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Nations Quake Rank
2006-04-25, 12:09
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Jan 2006
Mr Ville "Fix" Fixinen has co-ordinated a rather nice little survey during the group stages of NQR9. All of the NQR9 Gold Cup clans were polled on a number of subjects ranging from Best DM3 Clan to Best Piner. Upto three players from each clan voted, and the votes have now been painstakingly counted.

Here are the results...

Best DM3 Clan
1. Fragomatic 110p
2. Lege Artis 72p
3. KOFF 59p
4. Clan Malfunction 43p
5. Firing Squad 41p

Best DM2 Clan
1. Lege Artis 88p
2. Fragomatic 73p
3. The Viper Squad 63p
4. Firing Squad 54p
5. KOFF 49p

Best E1M2 Clan
1. Lege Artis 106p
2. Fragomatic 74p
3. Clan Malfunction 54p
4. Firing Squad 49p
5. KOFF 39p

Best Quadrunner
1. Valla (fOm) 83p
2. Reppie (FS) 80p
3. Fix (CMF) 56p
4. Dag (LA) 39p
5. ParadokS (SR) 33p

Best Defensive Player
1. Nabbe (LA) 90p
2. Gamer (KOFF) 55p
3. Xterm (fOm) 32p
4. Angua (CMF) 31p
5. Dag (LA) 29p

Best Overall Player
1. Reppie (FS) 68p
2. Nabbe (LA) 58p
3. Fix (CMF) 52p
4. Valla (fOm) 48p
5. Dag (LA) 39p

Best Shafter (best with lightning gun)
1. ParadokS (SR) 108p
2. Valla (fOm) 56p
3. blAze (tVS) 52p
4. Dag (LA) 43p
=. Nabbe (LA) 43p
5. Ihminen (tVS) 18p

Best Piner (best with grenade launcher)
1. Harvester (GRHU) 129p
2. Dragon (SR) 42p
3. Angua (CMF) 21p
4. Scenic (KOFF) 14p
5. Nu55! (GRHU/SD) 13p

Friendlist Clan
1. Firing Squad 73p
2. KOFF 68p
3. Clan Malfunction 56p
4. AntiQuad 36p
5. Fragomatic 32p

Lamest Clan
1. Slackers 75p
2. Lege Artis 38p
3. Satanic Slaughter Clan 30p
4. The Viper Squad 28p
5. Antiquad 25p

Player Most Voted On Cross Category
1. Dag (LA) 56p
2. Reppie (FS) 43p
3. Valla (fOm) 41p
=. Nabbe (LA) 41p
4. Angua (CMF) 40p
5. Fix (CMF) 34p
=. Gamer (KOFF) 34p
2006-04-25, 12:16
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Jan 2006
hehe nice list.... but i think valla is the bestiest overall player atm anyway! :]
this list reminds me of this list i saved to my hdd a "few" years ago ...
2006-04-25, 12:26
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Jan 2006
This means.. duel, 2on2 etc.. aswell.
I think reppie got a slight advantage on that.
2006-04-25, 12:30
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Feb 2006
but its best overall in NQR9 isn't it?
2006-04-25, 13:00
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Jan 2006
My view of best overall is the one capable of doing everything in a game, that is: Q-running, Attacking, Defending. Quite simply the perfect to have in your team. I don't think fix meant best overall in 2on2 or duels.. I do however believe he meant in recent times (not players inactive for a year)

I could release some points for all the player relative questions, and you'll understand...
2006-04-25, 13:08
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Jan 2006
Top QuadRunners

valla 83p
reppie 80p
fix 56p
dag 39p
paradoks 33p
riker 27p
xantom 16p
milton 16p
ihminen 14p
gamer 12p
angua 8p
fifi 8p
mutilator 7p
scenic 5p
striker 4p
eh 4p
murdoc 3p
archi 2p
nabbe 1p
mirage 1p
diki 1p

