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European Quake League
2010-09-09, 11:37
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Jan 2006
Last seen in EQL season 6 (at least with the crystal clear rookie division name). Such a thing isn't planned for this season? Or is the whole idea not a very good one due to the skill of the teams being too big? (i.e. CPMA "rookies" vs CS rookies is probably not a very even fight unless active coaching by experienced players is done)
2010-09-09, 14:24
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Feb 2006
Imho it's better to put the rookie players in div3 teams. Creating teams of 5 rookies who don't know each other or the game, didn't seem to make people stick around.
2010-09-09, 14:31
News Writer
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Jun 2007
There are usually too few rookies and they idle too much as well
2010-09-09, 15:54
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Nov 2008
Its better if good players take rookies under their wings and help them on their way. bps is helping me, I'm sure everyone got help from someone back when they were rookies, and it motivates the rookies to stick around.

So - good players - help school the new guys! =)
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