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NQR  /  12 Feb 2008, 01:15
Some teams are inbetween gold/silver and wanted to be in silver instead. I just want to play and since my team think sthe nqr-system is 404 error we have dropped out of NQR and are willing to start a "not.nqr11.silver" tourney for those clans who were in the second silver draft that the nqr-admins made.
Clans that can join:

Dies Ater
No Pasaran!
Apocalypse 2000
Bad Boys
Bear Beer Balalaika
Demolition Crew
Fraggers United
Mean Machine
sega gubbar

Would be our own little tourney and might put some pressure on the admins to do what my team wants

What do you guys think?

Its not hard to make a schedule fast and just play it in 8 weeks and follow the NQR rules and schedule

ps, this is just love, nothing against the admins "ni är ju som(a) "ni är""
2008-02-12, 01:21
ps2. we want a 4 "div" system with iron as it was
2008-02-12, 01:32
You will not get any 4 tiers, the groups are already made and final. Have fun with the tourney sassa.
2008-02-12, 01:49
hoooookaaaaay :/
2008-02-12, 02:12
2008-02-12, 02:12
viva la revolution!

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2008-02-12, 07:39
What's the reason? Just to grant Jokkmokk's (and, maybe, Antiquad (not sure about their thoughts)) wish to avoid rapes in Gold Cup? Others teams are already placed in NQR's Silver Cup.
2008-02-12, 07:41
2008-02-12, 08:05
Well actually DA, Malice, No Pasaren and Antiquad are in Gold :G
2008-02-12, 08:08
You are in the gold tier at whining
2008-02-12, 08:17
When teams are split into tiers, there will always be some teams at the bottom of the list... Changing groups from 3 to 4 will just change which teams these are.
2008-02-12, 08:40
Why this whine about getting raped by a few clans in one division, but it's 100% okay to be moved down and rape most of the teams in that division?
2008-02-12, 09:40
Whine division, 1, 2, 3!
2008-02-12, 10:47
Fog, haha thats so true
2008-02-12, 12:10
somehow I forgot SD on that list
2008-02-12, 12:11
2008-02-12, 12:12
it would be a honor to be raped in div1
2008-02-12, 13:49
2008-02-12, 14:59
2008-02-12, 15:08
this is just pathetic..
2008-02-12, 15:52
Whats this sassa? I thought you had no time for QW stuff and now you are setting up and alternative league :-D
2008-02-12, 16:15
playing in sassa's league is like eql all over again
2008-02-12, 16:24
Nej, tack!
2008-02-12, 16:45
22 comments, yet none of them explaining why this should be a bad idea...
2008-02-12, 16:48
@ #23

2008-02-12, 16:52
It's true that the dedication of EQL admins never was comparable to the quality NQR always showed. But in the end it's the decision of the clans if they join or not. And div2 clans should know the scene and especially sassa well to judge if they want to "take the risc".
2008-02-12, 17:07
I posted a thread on forum before NQR was finalized looking for feedback on how the leagues could be improved and for input as to why people feel there was so much inactivity. Very few people from the Silver/Gold clans bothered to made any suggestions on a topic that now affects them. Yet when the NQR Admins are put in an lose lose situation, everyone starts whining. Setting up a breakaway league in a small community such as this, is not really helpful and only serves to undermine the good work of the NQR Admins who are doing their best.

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2008-02-12, 17:39
Johnny: Since he brought up the idea it's up to him to prove that his idea is good. However, I cannot see that either. Personally I just think it is all about "[...] put[ing] some pressure on the admins to do what [his] team wants "

One reason why it is hard for the admins to build divisions everyone (or rather most) would be happy with is because there aren't enough clans to build fair and evenly distributed divisions which are also big enough for a season to last. Dropping out of a league and trying to build your own tournament does not contribute to fairer leagues.
2008-02-12, 20:44
the rest of jmk prefer if you keep us out of this tough, even if we are whiney about the nqr issue this is sassas personal believes.

However we do think that nqr admins has been ignorant and frankly quiet nooby this season.
2008-02-12, 20:58
Nice sassa. Best idea ever.
Suddendeath is in
2008-02-12, 23:35
Imo it is super lame to say that admins are nooby. They have done really good job. Jokmokk is just acting chidish by droping out of the league, coz they would have been raped in 4-5 matches? so what! they would have had 4-5 tight games also.

Most lollest thing was Zaq saying #nqr that jokkmok havent played 4on4 for 2years.... HAhahahah bullshit, jokmokk played in last nqr and it was under a year ago...

