Ake Vader  /  5 Mar 2017, 20:54
QHLAN2017 quick summary
QHLAN2017 has been three days of action packed QuakeWorld gaming featuring a bunch of the very best players venturing on a pilgrimage to the Stockholm suburbs of Haninge from all over the world. The event was nothing less than a great success and If you couldn't attend or want to review it all again then the details of this post intends to gather the most important assets to catch up on the event, such as demos, photos and VODs. As some things tend to take time to process, the list will be updated as more (or refined) content becomes available.

Congratulations to all the winners, a big thanks to everyone involved in making QHLAN happen and well played by all the players, you all rock!
2017-03-06, 16:36
Added a few of Chosen's 4on4 games in case any rookie players are starved for such content.
2017-03-07, 07:42
2017-03-07, 18:32
I hope someone is working on putting photos together? DSHARP3/dvgn maybe. Also looking forward to youtubed vods, and the release of the official soundtrack created by xazqe
2017-03-08, 21:50
Thanks Ake for the write-up. Fair play!!

Enjoyed the commentary, photos and coverage throughout the event from everyone. It looked like a great event. Someday hopefully I'll get there. Maybe next year
2017-03-08, 22:14
thanks guys, well done, really good show
2017-03-12, 22:28
in the duel tourney people were given a choice to swap dm6 for bravado and i believe that literally not a single pair of players made this swap. no surprise really.
2017-03-16, 00:07
dirtbox, stop be so stupid or so trolling:
1. Read rules - _ONLY_ if both agree: if u know that ur enemy is better on this map - u just don't agree; almost any map will be picked 0 times with same rules. This rule look like trolling from tourney admins.
2. AFAIK, no bravado on qhlan's servers - LOL!?

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2017-03-16, 00:11
bps, do u know xazqe?
2017-03-16, 00:21
Ah, and ofc it was nice tournament with great games!!!

Milton almost won 4on4 with rusty mix!
In 1on1 we saw games with all current top players in the world!
It was very impressive!
2017-03-17, 03:41
I wasn't trolling VVD, just stating facts.
Every group of 2 players had the choice of bravado or dm6 as the 5th map and if you check the results, only one single group of players made this choice (I had initially thought it was zero, but mazer and rio was the only match up that did). And yes, of course bravado was on the servers.

Did you see the admin list? my name was on it and you are trying to tell me about the rules? The only stupid comments appear to be yours.
2017-03-17, 13:04
One more time, last time, special for you: «ONLY IF BOTH AGREE»! It's discriminating rule. If somebody want play bravado and his opponent don't - they will play dm6, but not bravado.
Your statistics is useless «a bit more than total».
Look at TD statistics:
The bravado in TD7 was more popular than dm6 in seasons 4 and 5.
2017-03-17, 19:38
I don't even understand what you are arguing about?
Maybe the rule wasn't meant to be "fair", it was meant to be "classic" maps with the exception that if both players wanted, they could swap in bravado.
As a player in this tournament and a pretty good bravado player I still think this was a good rule.
I think that more maps like bravado etc would really add value to QW duel in general but in an event like the first QHLAN in a long while I agree with the choice of keeping it classic.

Obviously the map will not be picked very often since when one player suggest it, the other will most likely deny it regardless if he thinks it's better than dm6 or not. Since the player suggesting the swap is probably good at it.

Me and Mazer did play it once. I won with like 50 frags.
We faced each other later again, safe to say, no bravado this time
2017-03-17, 20:23
From what i recall the bravado-if-both-agree-rule was added quite late, so people probably had no thought about practicing the map and even more so when it's not granted that they can use it as a home map as the opponent must agree on playing it.

Easier to just rock up and play the good ol' TB5 on pure routine.
2017-03-17, 22:25
2017-03-19, 03:59
Hehe DB, cry me a river.

VVD dont want to argue with you, its his way or the highway, "he" only like 3 maps ztndm3,aerowalk and nowadays bravado, if it was up to him only thoose 3 maps would be in Thunderdome.

So be glad Dirtbox that he only took away one of the TB5 maps, even though i thought he
would take away either dm4 or dm2 for this season, but maybe lil more time for changing the rules still.

We will see what the future holds, but anyway VVD good work for sure that you keep a tournament going!!
2017-03-19, 04:52
Yes it was only played once at QHLAN, and it was the wrong version (b5) on the LAN servers. Still, it was an addition to tb5. And as rio says, qh might not be the best place to test it out. But online tournaments should be.

