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Movies  /  11 Jan 2014, 20:02
QuakeWorld at 4K resolution!
Hey guys, so I've got a pretty sweet setup for capturing some QuakeWorld action at high resolutions (eg.
If anyone has any great Quad Runs or bits of content that I can do similar things with as the above video at super high quality (will optimise the config for future vids of this kind), send me an e-mail with the demo @

You can expect the EQL finals vids to appear soon also, and maybe more will pop up in the future too .


<3 ddk
2014-01-14, 11:07
holy moly, nice job! \0/
2014-01-30, 14:54
thx for stopping by plz come back soon
2014-08-03, 22:31
damn awesome budy!
2014-08-04, 11:08
also tested a 4k reording a lil while ago:

too bad youtube bitrate still is shitty... and dont know when 60fps gets availible for us too
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