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2021-03-07, 09:31
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Apr 2012

So I bought this Zowie EC mouse from ParadokS some 10-13 years ago who had won it from QHLAN or something. I have been using this mouse daily ever since.. and you can really tell: skates have been wore flat and the zowie logo hasn't been visible for years and the whole coating has turned from matte to shiny! I mean this mouse has aged like wine!

Anyway, I wanted to ask if ParadokS has some more mice to sell? Or you guys have some recommendations for a mouse that will last 10+ years? I was thinking to get Logitech Pro X white..
2021-03-07, 11:09
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Sep 2006
LPro X is a different shape than Zowie EC series. its not ergonomic, its ambidexterous . rather for medium hands.
Build quality on Zowie is pretty awesome, the last years. I also have EC1. stil; usable.
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