Top Defensive Players

nabbe 90p
gamer 55p
xterm 32p
angua 31p
dag 29p
blaze 25p
fifi 20p
striker 19p
dare 17p
razor 10p
manu 10p
reppie 10p
1-2-3 10p
eh 9p
insane 7p
murdoc 7p
dragon 6p
rock 5p
harvester 5p
mirage 5p
scenic 4p
goljat 3p
fix 3p
ihminen 2p
xantom 1p
seese 1p
krab 1p
sassa 1p
molle 1p
riker 1p

Top Overall Players

reppie 68p
nabbe 58p
fix 52p
valla 48p
dag 39p
angua 34p
riker 20p
gamer 16p
milton 13p
fifi 9p
paradoks 9p
blaze 8p
eh 6p
mutilator 4p
ihminen 4p
xn 3p
razor 3p
griffin 2p
insane 2p
goljat 1p
siv 1p
spoink 1p
manu 1p
murdoc 1p

Top Shafters

paradoks 108p
valla 56p
blaze 52p
dag 43p
nabbe 43p
ihminen 18p
mutilator 13p
xantom 11p
xterm 10p
interceptor 9p
dragon 7p
murdoc 7p
milton 7p
scenic 6p
champ 5p
sandyman 4p
fix 3p
locust 3p
gamer 3p
griffin 2p
eh 2p
riker 2p
raket 2p
vore 1p
bps 1p
razor 1p

Top "Piners"

harvester 129p
dragon 42p
angua 21p
scenic 14p
sandyman 13p
fifi 11p
dag 11p
diki 10p
cougar 9p
reppie 9p
locktar 9p
madmax 9p
fix 8p
tuoppi 7p
seese 7p
gamer 6p
insane 6p
sassa 5p
milton 5p
mega 5p
bagheera 5p
razor 4p
striker 4p
seni 4p
blaze 4p
manu 3p
jukka 3p
1-2-3 3p
eh 3p
ok98 3p
mate 3p
krab 2p
inferno 2p
mirage 2p
nabbe 2p
murdoc 2p
rock 2p
kippo 1p
goblin 1p
riker 1p
griffin 1p
ihminen 1p
2006-04-25, 13:43
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Jan 2006
lol, la 2nd best team on dm3? its there worst map and they lose almost every dm3 in offi matches
2006-04-25, 14:20
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Feb 2006
Only if DAG isn't playing..
2006-04-25, 15:44
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Jan 2006
Player Most Voted On Cross Category? What does it mean?
2006-04-25, 15:57
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Jan 2006
Probably the players who got the highest overall score.
Teamplay is nothing. Aim is everything. OBEY YOUR AIM
2006-04-25, 17:05
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Jan 2006
I think all votes for me as best shafter come to tVS.blAze .
With best wishes, B1aze.
2006-04-25, 17:06
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Jan 2006
Yeah, took top15 in all categories, and handed out 15 to 1 points to 1-15 respectively. Then counted those scores.
2006-04-25, 18:03
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Jan 2006
wow I got 6 points
was 6 to many
2006-04-25, 21:24
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Jan 2006
nice, make one for bronze as well
2006-04-25, 22:36
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Jan 2006
Most of the players in div3 and above don't know shit about bronze anyway. So why bother? :p
Teamplay is nothing. Aim is everything. OBEY YOUR AIM
2006-04-25, 23:01
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Jan 2006
surprised to see riker not finishing in the top5 anywhere, his playing lately has been awesome

also, good to see nabbe gets the recognition he deserves after playing most of his time in LA in the shadow of dag (who's a bit overrated tbh, but ofc still an incredible player)
Spell "mogul," Bateman. How do you spell mogul? M-o-g-u-l. Mo-gul. Mog-ul. Ice, ghosts, aliens-
2006-04-27, 15:46
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Jan 1970
lol, valla is the overrated player tbh........
2006-04-27, 16:07
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Jan 2006
gold cup is overrated imo....
2006-04-27, 16:34
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Jan 2006
Well plz, I fully agree with you. But lib was actually thinking more of the players in Lege Artis rather than overall.

But regarding that list, I'd say I'm way too high up on it, there's alot better players, especially on the voting of "Top Overall Players"

and "Top shafters" is just ridicolous
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