Ake Vader  /  30 Mar 2017, 08:36
Thunderdome 8 is live!
The eight season of Thunderdome has closed its signups and gone live, i.e. people can start to schede and play their games. With a good amount of 80 signups spread over six tiers, we should see a fun yet competitive tournament. The deadline for the first round of games is the upcoming Tuesday 4th of April so read on to see what the first round of games looks like so you can make the proper arrangements.
A list of the first round games in each of the divisions follows below. (Source: Thunderdome website)

Open Division
  • LocKtar vs GT (ping 160+)
  • BLooD_DoG vs kip
  • Bulat vs Hagge
  • locust vs lordlame
  • Murz1k vs praxismo
  • rio vs VVD
  • speedball vs Drake
  • nitemare vs trygve

Pro Division
  • norules vs BYE
  • NL vs x3m
  • lordlame vs BYE
  • GoldenHorse vs BYE
  • Macisum vs BYE
  • orc vs Hagge
  • cyr vs BYE
  • IgggY vs x1bot (ping 160+)

Regular High Division
  • Drake vs BYE
  • cosmos vs stev3ns
  • z0mbie90 vs Klice
  • mushi vs tummen
  • gloomy vs PernanMaistaja
  • Defcon 5 vs BYE
  • Lurq vs Jean_Claude
  • Hooraytio vs rline

Regular Low Division
  • Empwnz vs aikon
  • beginner vs SaZ
  • yamazaki vs tsobo
  • Zalon vs Thor*x*
  • Teho vs Zedii
  • Ricaz vs nukkuj
  • killmebaby vs cuky
  • Fisto vs atp

Advanced Rookies Division
  • wrst vs sss
  • DOG_SACRIFICE vs qirex
  • Snow vs sup3rfly
  • praxismo vs MagnusG
  • molgrum vs stayout
  • 23y vs xazqe
  • pleuraXeraphim vs RaggA
  • LjuBomb vs CrazyAl

Rookies Division
  • Oscar*x* vs j7gr0315
  • f14m3z vs jben
  • Nutter vs sacchi
  • xZeitx vs kristus
  • SouJirO vs Pi
  • Jehar vs herbie
  • rghst vs cozmic
  • DeadBeat vs qranger

Good luck to all the participants and may the spawns be with you!
2017-03-30, 09:23
Haha, Fisto in a lower div than me
Good show m8

Good luck to everyone!
2017-03-30, 11:22
Hooraytio, I saw him in div5 2on2 - he look very rusty, but not like div5.

Ake, thanks for news!
2017-03-30, 13:11
Yeah, if you had some knowledge you would know that he is way better than me in 1on1. I know since its my brother.
Sadly you have 0 qw player knowledge and thats why you make these mistakes.
2017-03-30, 14:17
LOL, I know much better 1on1 skill of different players than you. I spend hours before every season of Thunderdome in specs on servers and on for check players skills. But you don't play duels. Hehe.

And I know that he is ur brother. I can chage you with him, If you both agree, ofc.
2017-03-30, 16:38
Nah dont bother, you can correct your mistakes next season
2017-03-31, 09:57
Hooraytio: You're a grown man, skip the personal insults and behave, please.
2017-03-31, 13:36
Small changes in brackets!
2017-03-31, 19:28
If games are to be in UK or NL, you can edit the post to GT (pi g 200+)
2017-03-31, 20:16
andrestone, yes, games have to be played in UK or NL, but his opponent can agree to play in NY.
2017-04-01, 12:59
Thats not an insult dimman, its a fact.
2017-04-01, 20:27
Locktar vs GT in Round 1

No mucking around in this season... no waiting for later rounds for top seeds to battle. Just put them together straight away. I like this new tactic. Action from the beginning.
2017-04-03, 10:43
dirtbox, stop trolling - GT was added as later addition, after bracket was created.
And I don't think GT with ping 160+ have any chances against LocKtar with ping 38.
Ping is very important in QW.
2017-04-03, 10:58
But I heard that equal pings is not even.
2017-04-03, 11:12
I was being serious VVD. Most people lose interest by the end.... they won't this season.
2017-04-03, 17:48
Hooraytio, you missed the main word: "conditions".
2017-04-03, 17:51
dirtbox, write full list, plz.
I know a lot of players, who ignore different tournaments for different reasons. I can write some of the reasons.
It's very difficult to satisfy the opposite opinions, isn't it?
2017-04-06, 20:40
Praxi making a stand in the open division! Balls! glhf =)
2017-04-20, 11:47
Hello my little bonkers,
where can i find demos from this and other tournaments? Challenge-tv is no longer working.

Respect from me and whole wgh guild.

Joel WHG guild Quakeforever.
2017-05-02, 13:15
Where are no central warehouse.
Check for games, then connect to server and donwload demos.
2017-05-08, 19:26
Or:, demos tab.
2017-06-06, 08:54
great site, thx.
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