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Misc  /  29 Sep 2007, 11:26
Some people are shit
Was a along time ago since I wrote here and due to me leaving I have seen drastic changes and I wanna talk about what is going on right now in the world of QW, at least in Europe.
I got some anger in me, yes some fuckwards are just not getting it.

1) Those ASHOL's that kick out highpingers/rookies out of 4on4 games just because they are not qualified to play
2) Saving screenshots of me trash talking
3) Bitches that talk and talk but actually dont do anything themselves
4) People who dont play shouldnt have a big impact on the scene.
5) EZTV is becoming the real shit, can we please kill qizmo now?

Lets start with some ASHOL's.
1) Since Im an EQL admin and got semi-admin status on some servers I get some complaints from various players about how some people act on the 2on2/4on4 servers.
Its about common sense, letting everyone play, play for fun, losing is a part of the game in mix/practice 2on2/4on4 games etc...
but nooo, some people are just eager to win all the games regardless if its with your clan or not, I can understand how some ppl are with their clans, that they wanna have it intact and if they need a standin, a requered level has to be reached within the standin-player.
But something has happened or am I just new to this ASHOLinism?
I will name one person that I have seen LIVE, doing this, sure there are more that I have heard of but I havent seen them in action.
lacsap from fragomatics is one of the followers of ASHOLinism.
Kicking out a highpinging EQL-american just because he had 130 ping and low skill-level.
What if this guys was a rookie? He would be so sad because he got 10 frags in the first 4on4 mix game and then that a top-fragger wanna kick him and threat him to do so if he doesnt leave the server.
Pascal (xterm lacsap or what ever the fucking ASHOL is called) said directly to the player: Leave or I will kick you, you suck so hard
and then he started an election to become and admin so he could kick the player out. I am admin of both EQL and some servers around and if I see this ASHOLinism from lacsap again I wont hesitate to kick him out of the servers I have access on. This might hinder him from playing EQL with his team, but those are the down-sections of being a member of ASHOLinism. Welcome to the club pascal.

2) murdoc is the clown in ASHOLinism, making screenshots from the EQL channel when I talk that I own the world with a tuch of sarcasm.

I remember when the ppl used to flame ParadokS because of nothing and came up with the Paraworld thingy just to hassle with him. Murdoc and his shit-turds are trying to do the same thing with me but not even coming close of moving me away from the positions that I have.
Lets compile those ASHOL's into one person, squeeze Murdoc, insane, purity and zero into one figure and what do you get, the lord of ASHOLinism, watch out lacsap.
To trash talk to an admin is not the way to negotiate, just ask knast, fix, mrlame, marvel, Darff and many many more people that have talked to me the last couple of weeks regarding both EQL and NNQL.
What is the difference between those people and ASHOL's?
I think that ASHOL's think they are the admins and can persuade an admin how ever they want, listen to me sonny, its a new (old) sheriff in town and his name is Sassa, LOL!
If you wanna do your own shit then create a new league with kiddo Eizid that has been stuck in div5 for the last, well how long has he played qw??
Yes, for that long in div5.
The guy basically sucks monkey balls and he is stuck in that division but yet he complains on the stuff that I do for the community?
he is saying this:
Sassa is the cancer of QW © Eizid
You sure are much better div5 player you, congratz of getting a membership card to ASHOLinism, you piece of shit.

3) This one is a classic, those ASHOL's that just talk and talk... yes we got them around and they are still around I have written to much to get into this right now, this is #1 and #2 combined. but people like that wanna do ALOT of stuff, but all they do is to sit in their irc channels and try to flame people that actually do some stuff.
Mushi, I know I have complained alot to you, and you tell me that you dont got time, but noone has time for this when ASHOL's are running around in the streets.
Your not an ASHOLinism but I think of you always when I think of ppl that just talk the talk but not walk the walk.
There are several people that are just like this and what they do is to value them self higher than the average quaker, just because they are oldschool or what not.
I can answer you right now, if you think your better than mr.svensson on the server, just because, then you got an automatically free card into ASHOLinism.
Those are the people trying to order other people that do stuff to do something different, Im not only talking about EQL but on behalf of ezQ, EZTV (LOL just remembered something) nquake and many many other projects that people have and there comes a shitty semi-ashol that wanna input how shitty this or that is without respect for the admins.
You need to have respect for the admins, if you dont got it, then start your own shit. If you dont start your own shit and just continue flaming then you have joined ASHOLinism.
about the EZTV thingy, hehe was very funny on the forum the past couple of days where j0n stated his suggestion of what we can do instead of having eztv.
We could have qizmo's connected to each servers and having admins observering them or something really ridiculous, I just laughed my ass off. (I think it was j0n, not quite sure now)

4) isnt it funny that some ppl have a huge impact of your daily dosage of QW?
Is it fair of waisting coders time on shitty stuff when they can put it on some important shit instead?
This is another traditional trademark of ASHOLinism.
Mods and other shit is often requested by ASHOL's that dont even play and the coders can waste another millennium on shit. Just look at that pro-x SHIT!
Some people spend their time on that shit but in the end we know that it will not be a hit.
We already got some great mods like Clan Arena, CTF, TF and RA.
I have a suggestions to make the Clan Arena mod a whole lot better with good "join" "observe" commands. I just hate those shitty Impulse shit-craft.
I was playing pro-x the other day, its basically the same setup as RA but new maps. The other thing is that you can have several players playing at the same time, but how will this be good when not enough people play it?
I would want (pause, time for some food, have written to much) hmz forgot what I wanted lets move on with this hatred post.

