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QHLAN - everything you need to know
With only a couple days left until we kick off QHLAN in Haninge, Sweden, there are a few updates and some general information that we would like to share with you. Many members of the QuakeWorld community has come together and worked hard to make this event possible and today, we feel that the pieces are falling into place and that we are ready to make a few announcements.

Whether you are an attendee or an online spectator, here follows a list of everything you need to know about QHLAN 2017; notable attendees, a brand new QHLAN wiki, information about monitor/PC rentals, and much much more.
First and foremost, we would like to announce the brand new QHLAN wiki! It will work as the main portal for the schedules and tournaments. In there, you will find results from every tournament game, which games are to be broadcasted next and the tournament schedules. It will be updated throughout the entire LAN and will work as the main tool to stay updated. A huge thanks to everyone who contributed to make it such a great tool for finding information!

There has been a few questions concerning payment methods. Atkins from had this announcement to make:
"Hi everyone!
Im Spearheading Hazard. ive heard there are some questions about payment.
Im going to update the English texts on our site, to make things easier for you guys.

1. Paypal will unfortunatly not be available.
2. Those of you who can pay to our bank account do so. And dont forget to enter your Ticket-ID in the paymenttext (OCR).
3. For the rest of you who live in another country and cannot pay through your bank. You will be able to pay the 250kr cash in the entrance without the extra 50kr fee. Follow these steps:
Go in and register on our website as normal and book a ticket.
Afterwards send an email to with your full name, nick and Ticket-ID.
I will go in and check that you are registered on QH's list and then mark your tickets as payed, so that you can choose your seat!
4. the 50kr membership cost is no longer a thing. This info simply got forgotten to get deleted.

If there are any questions, tag me in the comments and i will answer as soon as i can!

Kind regards
Jonathan Atkins

Lastly, we would like every attendee to join the QHLAN discord. Everything from match results and announcements to players will be made there, so make sure to join! It is also the easiest way to get in contact with a LAN admin or tournament organizer.

General information
Dates: Thursday 2 March (12:00) - Sunday 5 March (12:00), 2017.
Place: Fredrika Bremer-gymnasiet in Haninge, Stockholm - walkthrough video
Tickets & Entrance fee: Prepaid ( 250 SEK, At the entrance: 300 SEK, Day pass (for visitors): 50 SEK/day. Make sure to get your tickets as soon as possible!
Tournaments: Quakeworld 1on1, 2on2 and 4on4. See wiki for tournament information.
Internet connection: 800Mbit shared.
Spectator area: "The pit" has about 70 seats.
Casters desk: and sdTV will be covering the event on site, with Jehar & Andeh casting. We hope to have a few guest casters make appearances!
Monitors for rental: We have up to 40 Eizo FG2421 at our disposal. If you need one, make sure to fill in the appropriate form at All rentals are FREE.
Computers for rental: Hazard has a great number of Intel Xeon W3520, 6GB ram, 160 GB SSD, Geforce Quadro FX1800. If you need one, make sure to fill in the appropriate form at All rentals are FREE.
Sleeping halls: There are lots and lots of classrooms we can use so there are more than enough room. Most of them will be kept dark and quiet - make your own bed. If you need help, don't hesitate to ask.
Kiosk: Low-end 24h kiosk. Price examples: soda 8, pirogue 10, toast 6. SEK. Cash only. There's also a mall, restaurants and supermarkets at less than 10 minutes walking distance from the lan.
Alcohol/drugs: Are forbidden in the school. Crew members can deny entrance to persons under influence of the beforementioned.
Contact: Every player must join and be available on the QHLAN Discord server. Most information spreading will go through here, including reports for game scores.
Notable signups: Milton, BuLaT, GT, Mur, LocKtar, Rikoll, BLooD_DoG and many many more.

Tournament information
Signups: Signups for tournaments are done on site and will close 1 hour before each tournament starts.
Prizepool: Current prizepool can be seen at and will be divided between 1on1 (75%) and 2on2 (25%). This crowdfunded prizepool will continue accepting contributions up until 3/3, 19:00cet.
Formats: The different tournaments use different formats, some of which may not be familiar with you. You can read more about this at the brand new QHLAN Wiki.
Maps and cointoss: Before each game, the winner of an admin supervised cointoss will decide to pick first or give away first pick to the loser.
Reporting your game: Every result must be reported, by the winner, in the appropriate channel at the QHLAN discord.

Final words
If there are ANY questions regarding QHLAN, please ask a staff member on the QHLAN discord. We are happy to help!
We hope that you are as excited about this LAN as we are, and let's make sure to make it a great one!

See you soon!

2017-02-15, 21:07
Anyone used these Nvidia Quadro FX 1800's before for QW?
2017-02-15, 21:27
2017-02-15, 22:42
What Dirtbox said.
2017-02-17, 12:58
All aboard the HYPE train!
2017-02-17, 22:38
Nice that the rentals are free especially for a LAN that is likely to have a reasonable proportion of foreign players

Regarding FX1800, looking online it seems to be 9600 sort of level so should be OK for QW although obviously might need to use lower maxfps. It has relatively modern drivers at least (only 2 months old):
I would hope that being a workstation card an OpenGL game like QW is more likely to run without issues compared to say a DX game, but who knows.
2017-02-19, 13:32
HangTime you should come to QHlan!!!
2017-02-20, 09:13
Should be fun!
2017-02-20, 10:41
How are people getting from the airport to the LAN?
2017-02-20, 14:09
from skavsta airport we take flygbussarna to stockholm central and then pendeltag to handen station and on foot to the venue
2017-02-25, 08:14
I'll be at Arlanda around 9 in the morning, 2nd March, with a car and 2 empty seats if anybody need a ride.
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