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Maps & Textures
2022-03-22, 22:06
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May 2007
"Axe" is a compact map designed for fast paced play with tactical movement and control. It has two teleporters and a jump pad. Quad is available, but intended as an option for FFA (or of course 2on2 with more carnage)!

Items: 2 x RL, 1 x LG, 1 x GL, 1 x SNG, 1 x SSG, 1 x RA, 1 x YA, 1 x GA, 1 x MH, 1 x Q.


- axe.bsp

- axe.loc

- Grey textures (put these files into .../qw/textures/axe/

A very big thanks to all who have tested, played, given feedback and your general excitement <3

Beta tests log

Update 12th of May
- Official release
- More texture tweaking
- Trimmed brushes to lower filesize as much as possible
- Lowered ceiling over GL to be flush with ceiling over RA (and more splash-friendly)

Update 20th of April
- Lowered ceiling above YA for more splash
- Broadened stairs for a bit easier jump to window
- Tweaked all textures and lights
- Added intermission cameras
- Added locs

Update 7th of April
- Added a small wall behind the stairs to SNG hallway
- Moved cells pack from quad ledge to bottom of staircase below
- Added a new spawn at the high RL (narrow path behind the staircase in big room)
- Cosmetic tweaks and improved lighting

Update 23rd of March: Already great feedback!
- Lowered the ceiling on RA so players below may shoot for more splash damage
- Moved spawn from ledge with health pack in front of mega to quad ledge
- Moved cells pack from SNG area to quad ledge. SNG moved to the shelf next to health pack
- File is updated for download

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2022-03-23, 15:42
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Sep 2006
Shiiet, that a bit resembles dm4
Will check it soon
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