5) MQWCL is dead, fuhquake is dead, you got two clients coming up, FTE and EZQ.
I dont like the way FTE admin, bigfoot shows errors in other clients, the way he is trying to humiliate the developer of ezQ and their lack of knowledge of security is not just tearing the two clients/servers away but tearing up the community (or it will eventually).
A combination of the two master heads would be good, I dont like spike, VVD or disconnect. Yes they have done shitloads of stuff but I somehow feel the lack of making bugs go away from these ppl.
Lets start with Spike
The master mind behind FTE cleint and server is somehow a guy that you never can get intuch with, we were trying to use his QTV but without him having time/energy or what ever the fuck it was that he had that prevented him from updating the mod that he had created. QQ came to the rescue and did a massive update and is still doing it!
VVD, he is the one that BROKE "cmd dl ." and has until this day not fixed it. I have bugged him for a long time but im done with it, you need to fix it and thats final.
Disconnect, forgot what was wrong with you but there was something, can some1 clear it up for me and bring me some disconnect hate? damn it, cant find any!

Lets go to fresh faces:
The French fuck that smokes, and do you know why he smokes?
because he is French. I present you Deurk.

This guy came from nowhere and took over mvdsv and KTX project.
I love him already, a strong leader with his mind set on stuff.'s lemmings cant touch him since he knows some are already ASHOL's.
Made a great progress on KTX and MVDSV and will do alot more features in the coming months. You guys will see something totally different on the server section.

okey, lets round this up now!
What Im bad at
1, spelling
2, grammar
3, being an ASHOL

now start the flaming

Now that got banners they need to have a consistency's of returning viewers, but how will they do that without up2date news? EQL has been running for 2 weeks now and NNQL for 1 week and we still dont have any predictions. QWdrama might beat you to it. Now just think about banners and what the site is providing for you.

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do
When they come for you

melody and lyrics stolen and reformed from "Inner Circle - Bad Boys"
2007-09-29, 12:08
2007-09-29, 13:00
it was gg
2007-09-29, 13:00
Happy to be on the other side of the line
and LOL to your song !!
2007-09-29, 13:09
2007-09-29, 14:24
typical pascal!
2007-09-29, 14:29
2007-09-29, 14:44
i haven't read your rant yet, but everybody <3 sassa and nobody can deny it
2007-09-29, 14:57
promote that man!
2007-09-29, 15:05
sassa, can't get in touch with Spike? I've been a tester for him for quite a while now and I can always get in touch with him on either IRC or GTalk, so you really have a mysterious problem there which Spike doesn't understand either (yeah all were surprised when the ezTV branch started, as have been said 1030244 times already). He does put down alot of work on fixing the bugs i report, after I poke him enough

And so what if people have a passion for mods? Who are you to say that mods suck and DM rules? It's all about taste, I really admire Electro's work (he's made great progress in a very little time-period) and see him as a good talent for the merging of Rocket Arena and Clan Arena into one unified mod. Your beloved impulse-menus are planned to be changed to something better BTW
2007-09-29, 15:41
u guys are ASHOLS :<<<<<
2007-09-29, 16:00
lol sassa kissing deurks ass so he can get another admin account on yet another server lolzor. You have been shitacting to me for like my whole qw career, and i made one personal comment back and you go ban me from eql channel :> fkn jOkeAdmIn
2007-09-29, 16:17
molgrum wrote:
yeah all were surprised when the ezTV branch started

That thing has nothing to do with Sassa, but Qqshka and me instead so keep your mouth shut.

murdoc wrote:
lol sassa kissing deurks ass so he can get another admin account on yet another server lolzor.

You obviously know nothing of the real reasons Sassa might have behind this (perhaps the fact that Deurk IS a nice person?).
2007-09-29, 16:22
Why is he first saying you have to respect admins, then he go bashing almost every coder we have in qw thats even more lol
2007-09-29, 16:24
Who knows. Everyone hates someone, some more than others (?)
2007-09-29, 16:56

I already know that Sassa didn't start up ezTV and that it is qqshka's project, thanks for informing me about that yet again though. I'm just saying that the branch was based on Spike's "inactivity", which is what sassa implies and that is simply not true.
2007-09-29, 16:59
Good read Sassa, it's nice that you've been trashtalking me for ages and don't even have the guts to tell me why.

"There are several people that are just like this and what they do is to value them self higher than the average quaker, just because they are oldschool or what not.
I can answer you right now, if you think your better than mr.svensson on the server, just because, then you got an automatically free card into ASHOLinism."

Funny that you state Eizid being div5 for as long as you can remember and make that a reason why he can't have criticism or input on anything. The fact that he actually is in div4, in the league you admin, probably says enough about how much you care and watch the actual players and teams in it. Oh and btw, since you didn't join QW that long ago I'll tell you pascal used to play as swenzon, just a juicy detail

On eizid: "The guy basically sucks monkey balls and he is stuck in that division but yet he complains on the stuff that I do for the community?"

I think you fit into your own precious list too if you take the requirements you made up yourself, I thought the word is asshole though.

This part comes after my first quote: "Those are the people (ASHOL's) trying to order other people that do stuff to do something different, Im not only talking about EQL but on behalf of ezQ, EZTV (LOL just remembered something) nquake and many many other projects that people have and there comes a shitty semi-ashol that wanna input how shitty this or that is without respect for the admins."

It's a good point on which I agree, what made me frown though was that you give Spike, VVD, Disconnect and Bigfoot the full load in part 5 and you simply call pro-x shit. It's totally respectless, disgusting and unmotivational. Those people are trying to do something for the community, just like you. Sure they may have done things that don't turn out for the better, but we all know you have made decisions that weren't that great too. But as you pointed out yourself, that should not be a reason to trashtalk them, they and you, put in a lot of free time to contribute to this community and make something so that people can enjoy the game of quakeworld more, or just as much, as they can do now.

