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QuakeWorld Duel League
2009-03-23, 18:40
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Jun 2008
I know this is a bit (maybe very) early, but I thought I would post while I remember ;-)

The QWDL admins have chatted and think this is the way we should move forward...

Lets assume we have the following divs and players:

Div 1 - Players A, B, C, D, E, F
Div 2 - Players G, H, I, J, K, L

That is the results at the end of S2 so if they all signup again, the divs will look like this:

Div 1 - Players A, B, C, D, G, H
Div 2 - Players E, F, I, J, K, L

Now thats a nice idea, but chances are that they will not all sign up again so lets say that C, G and J don't sign up - then we get:

Div 1 - Players A, B, -X-, D, -X-, H
Div 2 - Players E, F, I, -X-, K, L

Where -X- is a free "slot". If new players have signed up who would be a natural fit in a slot, they will be placed there, if not, ALL players below the slot move up one.

So basically if a player signs up again, and should be promoted - they will be. If a player doesn't sign up, they lose their slot.

We knew that S1 and S2 would not be perfect, however I think we all want to improve as much as we can all the time so please give us your thoughts.

2009-03-23, 18:54
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Nov 2008
well in this season u know nothing about slimbo, i post: "me and slimbo same div", at first was OK but the last day someone move slimbo to div 9 and me to div 13 O_o

div9 != div13

what was wrong? we was new singups both...
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2009-03-23, 19:22
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Jan 2006
instead create a list of assertions (as a programmer you might have an idea)
e.g. in some div players end: 1st player A, 2nd B, 3rd C, ... G
so that should create a couple of checks for you:
check 1: new div of player A should be at least +2 higher than of player G
check 2 (lets c0d3): newdiv(A) >= newdiv(B) (it should not happen that B ends in higher div than A, they can end in equal div or B can end in lower div)
check 3: ... i am sure you can think of much more checks the standings can give you; checks should NOT be too strict, but there should be as many checks as possible

For other players who didnt participate before if someone says "Z is almost as good as me, mr. X" you should add checks like abs(newdiv(Z)-newdiv(X)) <= 2 -- players are at most 2 divs distant from each other

Then after you close signups for new season, you create SOME ordering of the players, system puts constant amount of players into divs based on that, and prints you a list of FAILED checks. And you let your admin team shuffle the ordering of the players as long as some checks are failed. Once all checks are passed, you stop moving players and thats the final seedings.
2009-03-23, 20:58
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Jun 2008
JohnNy_cz: Thats a great idea. I always have the problem of assuming perfection without good specs ;-)

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2009-03-24, 06:01
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Feb 2006
it should depend on frags/map on winning maps and pld maps!
2009-03-24, 07:54
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Jun 2007
atleast relegations and promotions will work here since every "team" is just one guy
in 4on4 leagues ppl change teams too much, and teams starts/disbands, for it to work
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