Well maybe it is more fun to whine here and nqr site than play...
2008-02-13, 00:13
two clans right now:
2008-02-13, 00:20
Nice.... Divide the community.
2008-02-13, 07:08
best of 9 eller sassa?
2008-02-13, 08:13
thats your opinion 187. ours is that they havent done a good job. an opinion is not a fact.
and jmk with that lineup (ted and sassa and lilld) hasnt existed in about 4 years or so to be correct.
2008-02-13, 10:57
well seems like ted, lilld and you all played in last nqr... so sassa is like the only one who hasnt played with u guys in a while. Are you saying that everytime when team recruits a former div1 player they teamplay gets one div lower? must be one of the stupidest things that i have ever heard... good luck in idiotsassaleague.
2008-02-13, 12:37
go ahead, go play your 2clan league. might as well get 2clan servers as well because the others just have too many lame ppl
2008-02-13, 12:38
seems sassa can do as much good as harm. so much hate... personally and after the recent sad news, i think this subject is of very bad tone and reflects the human stupidity.
my advice is: relax and play. be grateful of whatever you got.
one word of appreciation towards admins in general: thanks for your time and good will.

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2008-02-13, 12:50
so how about medium and sigz? when did they play with us?
2008-02-13, 13:13
does it matter when they have played last time?? Shouldnt team been judged acording the best lineup??? isnt it stupid to judge team by worst lineup? if random div5ers would join tvs could they play in div3? dont think so.
2008-02-13, 15:05
mushi, I think you have been missinformed, I wanna play regardless div!
Dont be like murdoc, get your facts correct... more clans wanna join?
2008-02-13, 15:47
Regardless of whether or not the NQR admins made mistakes, it's simply ironic that you see yourselves in the roles of being victims of anything. Although I stand by our decisions, it is undeniable that we have done mistakes in the past and will continue to do mistakes in the future - like any other human being. However, with a total of 377 players signed up to NQR11, it is impossible to please every single one of them. Now you happen to be one of the 20 players that were disappointed with the decisions being made, boo fucking hoo; Get over it please.
Besides, when the first draft of groups was released the reactions we got from (some of) the Jokkmokk players were among the most childish I have seen in my 5+ years of QuakeWorld. "Retard admins", "faggots", "idiots", "div4 admins", "Mini-hitler", blah blah blah. What are you? 12? And what kind of reaction or positive change do you expect from that?
Given your behaviour, I'm starting to be surprised about the fact that you were clever enough to feed yourself thus far and didn't succumb to something like scurvy yet. And yes, please have your "not.nqr11.siver" tourney and contribute to the self-destruction of your reputation.
2008-02-13, 19:19
Actually Soma, i think this will probably enhance Sassa's reputation (if it improves it is a different matter though). What this also does is however contribute to the destruction of the QW scene, albeit in a miniscule way since only JMK + SD seems to be interested (what were odds of that?).
2008-02-13, 23:31
This is made my night.
2008-02-14, 00:26
what lib said
2008-02-14, 07:49
fleps in apoc2000?
2008-02-14, 17:36
Well sassa has been on self-destruct for quite some time now, supplying us with comments of increasing stupidity so I am not surprised. My initial "whoa - this guy is nuts" feeling was quickly replaced with laughter though, because lets face it - this guy is hilarious!
2008-02-15, 01:40
2008-02-15, 11:08
*sigh* good old smackdown *sigh*
2008-02-15, 18:32
this is madness.
2008-02-15, 20:52

Sparta bears many resemblances towards Quakeworld. Once, it was merely a fortified empire of old, hungover slaves who were too blasted to even play their own game in the greek forests. Fifty years later, nothing have happened but a shitload of beer, although the best fucking beer in the world, it has nothing to offer compared to the eleven years old -96 brand by the name of QBREW. SMELL IT! TASTE IT! IT IS OF A LOVELY BREW!

The best thing you could do to get rid of the madness is to actually adopt it and bury it within its own jar. A jar that is so full of shit, that the madness actually what-the-fucks itself and gets so drunk that it feels it has no place in the world. Why is the madness here? Because of twisted minds. Why is the madness allowed to be here? Because of twisted minds. Why don't we do something about the madness? Because of twisted minds.

What's the cure to twisted minds, you ask. Well, it's not the 101 pills that the government supply you, that will do no good. Instead it's rock'n'roll - the golden R, N and R of life. Get enough rock'n'roll and you will endure anything, even crazy ideas like this one. Inhale some of the rock'n'roll and distance will sweep your mind, and you will see clearly again. Embrace the rock'n'roll and you will feel enlightened and as if you had consumed less-fat-cheese for a whole lifetime.

Rock'n'roll is life.
2008-02-16, 17:45
what åke said
2008-02-18, 12:10
It's a fact that you can't please everyone in a bigger community, doesn't matter how hard you try. The other fact is that you will always hear something from the 10% that you didn't please and you even take them serious, because you hear nothing from the other 90% who rest in pleased delirium.
Make those 90% stand up and tell that everything is alright and your pestering 10% will vanish. They might even show their forgotten ability to adopt.

Great job NQR Admins. Thanks for investing your time to move something!
2008-02-27, 10:53
"somehow I forgot SD on that list"
They just beat SR last night on NQR11.
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