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Interviews  /  12 Mar 2008, 16:03
Isto goes uncensored
Got hold of a relatively unknown finnish quaker called Isto, he is often playing 4on4 at wargamez and had some time for a quick briefing about ashols.

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Hi isto and welcome to my lovely blog, what do you think of me, am I the cancer of QW or is eizid the cancer?
isto wrote:
hello. fuck your blog. naah i think your the pretty boy of the qw community (I have seen your picture at hikipäiden sivusto). If I remember it right, you helped me with some configuration when i started playing in the year of paradoks, so i like you and would like to fuck you. eizid? i dont know any oispa eizid.

What do you think of changing QW into airstep (you can jump on stairs) and more balanced armor/weapons? (its molgrum who likes it)
isto wrote:
Sometimes I would like to remove shaft from the game because i have anzamainen 14% lg but i think the balance is good as it is. With the balance like this you have to drink lots of coca-cola to get a shaft like jukka. im one of the best ladder players in qw. molgrum would do anything to get a lick of scenics penis.

What players do you consider as ashols and why?
isto wrote:
There are 3-5 guys but 2 guys are on top of them all. Zero the biggest cola drinker of them all.
its the usual shit if you are playing in the same team as him and take an armor by mistake, after 0.1s you have the first "ISTO ARE YOU RETARTED?" ( yes i am. and I dont have any hands so he should pity me).
PERICLES the guy who probably works in Switzerland at a chocolate factory. He always makes teams that fits him (and give him the advantage) and talks same kind of shit like mr cola.
hmm i think its boy cola though, maybe they are changing some information about coca-cola and chocolate with themselves. ps Essoid keep up the good work and dont say anything to me.

Who is the biggest cocksucker in the .fi QW community and why?
isto wrote:
Same answer as before cola and chocolate. They should make their own asshole factory and put a label for their products: real hikipää food and drink.

(btw hikipää means sweathead, put that somewhere so all the Swedish fags can understand it...)

Volvo or saab
isto wrote:
both are fag cars but if I have to pick one of them i would pick wallander saab aero.

Milton or Scenic?
isto wrote:
they always like to play in my team, under my "wings" but I know for sure that scenic drinks alot of sugared drinks so i would pick him and he playes in the same team as JUKKA.

Who should I interview next?
isto wrote:
boris "drunken" jeltsins just interviewed master of porn nabbe so i think the next victim should be my mentor and dad, the best player in qw, JUKKA!

What would you like to say to the ASHOLS out there?
isto wrote:
The most important thing in howto improve your game is diet. I noticed real improvement in my game when I stopped eating healthy and started to consume sugar. I even bought a mini fridge near my computer to keep all my fat shit cold and fresh. SUGAR + UNHEALTHY is the name of the game! JUKKA JUKKA!
2008-03-12, 16:12
oispa isto
2008-03-12, 16:16
isto on kyllä komea mies
2008-03-12, 16:51
Yön timo älä tsippaa
2008-03-12, 19:04
2008-03-12, 23:37
So where's the joke!?
2008-03-14, 14:19
I have a mini fridge too but it's full of beer :>
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