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IRL  /  23 Oct 2007, 12:39
Let me introduce... deurk
First post in the blog... Hmmm, I guess I shouldn't start flame wars or throwing out opinions on stuff done in the qw scene yet

So I'll just briefly introduce myself, since some of you might now my name after I took MVDSV and KTX project leading under my wings.
Hi, first of all I am french! Yes, people hate french, they have no humor and are cocky pedant unfriendly bastards... for the majority of those shown abroad. You see, we protect the nicest ones from other people's view to make sure they won't try to steal them from us. So, I am french, which is a burden to wear, but I hide my poor respect of people under a lot of smileys in every sentences I make. (I recall one of the first comment Renzo made on me: "I don't like you you are too friendly" because of that).

So the french guy has been at the perimeter of the scene for quite some time since I started to play Quake something like 11 years ago when a friend of mine opened an online gaming cafe (or whatever you name the shop where you can play online with your friends on PCs). Never been really good at playing and never got into the scene itself for about a decade, but always LOVED the game (I guess the same old physics/pace aspect).

Recently I started to look closer to the projects still active around qw and got really hooked back by ezQuake (kudos to Johnny_CZ and his team) and stomped on both MVDSV and KTX. Don't ask me why but in a few days, I tried to get in touch with the actual project leaders to get their consent on giving a hand with the projects (I suddenly remember trying to get the Scourge of Armageddon grapple hook into KTX like 2-3 years ago... I forgot about that), because I felt like those projects had great potential but were starting to lack some... impulse. VVD and qqshka where nice enough to let me take some lead and since then I've been trying (at the rythm I can) to improve things (code-wise, doc-wise, promo-wise and such) to get people to know the projects better, give more feedback, use it widely... In a word pushing the projects.

Since I started that I have been more into the living core of the scene and met some nice people from various nationality and I can say I'm damn happy about it. I'll probably give credits to some people in my next entries but I feel it is still early for that.

To finish on this little introduction, I live in Paris (France), am married to a californian woman, got 2 cute kids (a 4+ months boy and a 3+ years girl) and am a bit over 30 years old myself. And I still suck at playing, I suck at tricking, I suck at coding, I suck at a lot of things but I'll keep trying to improve and to move things forward (ezQuake knows I have ideas ).

That should be enough for the first post!
2007-10-23, 13:42
you know why I smoke?
Because Im French
Look a kid, here smoke, because your French
© Robin Williams

hehe.. good first entry!
2007-10-23, 16:28
Il était temps!
2007-10-23, 16:28
Temps de quoi pattah?
2007-10-23, 17:15
Allons enfants de la Patrie / Le jour de gloire est arrivé !

best anthem ever!
2007-10-23, 17:17
Au secours! Au secours!

Tasukete tasukete baka hime kawaii !!
2007-10-23, 21:22
hi deurk
2007-10-23, 22:09
never heard of you
2007-10-24, 14:51
Pour le blog!
2007-10-24, 23:00
Good entry Deurk. Keep up the good work for the community.
Lets see some more entries. Must do one myself
2007-10-24, 23:20
yo! keep it up
2007-10-25, 09:42
tres bien

ecrivez plus s'il vous plait
2007-10-26, 17:30
Good to have you around deurk
2007-10-26, 20:36
French are cool, I met a French dude who claimed that half of the human population should die because they are stupid... I couldn't stop smiling for a week , that's just brilliant!
2008-02-03, 20:58
half of the French should die for not being able to learn any language.
2008-04-26, 12:10
Eh, at least I'm not alone onto the Quake scene... Bal and Here are french as well, so we are 4... and if you don't like cheese: you suck !
2008-04-26, 12:16
Oh, I forgot Primevil... e are 5 and why do not I have a french flag as you ??? Maybe I missed to set it... though...
2008-04-29, 18:18
OK, found the stuff.... coool
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