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European Quake League
2007-03-10, 14:12
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Jan 2006
Slackers have created Slackers2 with a bunch of div2 players..


Time to ask the creators of SR2 a few question

Hi and welcome to introduce yourself with 5 words.

ParadokS / murdoc: Kiss my shiny metal ass!

Why have you created a new team under the SR tag?

ParadokS / murdoc: The decline of skill level in the highest division of quakeworld and the retirement of many big players, made me wonder if there was something I could do about it. We had discussed earlier if we should start a sort of quakeschool. We were debating wether to take the same path as suddendeath and train brand new players, or scout for div2'ish players with potential of becoming solid div1 players. We decided on the latter based on various reasons. One, I probably don't have the patience to wait a year or so untill they gain the skill level I can tolerate to look at or play with. Second, if we helped promising players get better, we would get more players to division 1 and at the same time create more activity. That said you have noticed we are signed for division 2 of the coming EQL. We are just starting softly to checkout the players and how this project will evolve. If things go as planned they should be joining any coming tournaments in the highest division possible.

How did you find the players and were there others in your list?

ParadokS / murdoc: Basicaly just keeping a lookout for who's making the most noise. Who's making good results with their teams and during mix games. Then we approach them and find out a bit more of who they are and if they have what it takes to join our project.
We had more players on the list but I won't reveal who it was.

We are aware of some of the effects this project may have. Taking good players, in most cases the top players of the respective teams can have a negative impact. But that's pretty much impossible to avoid when doing a project like this.

Krab has left SR1 and is now with SR2, what happened?

ParadokS / murdoc: I want to keep a core team of no more than 5 players and he isn't included in that, neither is XalibuR or javve for that matter. So by joining SR2 he now gets alot more official games played, plus his time in slackers has hopefully grown on him and it will rub off on some of the SR2 players. We are still one big family He will continue to prac with us.

Mixing a pole, swe, Hungarian and a dutch can only result in catastrophe, how will u prevent this?

Unless your clan is based on real life, friends or neighbourghs I don't see a reason to limit yourself to one country. The internet is about breaking down borders and the level of english skills in most of europe is at a level that makes communication a breeze. Also it's fun to mix it up. Different personalities and points of view. I didn't have a problem with it when I was in slackers playing as a lonesome dane amoung both swedes and finns and my experience with dutchmen, polacks and swedes in our current team has been great.

Lets check out SR2

Tell us a bit about yourselves but don't make me sleepy!

cpe: Hi, my name is Marcin Zielinski. I'm 25 years old and I come from Toruñ, Poland.
Recently (on December 1, 2006) I moved to Utrecht, The Netherlands, where I'm doing
my PhD in Applied Theoretical Chemistry :| ~50/10mbit connection rocks
(26ms in sweden - sweeeeeet).

mja: 24 year old Dutch killing machine, been playing qw since ’97 but not very active last years due to work/school

Was it hard to leave your old clan?

mja: Yes, I made Holland vanish in water again due to the tears I cried leaving uqe.

cpe: Well, I spend around 6 months in Easy To Kill
(comparing to 2 years in Death Dealers), I knew the guys for a loooong time, before
joining them, they are really great, and They did me a favor, by adding me to the EQL4 roster
- so I guess that leaves us with YES - it was kinda hard to leave them. But watta hell, I couldn't
miss that opportunity !

Now that you have got a chance to use the ]sr[ tag for few days, have you noticed any changes in ammount of lucky spawns and even maybe lack of bad spawns? how does the ktx code serve you? (thnx fix)

cpe: I couldn't notice any change in my case YET, but ZERO is lucky boy for SURE. Always bore somewhere,
and got a spawn just next to that pack, or got spawn next to rl and that kind of stuff

mja: IF I noticed? When there is an nmi rl I just type ‘kill’ and I telefrag him wherever he is.

Tell me some of the new things you have learned these few days you have been in sr!

mja: Learned that para has quite a sexy voice, learned that mm3 does work, learned that it’d better not to jump in lava while having quad cuz they’l otherwise make movies of that, learned that ]sr[ is a fukin nice clan 2 play for.

cpe: There's just simply to many things I heard recently, but I can tell You - Para and Smurrie are doing great
job, and they REALLY care about this project. I really appreciate that.

What is the secret of pre-game ping talk?

mja: Never had any!

cpe: I don't have kurwa ping anymore, so I don't have any reason to whine, ask ZERO? :<

What do you want to achieve with this project?

mja: Loel! Getting a new div0 team??

cpe: Have some fun by playing with ppl who understand you and have the same goals, and don't waste your time,
and - I HOPE - become div1 someday?? :<<<<<

Any shoutouts?

cpe: Kurwa trickery wins always.
Thanks to Slackers for their support, and to most of polish players.

mja: My new Dragon & M3rdock SR POWER poster is almost as sexy as my previous Flepser & Nielz Dm6 GODS poster.
2007-03-12, 23:34
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Feb 2007
Tribute to Traitors :E
2007-03-16, 02:34
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Jan 2006
Eql without jugs (zero) and 3tk (cpe). Traitors ftw
2007-03-18, 14:18
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Mar 2006
zzz nice nice shit
2007-04-27, 12:48
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Feb 2006
para and mur said exactly the same thing at exactly the same time, every time, their minds must be interlinked!
2007-04-27, 13:09
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May 2006
paradoc and murdoks
---Where can you see lions? Only in kenya! Come to kenya we've got lions.
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