Age :43
Group: Administrator
Location: Portugal
Started playing Quakeworld in 1997. Always been active in the community. With strong opinions about the game and the path it should follow, always fought the conservative qw ideals. Lately has been involved in bringing new players into the game, making their life easier and promoting different game modes and maps.

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Guides  /  11 Jun 2013, 13:33
Use the wiki!
As some of you may know, our wiki ( isn't accepting sign ups anymore, because of spam bots. It was decided to shut down the new sign ups to avoid them. It's a bad situation.
Recently one more person asked me to post a new page. I realized that this would be helpful for our beloved community members, so I will teach you where to get the templates to create pages. If you don't have a wiki account, please use these templates, edit them and email me the content and the name of the page you wish to create. I will post them in the wiki and reply to your email.

The templates are listed here. Instructions are on the page. But here they are:

How to use a template

1. Select a template
2. Click on view source and copy the whole content
3. Paste into the new page that you want to create
4. Replace all ??? with the correct information

Email me the new page content and wait for a reply!
my email: mushis [at]
2013-06-12, 17:42
Can't some anti-spambot thing be added, like captcha?
2013-06-12, 19:41
Probably possible - we can't be the only ones with this problem - but devs are gone...
2013-06-18, 00:01
who's devving the wiki then?
2013-06-18, 07:56
It won't allow old logins either:

Database error

A database query syntax error has occurred. This may indicate a bug in the software. The last attempted database query was:
(SQL query hidden)
from within function "User::saveSettings". MySQL returned error "1054: Unknown column 'user_options' in 'field list' (localhost)".
2013-06-19, 19:10
Well it's not about who's developing it but rather who has access to the code at all if i have understood things correctly. I don't think anyone is "specialised" on developing the wiki but i bet there are at least people around who could implement tested and proven open source code should the need arise.
2013-06-23, 22:34
I have lots of info on the old norwegian QW scene, but unfortunately nowhere to put it when the wiki is uneditable. Hope it gets fixed some day.
2013-06-28, 10:00
some day the wiki will be fixed. but you can start now writing that information. use the templates and start writing on notepad/google docs. I can even put it online for you. just start doing it
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