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LANs  /  13 Apr 2016, 06:17
The road to QuakeCon
Day 2-3 in Dallas.
So yesterday was the big game day. Long and tiring, intense and thrilling. Many good games. A few bad apples. Had a long a long and tough fight back through LB after a tight loss to Rune in WB, where we eventually fell short to them again. They played well! Good games. And now, only Grand Finals remain. I know who I'll be cheering for. Go get'em! Will prolly be a great show on that huge stage infront of a great audience.


Day 1 in Dallas.

Eyes on the prize...


Okey dokey, here we go... what a fucking heat!! Like walking into a wall. We almost turned back into the airport because of the shock...

So now we're back at our great, huge room. It's awesome. Only bad thing is there's no view, except into a corridor.

The hotel is huge. Alotta walking and exploring. Top not stuff, but pricing is a bit high.

Feffe got us free breakfast this first morning, which was nice. No cheese on the bread tho?! So that's a good start. Afterwards we hit the gym to get rid of the flight jetlag. Met DDK and James Bardolph, the FaceIT-tv duo. Great guys.
Then we hit the pool area, really soothing and relaxing.


0 days left, travel time.

Idling at Chicago o'Hare airport, waiting for last flight to Sallad.
Locust already getting a hangover, sitting here moaning
Another hour to kill. Let's have a look around!


2 days left.

Computer shut down.
Nervous about cfg restrictions.
Feels like I scraped off most of my visuals to comply with qcon-rules. Hopefully nothing's missed so it will be a problem.
Airport after lunch tomorrow.
Dev asked me to take a photo of us euros going, and so I will.


10 days left.

Kiddo testing the setup...


14 days left.

Finally back online again!
And what a start; 18 consecutive 2on2's last night. Highs and lows ofcourse:

- Too warm in Sweden, mouse is sticky and feels heavy
- Mouse (Razer DA) starting to break down, double clicks in windows, but seems to work fine in QW so far...
- Table at home too small, need bigger one. Hopefully quakecon have good setups.
- Need new keyboard to QCON.
+ The feeling is there, although a month long break from QW.
+ Locust in good shape is looking hot 8)


17 days left.

T-shirts have arrived...

(But still no connection. Aiming for tuesday...)


23 days left.

The chaos and stress after moving home is settling, and last night the rig was setup! However, cable guy called yesterday and told me most cable guys are laying on the beach these holiday-days, so it's hard to find one available to come here and do the final install of the fibre. I've been hunting them every day, and will continue that. He said "possibly this week" and when I asked could it be in August he said "definately not that late". Sigh. Surfing on the phone is ok for a while, but now I'm really tired of it!

Jumped around on /map aerowalk for a while to realise the feel was not forgotten. But aim and precision needs to be tuned now, I can only hope to be able to practise in the last weeks before take off...


35 days left.

Finally got a GO on moving from apartment to radhus (small house with back n front lawn), moving 2 days from now. So my life is a moving box atm 24/7. This means 0 practise the coming week.

New 100/100 fibre connection from Eniga Networks ordered to the new place, let's hope it gets installed sooner rather than later, so after a while pracs can be resumed.


48 days left.

Best and worst games of last nights practise.


57 days left.

Travel visum approved.
Gathering details from the posse for room booking at the Hiltons. Still unclear wether or not you pay at the desk or now when booking.


61 days left.

Flight tickets booked, for me and mr.locust! \0/ FINALLY!
And we got on the same flight as the others aswell...

Next step would be to secure a cheap (but exclusive) room at the Hiltons thanks to the Qcon discount.


68 days left.

The sensitive meag heed my call, and added a new command in the latest nightly build of EzQuake, namely /con_mm2_only 1

I love the progress of ezq 3.0 - let's just hope an official release comes sooner rather than later.


70 days left.

Tweaking configs and trying to adjust to the rules limitations of QCON. What I totally want is a separate hudbox for teamsays only, to make teamplay as clear as can be.

locust is getting along with his fundraiser, and so we're booking flights once he hits 50%. C'mon now.

A few pracs have been performed with the new setups, and it's starting to feel good. Had maybe 8 tight maps vs. RUNE (cara/LocK) the other night. Looking forward to intensifying practise as the days left to QuakeCon steadily counts down.

Also I'm longing to play at QCON for the matter that I get out of my shitty setup here at home where I use an egg carton between the wall and table to make space for the pad, which is less than ideal. Also, playing on a GOOD monitor would be nice (today I'm on the worst kinda of 120hz there is, bad colors and contrast).


79 days left.

