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Misc  /  7 Oct 2007, 12:55
evil vs good?
which one of the two teams will take it home tonight?
I wont even mention the teams, I just hope that you all reading this already know what game I'm implying to.
I heard that the game will start 21:00 and it is the most enjoyable game of the season, before playoffs.
The marklar-gang is always into idle until the Playoffs start OR to play against davids-gang.
The question now is, who will win?

We have seen Marklar guys being more inactive than ever before and that scares them now that division1 is so damn active.
David followed up by the giant-ashol-from-holland, mr.kurwa himself and "I love to sneak with GL up to RA top".
David has went up a few levels since the last eql and mr.kurwa have went the other way.
If david can do his tricks and not die during a Quad run on dm2 they might be able to win that map, david is their bad link on dm2.
Dm3, you have probably mr.kurwa that needs to shape his aim up a bit.
E1m2, they are pretty much equal the whole team with david able to do great q runs.

Marklars-gang wont have their swedish gang-member with them tonight so they will be stuck with some oldschoolers instead, ville and marklar cant do this by them self and will get crushed in two straight maps, I will bid for dm3 and e1m2.

see u guys at 21:00 cet and remember dont bet on goldrush, I read that in the bible, u will end up in hell!!!

so who do you guys think will win? evil or good ?
AShol's or flying doves ?

I think evil will win, and be sure that we will have a really nice drama section tonight, Im already looking forward of admining this game, remember davids clan already got a warning, one more and they are out!
2007-10-07, 13:34
Mr. grown-up neutrality himself...
Looking forward to see the match.
2007-10-07, 15:56
why not betting on goldrush?
2007-10-07, 15:58
Lol sassa ditt mongo! hahahaha
2007-10-07, 16:22
damnit, forgot about you javve
2007-10-07, 16:49
mipa: you can bet over at Goldrush, there are 52 bets so far.
2007-10-07, 18:03
will we get eztv & nice commentary?
2007-10-07, 18:06
dont think u will get eztv and therefor I will not commentate!
You should ask goqsane to do it
2007-10-07, 18:17
"mipa: you can bet over at Goldrush, there are 52 bets so far"

umm yes but i was asking about this "and remember dont bet on goldrush", why is sassa boycoting goldrush (or qwdrama and subdirectories?)
2007-10-07, 21:10
sassa is just trying to fuck things up, it's his new way of having fun. this blog sucks.
2007-10-07, 21:27
this is a promotion for the game that was played!
since the sites are so fucking lazy of putting news online for games like this I had to fuzz something up and add all the drama to remind ppl of the importance of the game..
2007-10-07, 21:27
but clearly some ppl didnt understand that!
2007-10-07, 21:35
yeah, you had to tell people not to bet on goldrush to remind them of the importance of the game. that sounds about right.
2007-10-07, 21:39
You cannot combine what you call "news" and that ... sassa's kind of .. personal humour or what is it you are showing us on your blog.
2007-10-07, 22:21
oh the drama!
2007-10-08, 23:53
Goqsane would do a better job commentating the game than you ever have...
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