What you do is tell people they are ASHOL's because they don't respect worse players or whine on admins, coders or developers. In this blog you've trashed people exactly in that way. So the fact that you're active in the community gives you the right to act exactly like you say the people you name as the biggest ASHOL's of QW do, well done Sassa, well done.
2007-09-29, 18:44
molgrum wrote:
I already know that Sassa didn't start up ezTV and that it is qqshka's project, thanks for informing me about that yet again though. I'm just saying that the branch was based on Spike's "inactivity", which is what sassa implies and that is simply not true.

You weren't there so how can you know?

We provided the channel where to be for getting reports of functionality for QTV (in where there are developers from all the other major projects too) so we could have things fixed, but no, Spike didn't (obviously) want to be there. If Spike really wanted to have a good/working relationship with an active MVDSV/KTX/ezQuake developer + active tester/contributor/server guy, he would have been there more.

Again, I'm repeating myself but this info is also for those people who wonder why we are working on a different project instead of the original (FTEQTV).
2007-09-30, 02:01
Dunno what's your problem Sassa, but disconnect is one of the coolest guys around. Together with qqshka he coded everything I asked for (EZQuake).

P.S. the whole EZQuake crew rules
2007-09-30, 03:22
purity, rule #1, never negotiate with ASHOL's.

Vio; I dont fully add spike/vvd/disconnect in the section of ASHOL's, it was just my thoughts of how the coders work and what they do.
As renzo responded to molgrums whine was correct. Spike was at the time of QTV's development very inactive! Up2noogood tried to solve it bla bla bla bla, history is history, Im just forwarding my thoughts of how it was.
Couldnt really find anything to say about disconnect vio as you saw... So I guess it wasnt much trashtalking there towards him but the fact that I dont like him consist. Its just a personal view that I have towards him, yes he has done alot of good stuff for qw (so has vvd) but I still dont like him, and he knows it, nothing that Im afraid of not showing.. some ppl are shit, some ppl are ASHOL's and some ppl are the ones that I just dont like. its that simple.
and yes I am drunk right now so there might be alot of fucked up stuff that Im writing that dosnt make any sense in this post but thats the way it is, I think that the ppl that understand it just read it and laugh abit and move along, only ASHOL's try to comment my words because it will _affect_ their _status_ in the world of QW.
and yes you got a huge status purity with your column that u update 1/5 years. GOOOOD LUCK!
I dont like you because your one of the ASHOL's and you know it since a long time ago when I didnt wanted you in the priv channel where paradoks brought you and murdoc (another shithead that just doesnt get it, wanna make your own rules, make your own league).
No secrets why I dont like you, your a fine example of #3, end of story.
PLZ make something useful instead of just talking!
I rest my case, for the rest of you, read and laugh because Im doing exactly that.
2007-09-30, 09:13
2007-09-30, 10:09
No offense to Murdoc, but I would not put him on the same page as Purity concerning what ppl have done for the scene. Since I don't know when, Pur has been instrumental in chronicling qwscene / leagues etc. and has continued that work in massive hours at the quakeworld wiki with the help of (most notably) Soma. We all have our role in the scene and just because Pur doesn't organize leagues, code stuff, admin servers and even goes off and on in qw activity, he is definitely doing the scene a valubale service with only thanks and personal gratification as his prize.

I'm very aware of the fact that a lot of people simply whine and talk, but don't "do" anything. I'm one of those ppl to a certain degree. I've given some of my time to nQuake and other projects like the wiki, but I do feel that I talk / criticize a lot more, since that's what I do for work as well. If my long-time hobby / work / interest was coding, I would no doubt pitch into that aspect of qw. I might do something you don't like, but then again, it is my time and I do things for my reasons - as do you.

You are no doubt a passionate person and that is many times a great asset. Yet you bring up ParadokS now and have done so before. Dave has grown up and so have the bullies in the scene beside him, that front is now a lot cooler. I just wonder whether or not you are more like a hybrid of them all, the compassionate helper, the powerhungry egotistical madman, the bully, the bullied, the one drawing the lines and making them known very loudly. Maybe it would help you to simply accept the fact that in your position and your character, you will be respected, admired, hated, despised and that the qwscene is no different from real life: most ppl just wanna play some, some of them like to whine and talk shit, others like to give critizism, very few actually do things for the greater good and even fewer want others to tell them what to do with their hobby projects. And ashol's always recognize another ashol easily. Maybe they're a different model or year, but the make is unmistakable.

edit: for those who see this as a flame or attack on Sassa, please be sure that it's no such thing and that many of the very ppl flamed by Sassa could attest to my often quite neutral or even supportive feelings concerning Sassa's doings.

Edited by niomic on 30 Sep 07 @ 11:14CET
2007-09-30, 13:43
2007-09-30, 13:55
Bigfoot is not an admin of FTEQW; I don't like that you start writing something about someone (disconnect) and don't even finish your thought.
If I may talk for the developers - don't worry about them, they will not ever listen to anybody, they will only pick opinions that have a good reasons, and I'm glad it's that way. Yes, many people suggested teamoverlay, now some developer spend his time implementing it and it got rejected. But such riscs will always be there.
Oh BTW, change "at least in Europe" to "at least in Northern Europe", because that's how it looks
2007-09-30, 15:41
sassa wrote
"wanna make your own rules, make your own leagu"

Why do you keep giving me the same line over and over again. There was only ONE thing that i complained about and that was having Brutal in div1, that was just a joke and no it was not discussable, more then 20 ppl complained about it, YOU was the one that didn't get it, but eventually some of the admins woke up and putted them back in div2 AFTER eql was started. GG?

