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2014-12-18, 21:12
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Feb 2006

It seems that sv_crypt_rcon 1 is not working with the latest version of MVDSV. At least I can't use rcon commands even when I have cl_crypt_rcon set to 1 in my ezQuake config and Empezar also mentioned that there is an issue with it. Rcon log contains "Bad rcon from x.x.x.x:27001 (mli):" and I'm 100% sure that my rcon_password is set correctly because it works when sv_crypt_rcon and cl_crypt_rcon are set to 0. MVDSV also seems to crash when sv_hashpasswords is set to 1 and acc_create command is used. Both sv_crypt_rcon and sv_hashpasswords seem to use SHA1 hashes so the problem might be related to it.

Anyone know how to fix these problems? (Calling out for dimman / VVD / qqshka / deurk / anyone who has the knowledge).
2014-12-22, 15:41
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Jan 2006
yes, its broken.
but mihawk has fixed it. soon it will be on dimmans github i guess
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