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EQL  /  29 Sep 2007, 17:41
eql division5 contenders
So who's going to take the crown?? steal the glory and frag like no other team can frag in div5 then???
On quick glance you'd have to say Allans Vittnen have improved the most since their last outing in eql5, them seem to have a great understanding amoung the team and with ncr leading the way you'd have to agree by january they should be in with a shout.

Zundbyberg aZZ KickerZ, who are they then you might ask, well their all from sweden so that has to count for something?? hasnt it??

the league is really only starting to take shape but id keep an eye on Kuve, ill do a follow up to this when ive had a chance to secretly spec the rest of the teams

oh yeh I've written off Morituri straight away, simple because their in the wrong division! rookie would have suited their tactics down to the ground, quad every minute lads yeh??

over and out.


+forward altho individually strong players they maybe need a bit more practice as a team, which will obliviously come from playing more games, and getting used to each others style of play. This season will give them the experience to mount a much stronger challenge in the next eql/nqr.

Limbs Away
Limbs away are another new team that have gotten off to a good start, other than a defeat to table topper hopefuls mor, i can see then challenging in most games as all their members seem quite active. The test will come when they face the likes of av. star player will be marshall.

In-a blaze.
Finnish clan in a blaze have the experience to challenge for a good finish in div5 and hopefully they will get around to playing most of their games. Star players quinn/rage

Vitun Kova Bosse
Another group of Finnish hopefuls, tbh i dont know much about this clan but they have already beaten one of my favorites (av) 2-0 in two close games, so if that's not making a strong statement i don't know what will!

Zie german clan haedsmasherz are another new entry to eql with a couple of map wins under their belt they seem to be finding their feet at the moment. Id keep an eye on them cause they can only get better. Star player flash

Respawn Addicts
Austrian clan respawn addicts are an old hand in eql and should do quite well. With experienced players and Defcon5 leading the way they should have a few good wins along the way.Star player Defcon5

Dreadful offensive Squirr
Not sure about polish clan DoS.. but goqsane??? div5???

Again lolbarn are an unknow to me but they had wanted to be entered in rookie div so maybe div5 will be a test for them. Only time will tell.

The Dojo
American entry the dojo are newish clan but have active members so if there connections hold up and they get their games played we could be in for a surprise here. Star player cyan.

No Comment
Another polish entry, no comment have already hit the healines this year after only one game! They had requested rookie div but id say they are strong enough for div5 and if they can over come all the bad press and get some games played they should do ok.

Ace of Spades
Swedish hopefull ace of spades look better placed in div5 than there requested div4 allocation .After a few games these guys could surprise a few people. Their new to qw tdm but not to qw. Star player max_rebo

Drastic Collision
Czech allstars Drastic Collision haven't had the best of starts but in saying that they have played two of the strongest teams so it should be easier from here on out for Drastic Collision. Star player cuky/johnny_cz

As the league progresses ill do some more updates. I'll have a much better insight into to the teams as more demos become available and can spec a few games. Hopefully this year will be much more active and we can get alot of gg's played. Best of luck to everyone.

over and out
2007-09-30, 20:52
when are you guys going to play and prove you dont deserve to wind up in div50 next season? =) seems like you have players enough to get some games going...

when irish eyes are crying *singing* hehe
2007-10-01, 10:48
Haha, but how do you know when 1 minute is passed ! ? ! ?

Heja Div5, most active in EQL!
2007-10-01, 13:22
wheres limbs away in this post?!!!:@
2007-10-01, 16:47
blown away
2007-10-07, 17:16
2007-10-07, 22:31
nice1 johnie!!
2007-10-08, 12:57
limbsaway: star player marshall, PLZ :E
2007-10-08, 13:06
Always nice with previews!
2007-10-08, 14:16
nice nice nice =)
2007-10-09, 15:59
No review of NaFianna

NaFianna. New Irish clan on the scene for EQL 5
This bunch of lads are improving nicely and are the dark horses of the group. Game to watch will be the much improved AV against the NaFianna which will tell the men from the boys. Star player Jonnie.
2007-10-09, 16:08
2007-10-09, 23:06
Gwan the lads
2007-10-10, 12:40
if i get a inet connection soon we, read, will rule div5 !!

btw. nice preview
2007-10-10, 18:02
2007-10-10, 19:46
I feel so good right now
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