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NoName Quake League
2007-05-03, 10:46
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Jan 2006
For several times i have contacted NNQL admins on #nnql @ quakenet for them to correct an error in a reported game. Today, that game is still incorrect (we have lost 1-2, not won).
I can see by the main page that few games are being played in each week...
Why do we see in other leagues such NQR, EQL, Ownage, that if a game has been played, in a few hours the report is on the results page (example: yesterday┬┤s NQR game Cmf vs Team freedom - in 30min it was there). I have 2 reports that are taking days "awaiting confirmation".
I┬┤ve tried to schedule games with some teams and it┬┤s just impossible...Some say "we┬┤re dead", others "my mate isnt┬┤t playing anymore", etc. This happens even with NNQL admins teams. Shouldn┬┤t they give the example? If, for some reason they can┬┤t play, at least show some activity and don┬┤t let this league die! Motivate people!
Sorry for my critics, but i hope it┬┤s for the best
2007-05-03, 11:14
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Jan 2006
While i'm not into this league or anything, i think that this league fucked up from the start when they made some divisions as huge as like 20 teams. Me and my mate signed up to just get some 2on2 action going, expecting like 10 games tops or something, and ended up with like 20-25 opponents, which totally turned us off = idle. You might say that "Well, 2on2 games are much shorter than 4on4 games!" but then i say that the 4on4 games are already hard to get played. Even getting those 20 opposing teams to play would be difficult when you're only allowed to have two players/team, not even one sub!

And with all this whine some of you might say "Stfu, you know it ain't easy to run a league, just play the few games you can and have time for instead of whining" and yeah, it is hard work running a league/tournament. What i'm saying though is that the league, and its players, could have benefited from:

* Smaller divisions
* Being allowed to have more than two players/team
* If you skipped the league structure and made it a Smackdown style tournament with group games (like 4-5-6 teams/group) and then a playoff. (Maybe this wasn't possible though due to website restrictions? Still a playoff without group stages would've been sufficient.)

I appreciate the effort being made though and i hope you will run more tournaments in the future, especially 2on2 tournaments as that's a bit of a forgotten game mode tournament wise. I just wish for more thought behind the decisions on the structure of the tournaments. I rather have a tournament with less games for all teams, and all of those games played, than 20 games/team with 20% ending up played.

Quality > Quantity.
2007-05-04, 19:02
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Feb 2007
O.K. guys, I have read your posts. Two times. I say yes, we made some mistakes, but still don't forget - it's very first season. Mistakes are the best teacher, and we learned a lot. For example, about the players. There was no inactivity due too much matches they should play. Most of inactive teams were inactive since the season's start. Great. Second, i would say the most important factor is, that there is a lot of running leagues at the same time. EQL, NQR, and noone wants to play something like the boooring 2on2 league... Because of these things, we were forced to do big deletions, you know. Almost 1/3 of every one division gone. Sad, but what made us really unhappy is the fact that deletions weren't as effective as we expected...

Yes, your opinions are right and your ideas great, we appreciate it. Now we know how to do things, we are much more experienced than in the beginning, and I am sure you understand it. I hope that NNQL's second season will be 100% success.

As you could noticed, we changed season's timeplan. I hope you like it, and we will try to provide great (semi)finals weekend for you.

Thank you for your feedback.
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