2007-09-30, 19:57
Is there any good clinics that can treat my ASHOLism?
Since i'm poor russian student i dont have money to pay for a treatment, but i can sell my kidney (i have them two)!
Also we can make a club of anonymous ASHOlholics and help each-other to get away from Sassa's 'A-list'
2007-09-30, 21:11
rofl =)
2007-09-30, 22:20
disconnect, it's ASHOLinism, didn't you readinism the bloginism? i lolinism @ this bloginism btwism. hate blogsinisms belongsinisms in CSismed.
2007-10-01, 01:06
"sassa, can't get in touch with Spike? I've been a tester for him for quite a while now and I can always get in touch with him on either IRC or GTalk, so you really have a mysterious problem there which Spike doesn't understand eith"

Molgrum, please. You simply have not been around long enough. I was very involved with FTE/Spike/QTV 1-2 years back, and simply _GAVE UP_ after spike DISAPPEARED and ignored most of my bug/feature requests. Have you seen my QTV Todo? Have you seen My FTE Todo? Do you know when they were made?

Don't mistake this with any blame being put on spike (I love the guy, he made some breakthroughs in quake, and we've talked a lot and he's a very levelheaded, nice guy). I later found out the reasons for his leaps of absences and ofc personal life > quake (which I and hopefully everyone understands). But you also have to understand that his absence and the lack of updates to QTV/FTE is something which occurred, which might be the cause of eztv (don't quote me on that because I don't know!)
p.s. <3 Sassa always.

I agree that assholes take away from the growth of Quake (btw not commenting on anyone he named because I don't know most of them at all, except Disconnect, who is a great guy)

Edited by Up2nOgOoD[ROCK] on 01 Oct 07 @ 02:13CET
2007-10-01, 08:02
First off, you really need to stop making false accusations and exaggerating things.

For example is:

"Pascal (xterm lacsap or what ever the fucking ASHOL is called) said directly to the player: Leave or I will kick you, you suck so hard"

greatly exaggerated. What really happened was that i said:

"player spec?" after which I started election for admin correct, but just to enforce an rpickup to get new teams.

But of course, it would have been easier if you really DID see it live which you didn't (you entered as spectator a minute after it or so).

On a side note, people would take you more seriously if you could try communicating without overcooking, swearing etc. Also using correct and clearer sentences would further help people understand what you are trying to say (but that's not a new thing, really).

Other than that, it's drama worthy and attracts more readers for sure. Keep it up!

/Pascal (xterm lacsap or what ever the fucking ASHOL is called)
2007-10-01, 10:41
Hey Sassa, I think the problem here is that you're judging people by your own standards.

You have your own way of doing things and of course you believe they are good and right and that the world would be a better place if everyone did it your way, but everybody is different, and everybody has their own standards. The important thing is to maintain respect for individuals above and beyond these differences, and if there is a direct conflict of interests to approach it using reason to allude to what you believe will be a common cause, rather than concentrating on differences which are dependant on the standards you each set.

Some people are just dicks (goqsane), but most have saving graces, so to speak, or elements of their personalities which are admirable for whatever reasons. If you spend too long focusing on the negative, the negative will focus upon you.
2007-10-01, 10:49
Always with the drama

I like how you call everyone, who is not showing respect towards the people who do good by the scene, an asshole (or ASHOL), and then you start trashing the people behind every active server, client or mod project.

Who are you to decide what Electro uses his time on? You should just be glad that a guy like that have returned to the qw scene, and I really can't follow your thoughts about "the time wasted on pro-x" the mod was done 4 years ago, by Electro and LordHavoc, I don't know if you have heard about LordHavoc before, but he is the guy that "invented" like 75% of all the new stuff that has been added to modern quake clients. So please tell me how these two guys wasted their time on doing something they found interesting and worthwhile.

And then you trash Spike for leaving back when work was just started on QTV, I remember how it was. We (the crew or as we were know back then, The QWHC) was looking for a developer to do ParadokS planned feature list for QTV, but the more we looked the less we found, and as I was an active non-official fte tester, I talked alot with spike, who was always busy adding new "not-needed" features to FTE instead of fixing bugs, at that time i think it was the CSQC. I therefor asked him why he did not put his godgiven coding powers to good use and do something that was actually needed at the time. After some persuasion he started on the project, and within days he had a streaming server and a proxy to use between the server and the client.

And now here is what happened and the reason why QTV development died. As development continued and the time for testing came around, everyone was really hyped about the project, but due to it being unstable and like FTE not that userfriendly, noone really tried testing it out, everybody was like "we can't use it", "it's too unstable", "it crashes all the time". So it ended untested, and therefor no bugreports came in, and no fixes was made due to the sudden uninterest in the project. You probably all remember how Spike was praised as the new savior of qw when QTV was announced in the forum, but when the hype died out, noone gave a damn.

And it's funny how i remember you as one of those crying about it being unstable and wanting to keep using qizmo cams, as "sassa*cam" was popular and famous, or atleast that was what you said.

Now the trashtalk about not doing updates is right on spot, so i wont argue with that, all I ask is WHERE ARE THE BANNERS?! or did you forget to turn off your adblock to see if they were actually there?

And just before I end on your ASHOL list, I just want to say this is not a rant on you, but a rant on your rant.
2007-10-01, 12:10
Do you still love me sassa ? I don't do shit and I don't like new things, i just pew pew. Makes me an ASHOL #4 or something ? /makesmesadinpants
2007-10-01, 13:35
some interesting comments from disconnect / up2 / fed / darff and zalon !

me and disconnect dont got a beef, he isnt a part of the ASHOL-syndicate.
I just wanted to say stuff from my perspective and yes fed, I exaggerated abit. The information I got was from the guy that you wanted to kick out and the talk we had just after the mix game ended. I will not go further into this with you since both me and you know how you act normally on the servers which is not good.

