Milton  /  4 Apr 2017, 22:26
Quakeworld 4on4 Ladder Tournament Season 1 is live!
There has been quite a bit of 4on4 activity in form of mix games after Qhlan, but the scene hasn't seen almost any official 4on4 games since the last EQL season. To fix that we're launching a new 4on4 ladder style league together with Dev right about now: enter Quakeworld 4on4 Ladder Tournament Season 1.
Some of you might still remember the Ad Mortem ladder tournament or the first season of NQR in which clans were allowed to play each other as many times as they wanted and received points based on the ELO (or similar) rating of the other team. The idea behind Quakeworld 4on4 Ladder Tournament is basically the same, but instead of an ELO-based system the tournament uses Rankade's own Ree-points to keep track of each clan's score.

Rankade isn't perhaps the most suitable platform for team-based games, but hopefully it'll work well enough for us. Teams should contact either Milton or Dev in Discord (or wherever you can find us) for an invitation link to Rankade and sign up with their team (one sign up per team). As Rankade doesn't support team-based tournaments very well, teams should include the nick names of the players in their team name (e.g. "Team Kenya lovers Milton Ihminen blAze Xantom" ). This name should be in the "Name" field under profile. Username doesn't have to contain the nick names of the members. In addition teams should uncheck "Check if you want to display your username instead of your name" under Profile -> Settings tab. The first season starts as soon as we have at least two clans signed up and ends on 30th of June.

The goal of this tournament is to first of all increase clan-based 4on4 activity and to finally learn a couple of new 4on4 maps. The map pool for the tournament is cmt1b, cmt3, cmt4, schloss and ukpak2. There won't be any play offs in the end of the season: the winner will be the clan with the highest score in the end of the tournament. Winning isn't however perhaps of utmost importance in this tournament, as mentioned above. Full rules are available at the tournament web site in Rankade.

Come and frag with us in Quakeworld 4on4 Ladder Tournament Season 1!

Discord server for arranging games, talking tactics etc.:

Current sign ups:
Kenyalovers Milton HENU trygve lordlame Hell
Team ANUS 0 BLooD bogojoker dev mur
m00 z0mbie90 SaZ RaggA praxismo lurq xZeitx
Team FND* Rghst Robin Quaker T
d99 LeopolD qirex vrtx qtio klice gore
2017-04-04, 23:33
Fantastic!! And loving seeing some old classic maps in the pool. Hopefully I will get on a team :-)
2017-04-05, 06:58
Great news, I am happy you guys have picked up the torch after EQL closed down.
2017-04-05, 07:24
I hope I can wake up some d99 players
2017-04-05, 10:34
Woohoo cool! Is it possible to make the signup list public. Or maybe keep this post updated manually with a list.
2017-04-05, 15:11
Apparently fully public signup list is not possible, but as soon as teams play their first games they will appear on the rankings and stats pages to everyone. You can also see sign ups if you have any Rankade account created, even without joining the Quakeworld Ladder tournament. I could try to keep the news post here updated also, but no promises.

I decided to join the tournament with a bit weaker team to make games more interesting, to get to play with and to teach new people and to hopefully get more games as well . I've heard of already three (possibly even four) lower tier teams as well who will probably / hopefully join as well, which should be great news for all lower tier players as well as for players from other fps games. Let's make 4on4 great again!
2017-04-05, 15:48
Milton could play as a one man team and still win
2017-04-05, 16:34
2017-04-05, 17:43
I'm in. Any teams need a player?
2017-04-05, 22:35
Same here, definitely want to play, but our Pulsar gang is half-inactive
2017-04-06, 09:24
i can play, from 22CEST, any team need a member?
2017-04-06, 11:49
I updated the news a bit regarding sign ups. You will need to receive an invitation email from us to be able to join the tournament in Rankade. After signing up teams should add both team name as well as the names of the players in the "Name" field under "Profile". The best practice seems to be team name and player nicknames separated by white spaces. Teams should also make sure that they have unchecked "Check if you want to display your username instead of your name" under "Settings" tab.
2017-04-06, 12:28
I need a team also
2017-04-06, 18:13
Blsp, drake, mushi and erlend? :>

Why are you guys not on discord?
2017-04-06, 19:50
I just played and streamed ukpak2 and schloss the whole evening and I have to say that I haven't had this much fun in qw in a very long time. I honestly don't understand why we have played with such a limited map pool for all these years. New maps open whole new dimensions in the game and I'm loving the learning process.
2017-04-06, 20:45
@ lordlame - what do you mean? I am usually on discord every day (starting around 18:00 CEST)
2017-04-08, 18:05
Hi, Goldenhorse here... i want to join a 4on4 clan... I also need to practice on my praccing mixes if good for me... Or maybe i can start one with some old players like panic, SplasH, and HangTime? =D u guys know where to find them? Or if i teamup with some of the new players like BGNR, Robin and there friends... im also open for that... :-)
2017-04-09, 00:21
Team FND* red
Rghst, Robin, Quaker, T, (+2 players to be confirmed)
2017-04-12, 23:58
What do you think about ctl5 map?
2017-04-13, 10:45
I'm also interested to join the tournament.
2017-04-17, 21:47
Team FieND* red
Rghst, Robin, Quaker, T, Fisto, Goldenhorse

Team FrieND* blue
Bgnr, Zigg1Zagg1, Eikooren, Ljubomb, Ganjalf + 1 player to confirm
2017-04-18, 09:02
I created a Discord server for the tournament. I hope it will make arranging games a bit easier. Here's the invitation link:
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