitions in the latest entry of the QUAKE franchise to liven up Friday and Saturday night, and an esports qualifier that we'll have more details on soon.

This was the good news for the Quake players who have secured a ticket. The bad news for the rest is that the BYOC tickets are sold out.

QuakeCon website
2017-04-14, 11:39
It has been confirmed that it is Quakeworld Duel also...
2017-04-14, 13:19
I would go but not under these circumstances.
2017-04-14, 16:26
So if all the tickets are already sold out, who is going then?!? Will it just be a bunch of QL players fighting for the $5000 QW price money? :S
2017-04-14, 18:58
It was ggs...
2017-04-14, 20:09
What circumstances? Byoc?
2017-04-15, 05:47
Felt like it was announced that there will be qw on qcon, and 1 week later the tickets were sold out. And i dont know if the Hassle hoff bringing own computer is wort it, maybe IF I could rent there. To late now
2017-04-15, 07:55
The last sale of seats was only 24 hours after the announcement of the tournaments.... not even 1 week.
2017-04-15, 10:33
Yeah, as if being BYOC wasn't a deal breaker the fact that there are no tickets is a bit of a joke. But yeah, more fun for the people who are attending I guess.
2017-04-16, 11:11
I don't see anything about QW duel on the QC site, am I blind?
2017-04-16, 12:40
It only says "Quake" as per the quoted news article.
2017-04-16, 23:16
This is obviously meant as a community event for the people attending the BYOC.
They did announce a while ago that they would be having $50k in total BYOC prize money for various titles. So this can't have come as a huge surprise?

The "real" tournaments will be in Quake Champions.
2017-04-17, 06:46
yep, rio is spot on
2017-04-21, 11:59
My rant about the subject:
2017-04-23, 10:20
Great video Milton, I enjoyed it, and I mean I do agree with most of the things you are saying
Especially about the Quake 2 anniversary tournament being part of the whole BYOC thing.

I guess the fact that it has a $50k prizepool is what makes this one sort of a special case. Normally these tournaments happen at every QCON and every similar event. But they are anonymous except to the players attending the LAN and usually just have prices in the shape of hardware or tshirts etc. And are not really meant to pack any form of prestige except bragging rights within the venue.

As I mentioned there will most likely be a E-sport Quake Champions tournament for the "pro" players. But I do think it's a huge shame that Q2 is not part of that.
2017-04-23, 10:59
they were also size restricted due to the new venue.... 2000 less byoc seats i believe. Also hard to warrant giving Q2 the main stage when QC is on the verge of release
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