Darff, your correct in some ways. I just felt like writing down my thoughts!
I still got respect for Spike VVD and disconnect, no doubt but if I dont like the way they work, I express it. We got no beef at all, just look at disconnects post

Zalon, I dont think you understood what I meant. Its not LordHavoc or Electros time I care for, but the other ppl working around the mods that wont be used that can spend their time on something else, and still my thoughts, NOT correct or Correct, its up to you to decide.
They can for what ever I care do another QWmod called Warsow2, I dont care... but those developers that are already involved and get requests from ppl to add shitty mods or to update shitty mods is just sad.. well something like that.. I hope u understand what I mean.
When I said that quote of QTV, I never understood the greatness of QTV/EZTV.
I tried to get QTV working when I discovered it and I tried hard, then IRL cought up with me and when I came back I still wanted it to be fixed and from there you can read what UP2 has written. Just bad timing from me and spike I guess. is shit and I will fight as hard as I can against it.
Zalon, you wont appear on my list since your just simply not an ASHOL.
You could fit into #4 but your there yet time will tell

Fleps, I still love you <3

and for the rest that I havent commented, well I dont negotiate with ASHOL's.

haha ))))
2007-10-01, 13:41
haha since I cant edit Ill polish it abit here:
Zalon I dont think you understood what I meant, Its not LordHavoc or Electros time I care for, but the other ppl working on the importance stuff in QW that get requests from #4 ASHOL's of fixing stuff for shitty mods that wont be used = pro-x and that other shitty thing that was coming with handicap (thnx god QQ didnt go for it).
LordHavoc/electro and the rest of the coders doing their own thing can do what ever they want as long as I care, warsow2 or nexus2... but I dont want them to take important time from our own developers with request of shit. I think you get it now
2007-10-01, 13:50
polish my shoes?
2007-10-01, 13:54
Hey! I play, you can find me in "Division rookies" with my TBI team shortys, or you can find me on the PRO-X server, I won't be hard to spot, as i will probably be alone.....
2007-10-01, 14:15
Sassa, you must be the most annoying idiot that has ever EVER 'contributed' anything to this scene.

I've been following your steps for a long time, and honestly said, you are the only person who actually pisses me off in this entire community. If you remove this, you will prove the fact you are dumb. Today one person described you VERY well, and I think everyone can agree with this, from 1-100 you contributed 15 points to the scene, 15 points out of possible 100 for a person to contribute. Somebody told me, what would EQL be without Sassa, now that was really funny. Honestly, what the fuck are you doing there? Just sitting slacking your ass off, designating teams to go to divisions and sometimes reacting when a conflict is in the air. WOHOOW, that's such a tough job and such an enormous contribution, REALLY, I bed nobody can do that. I bet nobody can avenge a defeat in their 'own' league (you and the oblivion case, that was the point when I said ENOUGH to your stupid presence in this scene), you are truly irreplacable. Thing is, EVERYBODY with a certain understanding of the scene can be an admin of a league, and with this said, I am ready to undertake such a task before all of you will point out that I'm full of words but no action.
There are also other numerous projects where your CONTRIBUTION was putting your name on a site and bullshitting for a while without actually doing anything. Oh, of course, SASSA.CAM, shit nobody gave a fuck about, you honestly think that was a contribution? Might've been,, or, it was just something normal, I would hardly call that a contribution. Now, your full of shit commentating session with your bad English, omitting auxiliary verbs and generally talking like a retard, well, this is actually what I would call a contribution, despite the awful quality (yes, I do claim I would've done the job better - want to proof? I'll give it to you).
Do you know what contribution means? Contribution means doing something for NOTHING, and yes, that means you don't go around the world saying HEY I HELPED THEM I WAS ADMIN I WAS SO FUCKING IMPORTANT PRAISE ME, it doesn't mean you have to feel 'better' than other players, especially on IRC, it also doesn't mean that you have to write news posts on about yet another tournament that decided to take you as 'admin', and writing your name FIRST, in 3rd person, just for the fucking name to be there and to satisfy your ego. Just looking at your WHOIS gives an exact idea of what kind of person you are

[16:05:30] •››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››› ››››› ››› ›› ›› ›› › ›
[16:05:30] • Whois report for (sassa) (
[16:05:30] • Name: Unknown, authed as Sassa
[16:05:30] • Channels: @#qtv @#qwnet @#kenya @#qwrookie @#qwhelp @#nnql @#jokkmokk @#ibh @#eql.qw @#quakeworld
[16:05:30] • Server: *, QuakeNet IRC Server
[16:05:30] •››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››› ››››› ››› ›› ›› ›› › ›

See, EVERY CHANNEL YOU ARE on, you just HAVE TO be OP, you have to FEEL better, otherwise I bet it pretty much kills you, then you can bullshit about how much you lead the scene and everything.

In conversation you give one the impression you're not very bright, and after all those years I'm pretty sure that's the case, you are just an idiot sassa, accept it. You can't even overcome your instincts, like with that infamous banning of O in EQL right after your team has been banned from NQR by one of the O's clanmates (for a RIGHT reason), you are just like that, full of shit, full of self-praise, but actually a BARELY-NONE-TO-ZERO contributor to the scene.

You are the true cancer of QW

Leave like you said you would, just leave us the fuck alone, we don't want your shit anymore, the only type of contribution from you now is hatred and destroying the scene further down, bashing the developers, what a true idiot you are.

(maybe this will help better reading)
2007-10-01, 14:17
oh forgot about one more thing, equip yourself with a spellchecker you stupid moron, since you obviously can't spell, at least to make you less dumb online
2007-10-01, 14:19
quote: "just leave us the fuck alone"

Us? Who is that exactly gawksane?
2007-10-01, 14:27
What's an auxilliary verb?
2007-10-01, 14:45
an auxiliary verb is a verb you use to form certain grammatical structures
2007-10-01, 14:57
2007-10-01, 15:33
I was reading this to spend my time listening music and I'm usually at quite neutral stance on things like this but I felt urgent desire to post my opinion on this as a NEW player to this scene. I have played quake2 more than 4 years and been on a fps break for 4 years. Started playing QW one month ago~.

