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IRL  /  8 Nov 2014, 16:03
Life after Quakeworld
My life after QW described in one sentence.
When i recently installed QW again, my son watched me jump around on dm3 and asked me "Which minecraft mod is this?"

Thats all...
2014-11-09, 10:23
hahahhahahaha.... x( sad
2014-11-09, 18:29
Welcome back!
2014-11-11, 17:58
Spoink! \o/
2014-11-12, 09:49
man! there are high resolution textures!
2014-11-12, 12:37
Question is rather: What kind of qw mod is minecraft?
2014-11-13, 13:58
The peaceful kind
2014-11-23, 13:24
You got a Quake mod for minecraft tho .
2014-11-29, 17:30
spoink du junger huepfer ich bin schonnen alter mann
2014-12-05, 12:13
I had an ASCII based quake client once :-P
2014-12-24, 01:12
My son is 10.

He's been familiar with the Quake series for his whole life, due to me, but he doesn't play it much.

It is cool, however, to show that expanding FOV all the way to max in Minecraft says "Quake pro", and I also point out that Team Fortress began as a mod for Quake.
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