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Commentary  /  22 Nov 2007, 15:36
whoops i forgot
"I thought he was doing it"
bit of a rant but here goes...

Whats with the total lack of eql commentary/news and updates?? Daily I log onto and in the hope some-one has done some sort of update in relation to the league and how its shaping up but nadda.. Its a crying shame that div5 and rookies div is the only two divisions with any sort of update and that was from two irish eejits....

Theres a huge effort from the lads developing ezquake, eztv, maps and mods and they keep us up to date with everything there working on and in terms of the scene itself its got alot more activity recently with all the hard work put in over the summer recruiting new players and rookie leagues... In general we have a very active, friendly and helpfull bunch of people. All we need now is for a couple of players to take abit of time and do a blog entry or whatever...

The highlight so far has been an interview with millton... which was great but eql6 has been up and running for 3 months now and the last colum update on was 2007-09-11. I'll do another update for div5 but theres only so much you can say about drops rls and a flashy quad bore ahem

over and out

2007-11-22, 21:01
Speaking for myself i can say that even if division 1 of European Quake League looked better than in a long time, with the Viper Squad and Fragomatic back for example, i have totally lost interest in the league. I'm not sure why though, is it because the hype isn't there - we aren't told that we *should* care? Or is it because the division 1 (and division 2) clans are pretty idle? Some clans are more active than others, but the top clan prac ratio is quite low i think, or maybe i'm just a bit too out of the loop at the moment.

When it comes to league coverage, hasn't been good in a loooong time in my opinion though, so i'm not surprised.

I feel that i could contribute with a few previews here and there too, but it feels kind of pointless to post a prediction of a league when all it comes down to is whether a certain clan will stay active for a whole season or not...
2007-11-23, 14:35
I want dates with live commentary by the master Xerial and mvdtv stream (or what the name is now).
2007-11-24, 17:11
Well said Johnie. Its all well and good for people to knock but there is not much activity at the moment.
2007-11-29, 17:41
i should complain more often 1042 views! and it has noting to do with me hitting refresh all day!
2007-12-05, 07:41
johnie is home from work hitting refresh all day.. haha so thats why he doesnt play quake all the time.. now we know =)
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