I typed this in irc before I read your blog and saw ppl bashing your name. Here's original:
14:30:43 shaga: on sassassa lamet puolensa ja jotain typeriä juttuja.. mut tää alkaa hiljalleen näyttään melkein kiusaukselta kun tyyppi yrittää vaan auttaa. kiva et joku järjestää liigoja ja kuuntelee pelaajia jos ei säännöistä tykätä
14:31:12 shaga: varmaan quake kuolis jos sassan sais noi pahikset karkoitettua
14:31:42 shaga: gocsane on kyllä oikeasti mulkku mut ei se oo ainut
14:31:53 shaga: joka pilkkaa
14:36:39 shaga: jaahas. gocsane vähän valotti. perun kaiken mitä kirjoitin
14:36:48 shaga: paitsi ettei sit kiusata pojat ketään

14:30:43 shaga: sassa has his lame sides and at times he's pretty stupid .. but this is pretty much starting to seem like bullying when person is just trying to help. It's nice that someone is organizing leagues and listens players if they don't like the rules
14:31:12 shaga: quess quake would just die if bullies would success in removing sassa from the scene
14:31:42 shaga: gocsane is _really_ an asshole but he's not the only one
14:31:53 shaga: who's bullying
14:36:39 shaga: oh my. gocsane just told me some things. I will decline everything I wrote
14:36:48 shaga: apart from that you boys won't start teasing anyone

This is now after reading this blog and all this posts..

GGocsane wrote:
"Somebody told me, what would EQL be without Sassa, now that was really funny."
Was it me?

GGocsane wrote:
"Now, your full of shit commentating session with your bad English, omitting auxiliary verbs and
generally talking like a retard, well, this is actually what I would call a contribution, despite the awful quality"
I love sassa's commentaries. I hope there will be more! Even with just regular matches.

GGocsane wrote:
"See, EVERY CHANNEL YOU ARE on, you just HAVE TO be OP, you have to FEEL better, otherwise I bet it pretty much kills you,"
Just a pure quess.. Don't decide things on your own.

GGocsane wrote:
"You are the true cancer of QW"
I was first against this, totally. As a "noob" he seemed like ok apart from some posts on forums which looked like CSteens posts. After reading sassas blog I agree with you. This is very bad for the scene and for some occasions development.

Sassa: You should be positive, understandable(even against old school players, not just us noobs) and trying your best to keep ppl on the scene. You seem to be fighting against it.

GGocsane wrote:
"Leave like you said you would, just leave us the fuck alone, we don't want your shit anymore, the only type of contribution from you now is hatred and destroying the scene further down, bashing the developers, what a true idiot you are."
If you are about to leave with this kind of trails, please don't do it(leaving part and also the trail-part). I just started to play this game and the scene is lovely, don't ruin it for me.

And for bashing developers and different mod creators, shame on you. You are the one just talking, not them. There are times when their irl goes first, you must just UNDERSTAND it.

Some people just ARE assholes but in your blog; you seem to be worst. Lets all just be friends and play, not bash.

Sassa, please stop this. Thanks to all devs, modders, players, admins, modelers, texturers and of course to id for this great gaming pleasure.

//Typed this very quickly, sorry for spelling and grammar. I might add something later when I have energy to read it through myself.
2007-10-01, 16:02
don't polish my shoes, but i want polish shoes.
2007-10-01, 16:05
I want polished polish shoes and some shoe polish.
2007-10-01, 16:26
yes, this blog entry is unnecessary and will only cause harm to the scene, just like shaga said. expressing your hatred towards people in such a public way as a blog will never do any good.

i also can't understand why you bash people who actually contribute a whole lot more than you do yourself, people like spike and disconnect are on the border of being irreplacable, whereas basically anyone can take on the responsibility of being an admin of a league and/or help rookies out (let's face it, almost everybody playing quake today is a quake guru).

then we have the bashing of pascal, who did a "nono" when kicking someone who "wasn't good enough" to be playing. after finishing the bashing you go on to bashing eizid purely based on what division he plays in. are you serious? it's like criticising someone for being a racist and ending the sentence with "nigger fuck, go back to africa you fucking disgusting monkey piece of crap".

this blog entry makes you an "ashol", and you thinking you are some kind of "anti-ashol" makes it even worse.
2007-10-01, 17:12
emp "let's face it, almost everybody playing quake today is a quake guru", take that back please, take that back! On a more serious note: simply understanding qw and the scene doesn't make you a good guide / tutor for rookies, that requires quite different skills, if you want to be good at it.
2007-10-01, 17:27
as i said before: rofl =)
2007-10-01, 20:01
niomic, he's right, accept it.
2007-10-01, 20:30
@ goqsane: you still make me laugh with your finger up somewhere

@ shaga: its more in it than you know.
Im mostly writing this for the people in my QW-surroundings and my feelings towards them Its for reading and laughing.
QWdrama is a part of qw and has been a long time, nothing that we should be without.

@ empezar: this make's me laugh even harder than goqsanes comment
2007-10-01, 20:43
it's funny, 'cause it's true!
2007-10-01, 22:20
2007-10-01, 22:48
oh testing?
2007-10-02, 13:08
there will never be peace in the galaxy
<3 sassa
<3 murdoc, except for his luck
2007-10-02, 13:18
please mark my tests
2007-10-02, 15:31
the return of Paul2!
2007-10-02, 16:29
Whereas Paul2 was at least funny.
2007-10-03, 17:11
I agree with some of the things sassa mentioned. I understand he's pissed about ppl always complaining, but do a post where he fires in every direction (except deurk's) is no way to deal with this. That brings one question: is it possible to deal with this? Imho the answer is NO because everyone has its own personality and because of this half of the real world is at war (well that and money).

