Ake Vader  /  20 Feb 2017, 10:41
DICE Summit to feature QW gaming executive tournament
DICE Summit takes place this week (Tuesday-Thursday) and the FACEIT crew will be hosting a QuakeWorld gaming celebrity tournament featuring no other than Tim Willits himself among other executives within the industries from companies like Blizzard, Zenimax, Facebook et al.

The games will be streamed on IGN's official Twitch channel and a schedule can be found on the link below.

Update: Congratulations to Tim Willits who ended up victorious after defeating Randy Pitchford in the final!

Read more on WWG or go straight to the tournament site
2017-02-22, 16:09
Hah, that is pretty cool. It looks like they're using ezQuake with Dithes HUD
2017-02-23, 09:44
Seems like they're using standard nQuake install. Bit of a shame that they play on QWDM6 with DMM5 (or similar, i.e. start stacked) though.
2017-02-23, 22:20
Was cool to see q3dm6qw in use, but yeah the stacked starts sucked.
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