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Thunderdome Season 8 signups open
The long running QuakeWorld 1on1 league known as Thunderdome, characterised by its division-based way of pitting players against each other, is about to launch another instance of its popular format in a not too distant future. In this article we look back at the what happened in the previous season as well as what we can expect from the upcoming one, which may be set to start in about a week's time.
Before going into the details of the new season of Thunderdome, a wrap-up of the results and some map specific statistics from the last one may be of interest. An exciting piece of news last season was that we would not only see Thunderdome action among the European players, but also an additional South American part of the tournament was launched as primarily Brazilian players had shown interest. Unfortunately the interest in playing games wasn't as high as the interest to sign up for the tournament, so the South American division was soon cancelled due to too few games played.

The results in the rest of the Season 7 divisions follow below:

Division 0
1: Locktar
2: Murz1k
3: Speedball (aka NPH)

Division Pro
1: Danya
2: Trygve
3: Starling

Division Regular High
1. Orc (w.o. in grand final)
2. X1bot
3. Baresi

Division Regular Low
1. Lordlame
2. Goorol
3. Doctor

Division Advanced Rookies
1. Thor*x*
2. Qtio
3. SaZ

Division Rookies
1. CrazyAl
2. RaggA
3. Degrave

As a follow up to last season's map statistics, triggered by the controversial introduction of Bravado at the expense of DM6 in the map pool, some numbers on the popularity of the maps during Thunderdome Season 7 can be viewed below. The map pool for season 8 will be the same as last season, i.e. DM2, DM4, Aerowalk, ZTNDM3 and Bravado.

Thunderdome has been going strong for seven consecutive seasons now and one of the factors behind its popularity has been the way that players are matched against opponents of similar skill in a judgement made primarily by head admin VVD. Season eight will be no different with the skill span ranging from divisions with elite players to divisions where duelers may be more or less starting from scratch.

A theoretical break down of the player characteristics in the various divisions can be found in the rules section (which you are recommended to read):

1. Open Division - Former Div0, now open for all players, independet of their skill
2. Pro - Experienced duelers with high skills
3. Regular High - The typical average players
4. Regular Low - The typical average players
5. Advanced rookies - Skilled new players and the old and rusty
6. Rookies - New players to QuakeWorld

One interesting new addition is that the highest division is called the "Open Division". In this division any player can decide to step up and play with the big guys in case he/she think they got what it takes. This is in addition to playing in their regular division. Besides the open division consisting of the best opponents there are, it also features more games than the other divisions as best-of-five match format is used earlier than for the other divisions.

In the general signup section so far we have 25 players at the time of writing.

So, registrations for the new seasons are already under way and to sign up you should head on over to the Thunderdome Season 8 site and let 'em know you're up for some dueling.
2017-03-19, 04:38
Nice writeup with graphs and statistics. I'm all for the dm6 <bravado. I'm sad some aren't, just too conservative.

Anyway, is there no ability out there to create a NORMAL fucken website in 2017? I'm baffled this shit site just rolls on for season to season. It's totally off putting.
2017-03-19, 08:13
Great there is a new TD coming. I dont agree with the map change of dm6 with bravado.
QHlan proved again that dm6 is a chess map, lots of players love this map.
Its not boring but old skool. Its a real tactic map. If dm6 is coming back i will sign up.
I know maybe some players disagree with me but also lots of players agree with me.
Bravado is a cool map but not for tournaments. These days i barely see players see playig bravado but i do see people play dm6. Hope there is space for change still. I am not against replacing maps for tournaments but dm6 is played for 20 years, still its played with joy and frustration in a good way. Bravado is imo not competing with the classic map dm6. I respect other players views on this choice but for me its a reason not to sign up. Anyway, GL all and have fun.
2017-03-19, 13:43
bps, what is url for 2nd page?

Check this brackets:

phpTourney on Thunderdome page have custom patches for divisions support, but eb (dopeskillz) refused all patches and didn't implement self and more correct. :-(
I'm not php-coder and have no time for port our patches for new versions of phpTourney. Migration to other engines is more complex.

(Edited 2017-03-20, 00:29)
2017-03-20, 00:09
If you want play in Open Division and in your div2/3/4/5/6, just write here your comment with message: "I want play in Open Division".
2017-03-20, 09:15
"phpTourney on Thunderdome page have custom patches for divisions support, but eb (dopeskillz) refused all patches and didn't implement self and more correct. :-("

What the hell are you talking about? You never sent me the patches, and you never asked to get them incorporated.
2017-03-20, 09:24
I did this! Just after 2nd season. And you said that it's «hack» and you don't want include it.
2017-03-20, 09:33
My point still stands. You never asked me to incorporate it. We simply talked about your solution and you actually agreed with me that it was a hack. So, are you saying I should've incorporated a hack?
2017-03-20, 11:31
U said that u don't want include our patches as is and u have no time to write their correct - isn't it mean u refused their? Or I misunderstood you?
2017-03-20, 11:54
I still got the IRC log of our conversation. You didn't ask me to include your patches. We simply had a small conversation about your solution. How this turned into "eb (dopeskillz) refused all patches" is beyond me.
2017-03-20, 18:22
what date does it start? must have missed it while reading it through..
2017-03-21, 06:53
Phrenic, it starts in about a week. Didn't get a more exact date but wrote about it anyway so people don't miss signups.
2017-03-22, 22:58
This weekend or next - depends on signups.
I hope for 70 players till Friday and start games from Sunday this week.
2017-03-23, 13:06
Haha, someone put me in regular high
Have you even checked my 1on1 stats? Had a good laugh tho..
2017-03-23, 13:57
The website asks me to talk to Phil regarding my password. What can I do to sign up?
2017-03-23, 23:11
andrestone, ask me in IRC.
2017-03-24, 18:32
Hooraytio, play pracs with players from different divisions, from 3 to 5, and look at results.
You just ez "over aim" all players in div5 after 100500 hours in div1 4on4.
2017-03-25, 09:44
Please sign me up for the open!
2017-03-26, 17:29
I think you need to learn the difference between 4on4 and 1on1 VVD
2017-03-26, 21:45
Please sign me up for the open!
2017-03-27, 20:01
Hooraytio, in div5 you need only aim to win. Don't think anybody from div4 can win you too.
2017-03-27, 20:34
And thats where you got it all wrong, assuming I can aim
2017-03-29, 21:40
VVD please sign me for the open division if it's not too late!
2017-03-30, 02:00
Hagge, done!

Last place is left in Open Division!
Place is near super-star LocKtar! :-D

Brackets done, you can schedule your games.
Deadline for WB1 is 04.04.2017.
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