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2016-03-30, 22:58
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Jan 2006
"Making a Killing at Quake" - NewsWeek 1999

The CEO of Zip2 that he is referring to is none other than Elon Musk. I am reading his biography at the moment and he even mentions that his company had a Quake Clan (named Zip2) and they came second in a large 4on4 tourney? Anyone know the validity of this? Anyone remember a clan called Zip2?
2016-03-31, 20:40
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Oct 2006
I can't find any reference to zip2 in any of the news sites I saved or with google in bluesnews for example.

this nice reference page also doesn't mention it anywhere:

So at least it must have been a slightly obscure tournament. Could also have been Q2 of course.
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