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2006-03-26, 13:23
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Jan 2006
I decided I would interview the participants of the Grand Finale in Duelmania Pt 1.
So, I hooked up with Avenger on IRC and immediately started asking him all sorts of silly questions. I had made a list of questions I wanted to ask him, but as time went by, it seemed as if it wasn't that easy to follow so I started to improvise a bit. In the end, I think it worked out ok. Here's the transscript.


<shm> Lets get this show on the road
<shm> First of all, lets start with the classic opener. State your name, age and nationality for the crowd, please.
<avenger-> Hmm ok. My name its Robert Antonik, im 22 years old and im live in Bielsko-Biala, Poland of cos
<avenger-> u wanna get my shous nr? to?
<shm> Hehe no, that will suffice.

<shm> Do you have any thoughts about this round of Duelmania?
<avenger-> huh... of course, Reppie is verry talented player. I played him many times in pass he always played really smart with alot of fantasy in tactick.
<avenger-> this game should be verry intrested for everyone, specialy for my. Id love to play against player who using more mind then mouse.

<shm> Actually, I was thinking more in the line of Duelmania as a tournament. What do you think of the idea of having a tournament such as this? Is it a good idea, are you satisfied/surprised by the amount of players that have signed up etc. :>
<avenger-> huh... its great turnament. faced alot of talented players who i never know before like Witka from russia. Iv got alot of fun to playing against razor (twice) i will get those tho games in my memory for long. (and of cos razorian ego reflex)
<avenger-> i think we should get more turnaments like this one.
<shm> Agreed.
<avenger-> first time we agreed

<shm> During the tournament has there been any matches, where you might have been in doubtful/surprised of the outcome? Lets take for instance your second match versus Razor. Did you think you would win?
<avenger-> Well actualy i after aerowalk i was sure that of win... than he take my down by super cs tactick on dm2. I through e? omg? wtf? etc. but than we started ztndm3 i fell good shape after locust game and now we all know score
<avenger-> the moust tight game till now was against paradoks... i was sure he will take dm6, me dm2 and will be 1:1... but what next?
<avenger-> i was afraid that game on dm4

<shm> Do you enjoy playing stronger opponents?
<shm> Even if there's a chance you will lose.
<avenger-> well i think its the only one reason why we are here. Adrenaline, stres in prestige game is great feeling.

<shm> Do you think you handle stressful situations well? Lets take for instance, the match versus ParadokS. When you say you were unsure of the outcome, does it affect the way you play your game, and in what way?
<avenger-> Huh im verry get stresed when im winning... but when im loosing like in game vs paradoks at dm4 in one second i can calm down and focuse at killing my enemy.
<avenger-> i can control my stres when im loosing.
<shm> Must be a great asset. I know I can't

<shm> So anyway, you won the Losers Bracket. How did that feel?
<avenger-> hmm i think should be great feel but all shit with minping and other whine just destroyed it.
<avenger-> well game vs locktar wes more ez than vs paradoks so i didnt get any gr8 feel in this game.
<shm> You don't think the best was saved for last in the Losers Bracket, and by that you were a bit disappointed since the last game should have been the hardest for you?
<avenger-> yes, exacly.
<avenger-> but anyway today this game will come for sure.
<shm> It will be an interesting match indeed.
<avenger-> hope so i wont lost 3:0

<shm> Speaking of which. Who do you think will win the match tonight? Reppie seems to know his way around all maps and his aim is off the charts. Do you see yourself as the winner of the Duelmania tournament?
<avenger-> hard to say... iv got some kind life shape now. We will see if thats enought for reppie
<avenger-> Well if i take him down on dm2 and dm4 i will get alot of chance to win

<shm> How do you think you would react if you won the Duelmania tournament? Are you the kind of person who starts jumping up and down, screaming, arms flying around and so on?
<avenger-> nah... im sure i will go smoke after game and back again to normal life.

<shm> Good call on the cigarette. I know I'll be smoking a pack for the finals. Anyway, to wrap this up. Thanks for taking the time to answer some of my questions. I wish you all the best in the Grand Finale. May the best duelist win
<avenger-> thx.
<avenger-> and dont smoke so much


My first interview. I thought I did ok :>
2006-03-26, 17:23
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Jan 1970
2006-03-27, 15:33
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Jan 2006
avenger is cooool : )
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