Finally, locust steps out of the shadows and prepares to go to QCON with me! He is abit short of cash to make it tho, so he wanted to try a fundraiser campaign aswell I'm sure he got alotta fans out there. And his donation goal is lower than mine, 1000 euros.
Check out his forum post:
Or his campaign site:

I ofcourse hope this goes well, so that we can finally book some damn tickets; I'm tired of waiting...


87 days left.

OK. So goblin has done it again; vanish from the surface of the earth. Like he did before some QHLAN years ago. No replies for weeks, and I've tried multiple mediums. It's clear he's reading the messages, but he choose not to reply. Those of you familiar with goblin probably reads this with a grin on your face, and almost, so do I - except the frustration of all the energy I put into this endeavour, going with him to QCON. Now he's done for. He's out. But I'm still in. And I can't just fall back and cancel when all you nice ppl have donated for my trip there. So, another plan is forming and taking shape, with another great player. I can't reveal his name yet, not until he's all clear to go. But it's really close. And if we do go together, I'm sure we'll be able to hit hard, and bring you some great games!

I'll updated once I know if he can go or not. Stay tuned...


102 days left.

As a response to dirtbox question about who's going, here's the list:
devogen (non playing friend)


112 days left.

10 Swedes elaborate in an excel sheet for optimal travel dates.

>90% of my financing goal is reached thanks to all you helpful donors out there, making my participation seem rather likely!

I noticed venom signed up with dirtbox, really nice, I remember watching a Reload vs. venom demo from a bygone era.

Also, ok98/trygve going makes me fuzzy at heart...

I love how QCON have a group discount on room rates at the same Hilton hotel as the event. Making it really reasonable. Looking to reserve rooms as soon as we settle on dates.

Updating as we get closer.
2016-04-18, 00:23
Gonna be epic!
2016-04-22, 02:47
Who are the 10?
2016-05-10, 08:42

Are you not planning to repay anyone?
2016-05-10, 09:46
Go bps, show no mercy!
2016-05-10, 09:56
I read the fundraiser thread, you've probably already had it pointed out to you how morally bankrupt it is to beg for money to travel across the world to play a 20 year old computer game instead of borrow & repay the money as people who aren't shameless behave, but apparently you don't see how wrong this is and I doubt I'm going to convince you otherwise so I won't bring it up Be
2016-05-10, 10:19
No one is forced to donate. I did and I don't feel morally abused by BPS.
Maybe I should have invested the money to get my morally-abused-detector fixed :E
2016-05-10, 11:03
Or better yet, some glasses

Nice swing, but you missed the ball. Show me where I said that anyone is forced to donate. There's absolutely nothing wrong with donating nor the people who do so
2016-05-10, 19:35
Really hope it works out with the new guy...
2016-05-12, 11:16
Is it sassa?
2016-05-12, 17:23
Such a shame with Goblin. I hope it works out well for you in the end anyhow.
2016-06-17, 01:48
Beppis <3333!
2016-06-17, 08:32
How can i have missed this blog?! Good read beppy!

And vb- dont be a bitch, just enjoy the fact that we are heading to qcon!
2016-07-18, 20:56
Wouldnt it be cool if dag and griffin would team up :>
2016-07-19, 19:40
Cool shirts yo.....good to see qw still rollen....
2016-07-24, 16:20
Look at that future QW star... 8)))
2016-07-29, 01:16
hahah we arent the only ones going to be wearing matching tshirts then
2016-07-29, 23:44
@vb- firtst of all I really hope you are a trolling...
If not why would it be "morally bankrupt" to ask for donors? A lot of people who have different channels on twitch for example have donor buttons for those that want to see more of the player in action.....

Saying this that it is "morally bankrupt" to ask for donors is like pissing on thousands of people who don't have that much of money to continue to do what they love to do without help from donors....

And second of all why does it matter how old the game is?? If people love a game do you really think they care about how old the game is?

I still love NES Super Mario game you think I'm alone of loving that 30 year old game?? And I mean "borrow and repay" as you said ?? Do I even need to comment that?? Please explain why on planet earth this is wrong?

Well I hope as I said before your just trolling or are you sad because he will go to Dallas and not you? Or that you lost to him in a battle before and you have some grudge against him?

Sorry for the spelling and my vocabulary. English isn't my native language.

Hoppas du vinner tar hem segern kompis!! Vi tror p dig &#129304;&#127996;&#128526;&#129304;&#127996;
2016-08-25, 19:29
Hey bps, looking back what do you think about the tourney and the travel?
Any memorable moments you like to share?
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