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Mods  /  30 Jun 2017, 10:07
Winter is coming
I've been patching and developing my own mod for Quakeworld, Chilling Spree. The life of the project is a long story but I'm happy that it now runs pretty well.
It has multiple game modes you can choose between, for instance: Kill the King, Freeze Tag, Head Hunters, etc. Of course the regular modes are also available.

A GUI menu is presented when you join, that allows you to setup a game without needing the console. You navigate with the movement keys (+forward, +moveright, etc).

The game configuration is limited to one person, the rulemaker, who is the only person that can change the settings in the menu. You get this tag when you join an empty server and keep it.

There is an option to view past matches which shows a history of played games and has a functionality to download the demo for each match by selecting it, so no need to use the console again.

The latest stuff I worked on besides bug fixing is server deployment, which is fun to work on but there are not many deployments made right now so I do not know how well it works for others than me. From

git clone cspree
cd cspree

I also worked a little on the map voting, which does an SQL query to fetch the most played maps on the server and display them in a list.

For testing, if you don't setup your own server, I have rented a VPS (London) that runs several ports: - All modes - FFA - Freeze Tag - Duel Arena - Last Man Standing - Head Hunters - Domination - Kill the King - Rover

There are other servers as well:

If you setup a server you will first want to read the wiki and README.

As of now I'm planning on patching most of the bugs you find and releasing a "stable" version this year. Not focusing much on adding more features even though I have some milestones in my mind, like upcoming statistics, demo submitting, warmup/prewar, other modes and CSQC!

The best way to get in touch with me is email: an at

I am also on Discord and IRC (#cspree @ Quakenet).

You are welcome to join the project if you feel like coding QuakeC or testing it extensively
2017-07-07, 08:30
Nice. Will see if I can round up some of the lads and having another crack at this.
2017-07-31, 16:08
i guess players just have to connect to those servers and try it themselves!
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