A more personal reply, you fired in my direction also. What's the problem in discussing? As i mentioned above, all ppl have their lives. mine isnt compatible in DOING real stuff in qw. but I can, at least, talk. Freedom of speech, yo? that's MY contribution to qw and im happy with it.Thus, projects NEED planning. You've been flaming my forum posts when i suggest something, but truth is, in the last couple of months there's some already implemented ideas that were DISCUSSED at my thread "the future of qw": #qwrookie; ffa kenya rookie league (you and Molgrum admined it), friendlier ezQ menus (see nquake); irc plugin for (in development);
It is something, don't u agree? I've walked the walk in 1997-2000, don't expect me to walk again. You can't just force ppl to shut up, so I will gladly continue my CONTRIBUTION to qw (even if you think its worthless).

Runamok.foe said: "Talk is action. 8)"

To finish: If you think im shit, as i read from this blog's title, you can kiss my ass. else i accept your apologies.
2007-10-03, 17:24

You need to read what I wrote about you mushi:
sassa wrote:
Your not an ASHOLinism but I think of you always when I think of ppl that just talk the talk but not walk the walk.

its true that u did alot before and I respect that.
Your ideas ares sometimes good. when I push ppl, that only talk, it is not always direct towards you but to those who follow what you mean and agree with you but dont do anything.
They should take out goqsanes finger and do something

This topic is over now, gonna post something else later on, maybe flame or love, who knows, is there love in qw?
2007-10-03, 19:10
Listen to me mate:
I make an effort to be positive in everything in my life. I believe most ppl "contribute" in a way or another: coding, webdesign, gfx, ideas, etc - hell - even playing is contributing. Now there's negative and positive contribution.

I also believe that you, having the "status" that you have (being known, etc), should have thinked better before u posted this blog entry. Ok its a blog entry, you can post everything you want. But you are Sassa. Believe it or not, its important (look at almost #60 comments now). Considering that, it was imature from you to post somthing like this. its harmful, its negative. I believe noone can argue with that. A person with your "status" has, undoubtly, to think twice.

but ppl make mistakes. everyone. We're just human. I believe you don't want to be "rude" or "inapropriate" when you are trying to make things right. Just sometimes when you're tired, you are. In that case, take my advice, go have some rest. This ain't your job.
Be positive!
2007-10-03, 19:56
goqsane wrote:
a lot of stuff

I agree with almost everything of this. There is absolutely no point whatsoever in flaming the people who spend lots of time trying to improve QW, when all you do is hugging newbz and being an asshole (sorry, I won't stoop to that level of spelling, not even for fun) in general. If you want to make a contribution to the community that matters, try being less childish and more laid-back. As someone mentioned earlier, banning [O] was just one of many stupid things you've done, for no other reason than the need to display whatever power you may have. Grow up and people will (hopingly) stop thinking you're such an idiot. (At least if you give it a couple of years.)
2007-10-03, 19:57
Also, I want to point out that my last post was about sassa, not goqsane, though the faulty grammar of the second sentence implied otherwise.
2007-10-03, 20:48
) haha ui
2007-10-03, 21:36
purity 1 sassa 0
2007-10-03, 22:26
haha did that ASHOL go and whine to his .na mates that he is sadinpants :=)
2007-10-03, 22:47

2007-10-03, 23:20
lets have GIRLFIGHT!

btw, some ppl have an IRL life and other ppl aint like other ppl..... If everyone tried to be a little more friendly and act less childish., go punch a punch-bag instead... T_T
2007-10-04, 15:53
Haha sassa, the fact that you even think I'd do that says more about you than about me. I hope you are aware of the fact that there are people out there that can actually do something we tend to call ... read
2007-10-04, 17:27
was just a trap if you still read this or not
2007-10-04, 22:02
purity 2 sassa 0
2007-10-05, 04:52
.... and I thought one of the great aspects of Quakeworld was its mature community....
Reading above is sad really.... Egos left right and center getting in the way
Community self imploding.... ??? This looks bad. But who am I to say.....

Edited by pleuraXeraphim on 05 Oct 07 @ 05:54CET
2007-10-05, 06:41
Honestly pleura, we're just talking, scene is not dying And if you compare this comment thread to most any gaming community commenting, I would say there are quite a few more actual long posts discussing the subject and not just 200 ppl posting "lol,plz" "sassa sux..."
2007-10-05, 09:06
lol plz 'sassa suger'
2007-10-05, 12:23
qw has it's load of drama and that's what I like most about QW! The game itself? It sucks!!!!
2007-10-05, 23:59
[About Mushi] "I think of you always when I think of ppl that just talk the talk but not walk the walk."

Sassa, I've really no idea why you picked on him for this line instead of a dozen other people. You do know that without him (amongst others), we probably wouldn't have had Smackdown, right?

"4) People who dont play shouldnt have a big impact on the scene."

This is a fair point and something maybe I'm a bit guilty of myself (taking part in discussions about leagues, rules etc even though I don't really play much these days).

One little extra comment from me, someone who remembers you coming into the scene as an NQ players. You've changed in personality over the last year or so and in part that comes from the pressure that comes with a position of responsibility. When you are running leagues or other big projects you have to put up with a lot of shit, that goes with the territory. I remember a few years back you would be on the other side saying how bad things were and that admins weren't doing a good job about this or that. That's easy to do but I think until people actually have to have been in a top position to know what it's all about.

We have a saying in English "Before you critisise a man, walk a mile in his shoes". And maybe now you have walked that mile you will come to the conclusion that no matter how many great ideas you have, or how much conviction you put behind them you cannot make everyone happy.

