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Clans  /  4 Nov 2007, 23:46
milton: Jag bluffar inte
I ran into a news article in expressen and yes, they got hold of [tvs]Milton before their game vs Slackers.

link to the article in expressen

Im translating the article:
expressen wrote:
– Vad skulle jag tjäna på att gå ut i media och säga att jag köpt AIK-aktier – om det inte är sant? Det vore ju så otroligt korkat, säger Berth Milton.

They have said they will own us but I will say like I have always said in SSC, "Just give me the quad and Ill win the game for us" but the big egos in our team wont let me.

expressen wrote:
– Ja, det gör vi. Jag upp-skattar att vi sitter på mellan fem och tio procent av aktierna i AIK. Men på grund av sekretessen så kan jag inte bekräfta för dig vem eller vilka som äger de aktierna. Sånt kan vi inte kommentera.

Yes we will own slackers on dm2 and its so funny that they are talking about inactivity just to have a comfortable excuse to come up with when we win vs them, but no-comments if you will publish it

Will tvs win vs the famous slackers?

I know some1 who has made a new mod in qw that will predict the future results on the teams based on the nicks so we dont even need to play qw anymore, his name is molgrum.
A new article with molgrum will come up later this week.

Other news:
123 has went 0-4 vs me on dm6 zzz
Im still the undisputed endif champ
Inter said no today to play pov vs me and his excuse was "ping 12 is not enough"
ohh, soma is from belgium and not Germany
Quakosh is back so \o/ to you all

(ps. zalon where are the articles?? qwdrama is leading)
2007-11-04, 23:50
i hear this is an epic fail. didn't even bother to read it all
2007-11-04, 23:50
oh, and first, yadayada
2007-11-04, 23:52
sassa has paid me 400 dollars to get some quotes for his article, really desperate guy this is!
2007-11-05, 16:20
2007-11-05, 16:27
2007-11-21, 09:48
2007-12-30, 00:29
jesus, such a boring fail
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