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2011-01-05, 23:47
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Jun 2006
****project on hold until someone wants to step in and take my place. I would not be offended at all! I apologize I didn't have the right energy to complete the project but there is definitely completed work on this that I hope won't go to waste.

// QWL
// QuakeWorld Ladder
// Overview / Condensed Summary

Edit: The | team and QWL team are both working together now. I think that the QuakeWorld Ladder will be run separately from but will build on top of what they have already produced. Correct me if I'm wrong.

I figured I would create a new thread for this since Grump has started helping me on this project and we gave it a real name. It's also nice to have a tldr version of my other post.

What QWL hopes to be

A feature packed system for challenging other players to a quakeworld duel using a ranking system similar to a chess ELO.

Quick and dirty summary

One of the main premises is using IRC for challenging other players / promoting the ladder / communicating with other players / reporting your matches using a "bot". The reason why I believe this is so good is because you need a good way to communicate with other QW players. Using IRC is a no brainer because it is already tried and tested and most gamers use it already to communicate. Also being able to challenge another player in a real time ranked match rather than scheduling matches could make competition activity higher.

QWL will consist of 2 interfaces for users. A website interface and an IRC BOT interface.

The currently proposed ranking system:

Hopeful Features

The website:
Will be the way to check detailed statistics about the ladder and the games played on it. It will also contain the usual general information like the rules. These two websites are what QWL aims to be like as far as web interface goes:

The bot:
Will be the way to start a new ladder match and to report a new ladder match. This isn't a brand new concept for competitive video games. I got the idea from an old Starcraft ladder called WGTour.
/msg qwl-bot login griffin password
/msg qwl-bot challenge dag qwserverip
/msg qwl-bot accept
#qwl *qwl-bot* dag accepts challenge from griffin! *ip: $serverip* /*QTV: $link*
/msg qwl-bot report lost demo# demo# demo#
--the qwl-bot then goes and retrieves the demos using the provided demo numbers and uploads them to the website. It also takes the stats from the demos and updates player stats / ladder ranking / match list on the website interface.
[private message to griffin from qwl-bot] You lost -20 points and your ELO rating is now 2800 (Div0)

The best semi-full explanation I have come up with so far is made in this thread:

How you can help

Check this thread out:
and this:

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2012-03-07, 09:50
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Mar 2012
Hi there are you still working on this project?
2012-03-07, 12:01
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Jan 2006
yeah, wake uP!
Join us on
2012-03-08, 03:55
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Nov 2010
I was trying to find the holy grail of a rating system (the qwratings project) for QWL, but I never found the grail. However, it did appear though that a slightly modified ELO rating system would serve as a good starting point.

I still have all of the research, I look forward to QWL rolling forward again...

In the meantime, 2 weeks ago I started working on Demolyzer.
2013-02-04, 22:54
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Jan 2006
is this still viable?
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2013-02-05, 05:30
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Nov 2010
I believe the QWL consisted of several people/parts:

1 - Website/admin - Fenris
2 - Stats/backend - pleura
3 - Ratings/research - cyan1de (me)
4 - Client integration - ???

Sorry if I missed anyone. I never really got deeply involved at the time since most of my work was at a research phase.

Unfortunately, me and pleura took some long AFKs for the project, and we never seemed to sync up.

I've continued on with demolyzer, however, and I believe I have found what appears to be a very solid rating system (using an algorithm derived from ELO, same as QL and SC2, and chess, etc.)

I recently added a points system to demolyzer. It is very basic and seems to look quite good with the mix 4on4s. I can apply it to teams and 1on1s.

Participation Points: +10 per game
Win vs lower rated opponent: +50 per win
Win vs higher rated opponent: +100 per win

Obviously these numbers can be made to be anything. I just chose some numbers that looked good.

I am basically at a point where I can share my research, or compile a version of demolyzer that will assist a ladder admin. Whether the grand vision of QWL will be picked up and start rolling again I do not know.

Here is a link to the 4on4 mix ratings/points:
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