VVD actually is right on a crucial point; bravado has proven itself popular in thunderdome.
2017-03-19, 08:29
I am all for new maps to be added to the standard (but not removing good maps like dm6).... I just think bravado is a poor choice and you are left with a pool of maps inferior to tb5. stupid and lame. completely lowers the prestige of the tournament.

the intelligent thing would be to add 2 maps and make it a pool of 7. In QL duel tournaments they have typically 9 maps to choose from and it works well. If a map only as good as bravado (and i don't mean that in a positive way) can make it in the pool, there are dozens of others that could be easily added.
2017-03-19, 08:40
I totally agree about the 7-map pool. Do that, and a tossing routine instead of picking to begin with. Everyone can toss two maps they dislike and everyone should be happy
2017-03-19, 11:22
Perhaps the players could submit tossed maps during signup? 1-2 in preference (incase the opponent tosses the same first map). That way it's maps they don't like, rather than maps the other person is best at.

tldr; don't take locktar on dm2 away from me
2017-03-19, 16:34
Having 0 experience of bravado, I started playing it for thunderdome.

At first; I did not like it but the more I played it, the more I enjoyed it.

I think it's a nice addition but I would also like to see dm6 included too.

Would be nice to see an additional map added to the thunderdome map pool along with dm2, 4, 6, ztn, aero and bravado.

*runs for the hills*
2017-03-19, 22:40
Keep on running lordlame, you will be chased by a pack of wolfs
2017-03-19, 22:51
> tossing routine instead of picking to begin with. Everyone can toss two maps they dislike and everyone should be happy
It's a bad rule - almost everybody will toss dm2 in game with Locktar, aero with bps/locust/nph, ztn with murzik/bulat, dm4 with rikoll and etc.
Nobody can play his best home map - it's very bad rule in 4fun tournament.

2all: if dm6 is so popular map, why almost nobody pick it in last 3 seasons of TD (4, 5, 6)? Correct answer is - dm6 is not popular map last years. And I already 10 times said that keep dead maps in map pool is bad idea.
Do u want discriminating rule like this?
* new tb5 (dm2/4/aero/bravado/ztn3) are main map pool;
* dm6+skull or spinev2 (doomed or other) are addition map pool;
* if both players agree - they can replace any map from new tb5 on any map from addition map pool;
* ONLY IF BOTH AGREE for removed and for added map - else they must play maps only from new tb5.
2017-03-20, 09:09
Consider the following:

7 map pool
First both players PICK their home map
Then they toss from the rest of the 5 maps to pick the decider.

*aha saw now that this was pretty much the current rule but with some minor differences*
2017-03-21, 04:37
Start with picking, not tossing. Everyone gets their first map choice. This isn't QuakeCon.
2017-03-22, 02:45
*** ZENSIERT ***

(Edited 2017-03-22, 12:36)
2017-03-22, 11:10
What Hooraytio said!

This way people are forced to play new maps (extending their horizon in the process).
But they also can pick their favorite TB3 map that they love since 20+ years.
And if it comes down to a decider, the Kenya-hater can toss those new maps, and the TB3-hater can toss TB3.

So, if newschool meets oldschool, it will be most likely a decider of Aero or Ztn. This is probably the biggest change when going from TB5 to a 7-map-pool. Before you could enforce a TB3 map as decider. That's no longer true. But imho that's not very intrusive, since Aero/Ztn are so standard by now.
2017-03-22, 12:51
7-map pool is the best solution and frankly it was absolutely obvious from the beginning...
2017-03-22, 21:38
So... is it a 7th map pool?
2017-03-23, 08:56
Its not like Im playing duels but if I did I would hate to have DM2 tossed against me all the time since its the only map I like.
2017-03-26, 07:43
Hooraytio: if you were a dueller you would probably start liking more maps than one

So, 7 map pool it is!
Now, let's find out which the 7th map will be by polls and/or one day tourneys.
2017-03-26, 17:28
We will see, gonna play some in thunderdome this season
2017-04-15, 15:54
Hooraytio, where are you?
2017-06-14, 18:13
QHLAN 2017 Day 3 not working on twitch any record on youtube?
Overall it's nice to see that scene is active, ggs guys!
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