But yeah, so I was saying. You've changed. But have a think back to 2002-4 when you had so much enthusiasm for QW, it was infectious. Some people may have laughed at you then and you weren't running the show in terms of leagues n shit but you put some excitement and coverage back into the scene with writing and commentaries etc.

You know what I remember about those big games we covered in those years, SD/NQR games with clans like LA/DS, CMF, FS, TVS, SR etc? Some great pieces of skill from ELIT (c) Sassa players? What maps were played and when maybe? No.

What I remember was it was the whole vibe - it was FUN, damnit! 200 guys on teamspeak and some of them saying they liked the show. Some classic moments where we'd make ourselves look a complete fool by saying how well it is going and then the player fucks it up. Bursting out laughing along with all the specs because some so-called div0 superstar just blew himself up with quad, reminding all us mortal players that hey, it happens to everyone sometime.

You know what man? We should do it again sometime. No political bullshit with ongoing arguments and feuds. Just some pure Quake and FUN like old times. Pick a game. Set it up - eztv with autotrack or whatever. If that doesn't remind you what's so great about the QW community, nothing will.

Peace out.
2007-10-06, 09:42
er, sassa has always been full of shit
2007-10-06, 10:13
"we probably wouldn't have had Smackdown, right?"

Sorry, but that is as much BS as all the rest in this post and comments. ch-sd happened based on an idea by Hoony and me, through the initial efforts of Gacel, Wart, Hoony, Griff and me and by the perseverance of everyone else that got involved. I simply don't remember JP_Teq having a great part in thinking it out or setting it up.
2007-10-07, 10:25
$\$nick ˆˆ OK / Sorry

An exaggeration on my part
2007-10-07, 15:28
I don't wanna be picky but:
jj: the initial idea of having a europe-wide league which later evolved in ch-sd was mine. I first discussed it with you and griff. I was a columnist at ch-eu at the time and the idea of making it part of ch-network was immediate. Unfortunatly, as today, i couldnt be there at 100% discussing details as the remaining crew did. Proof of that i wasnt even admin of eu-south division. No time. You know the history as well as me. I dont understand why you want credits for an idea it wasnt yours.

edit: this is the most useless blog entry ever

Edited by mushi on 07 Oct 07 @ 16:53CET
2007-10-07, 16:55
yet you still read it!
2007-10-07, 17:01
Well, that's not how I recall it. Here is history as good as I can remember.

Sometime early 2000, Hoony proposed to me to create a 'Quakeworld Club' based on the Challenge network. That was because the interest in QW was declining and he wanted to give the community something to organize around. The 'Club' was not supposed to be just a league, but also a news website keeping track of things such as lans and client developement (since the source code had not long before been released). In fact, one of the grander ideas was to have the club organize lans across the globe.

I was a column writer at Challenge-EU initially (Hoony moved me over to CH-WD fairly soon). I also had a page there about all sorts of different client projects. Hoony and me had regular chat sessions on IRC and it was dring one of those he brought up the Quakeworld Club concept. We then talked to a number of people, including Griff and and other Challenge-network site responsibles and contributors. Quite possibly you got involved in these discussions too.

A worldwide league was not our initial goal. Villains had only just finished it's 2nd season but as we assumed there would be 3rd Villains season anyway, we didn't wan't to go into competition with Ego. So instead we looked for another league and admin that had some experience to get started. That was the LEQW of Gacel; initially he would be our main 'competition guy' for the Club. At the same time there had been discussion on CH-AU on an Australian league, so we talked to them and teamed up. Then we got in touch with Ego and as it turned out he very much liked the idea, so he joined in too. The American division was a bit harder to get started since the CH-US responsible didn't even want it to go ahead (interesting bit of history there too). I was the enabler of these discussions, setting up the meetings and mailing reports to everyone involved although I never intended to stay on as a league admin.

Basically, there never was an initial 'lets have a world (or even europe)-wide league idea'! It just evolved over a fairly short time from an abstract concept Hoony proposed into the worldwide competition it turned out to be. So, to claim ownership of that idea or even go father and consider yourself the founder of Challenge-Smackdown is, in my humble opnion, a bit delusional.
2007-10-08, 10:58
Interesting mix of facts and a lie:
"Basically, there never was an initial 'lets have a world (or even europe)-wide league idea'!"
This is wrong. Gacel became involved later because of his league. We discussed merging LEQW and "this european league" - he became an admin. Things happened fast, and no doubt you were the trigger man.

There's no doubt whatsoever that the initial idea 'lets have a world (or even europe)-wide league idea'!" existed and it is mine. Gacel, Griff Tekai and others can confirm this. I thought you confirmed it also.

Kinda low what you did on wiki btw
2007-10-08, 11:06
I will correct the wiki asap.

done. I do remember "the club" and how me and gacel joined forces with it and Ch-network.

Edited by mushi on 08 Oct 07 @ 12:18CET
2007-10-08, 18:56
I can't confirm your version, because I don't remember it happening that way. I (finally) updated the wiki because I had just written this whole post as a comment anyway. I didn't find an easy way to insert your claims, but I think you did a good job of that. Thanks for improving the readability; it is definately better now. If you are happy with the current version, lacking better sources or memory, so am I.
2007-10-09, 09:08
Wouter, im quite sure of how it started. I can even add that I first talked to Gacel because my qw school was on his league. And because there was more pt clans on his league, we even talked about a making an Iberian qw league. Ofc that didnt happened, Smackdown did, thanks to many ppl especially you.
2007-10-11, 22:31
I feel that somehow you've taken the flaming off-topic. Please resume the sassaflaming!
2007-10-22, 22:15
yeah.. not even 100 comments!! COME ON
2007-12-31, 13:21
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