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T&T #8 General Exercices
Today I present you a series of exercises you can do. I do some of them after a long break, I believe they help me bring back my game faster. Even if Im just an average player, without these exercises Id be much worse or i would take more time to recover my form.
So, here they are.
Read the following while you watch this video. I recommend going one exercice at a time

Exercise #1 - 180 degree turn
Fine tune your sensitivity. This exercise will help you find the most comfortable sensitivity for you.
I use to do this exercise on the mega room on dm6, when i don't play for a long time. It helps me remember my comfort zone regarding sensitivity, improving my overall aim and movement.
Position yourself carefully on the center of the room, where the rl is. Point to the center of the Megahealth, and in one movement, do 180 degrees rotation, trying to stop at the center of the teleporter, and vice versa. Repeat dozens of times in both directions, with different speeds. While you do it, try to minimize vertical movement.
TIP: If you notice that there is unwanted vertical movement, you can try to lower a bit the vertical sensitivity with the command m_pitch. The default value is 0.022, try with 0.020 and see if there's improvements.

Exercise #2 - Practice with bots, powerups dmm4
Practice map movements, Quad attacks with all weapons
I love doing this on dm2. I get all quads and try to be there when the quad spawns (practice how much time I take moving from one place to another). Once i get quad, i chase the enemys, using every weapon. Also useful to practice what I call "Quad attitude" - your behaviour should be different when you have Quad. When you have Quad you should either: 1) be extra cautious OR; 2) be extra aggressive. Getting 9 quads in a 10 minutes game will help practice that attitude faster.
"Rules": Don't get bored with life; Get all the quads on time; Use all weapons wisely; Avoid getting killed; Take it seriously.
How much frags you make isn't important - what is important is to practice situations, especially with quad.
But can you do 100 frags in 10min?
In ezQuake go to menu Multiplayer, and then Create. Choose gamemode Teamplay and map frobodm2. type dm until deathmatchmode is 4. addbots, readyup and have fun!
If this isn't working, update your nQuake. Download again and copy your config to the new folder.

Exercise #3 - DM2 shaft practice
Get used to do small adjustments while you're shafting.
This exercise hopefully will improve your reactions while shafting. The goal is to have a high shaft accuracy, while improving the natural adjustments you have to make to keep your crosshair "spot on". Remember, in servers with antilag feature, you don't have any latency when shooting hit scan weapons like LG.
Get a mate to join a ktx server with you. Don't type ready - this exercise is done in prewar. Both go to bigroom, and position yourself facing each other. One of you is the leader, the other will follow - strafing only. Start with smooth movements, using all the terrain you have. Both start to shoot and keep moving, adjusting the crosshair to maintain it on your enemy. Continue for some minutes "dancing" grafully with your mate. You can check your LG accuracy typing /+wp_stats. Everyone should do about 60%-80%.

Exercise #4 - Speed and trick jumping
Know which movements make you move faster
"Being faster" usually defines the winner in Quakeworld. The combination of acceleration, speed and manoeuvres can often convert a disadvantage situation into a successful dogfight. In this exercise we focus on the little things that enables you to travel faster in the Quake universe
You need to add to your hud the "speed" you're travelling. I use hud_speed2_show 1 because since it displays a graphic, it's easier to see your speed increasing with your peripheral vision.
Download the map speed.bsp.
Run nQuake and load the map. Type hud_speed2_show 1 and go. Focus on which speed you can acheive with 1 jump, 2 jumps, multiple jumps speed, and watch the speed increasing only when you move your mouse.

Here's a list of trick maps:
map skill
ztrain easy
ztrain2 easy
bunny_xl easy
trix/trix2 easy
trick medium
trick1 medium
2bfree medium
jqdf1 medium
jqdf2 medium
jqdf3 medium
boostjump medium
v_kjump medium
ztricks medium
zjumps medium
ztricks2 medium
way2ez hard
hoppa2 hard
way2ez2 hard
zediit* hard

Enough reading already! 8 blog posts, mostly reading.. you must think "this guy is boring!". I am. Luckly, the qw community is still great and helpful after all these years.
Jisse was so kind to make the following video showing all the exercises I mentioned above. Big thanks to Jisse, who makes high quality productions with apparently little effort
Also, Cara provided the trick jump demos, impressive movements! Keep an eye on the show_speed2 throttle graphic. The remaining demos were recorded by me.
Have fun!


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2013-03-25, 17:56
love this kind of blogs inproves alot ty! keep up the good work!
2013-03-25, 19:19
"with apparently little effort" just apparently.
2013-03-26, 09:52
=) Nice read, keep'em coming.
2013-03-28, 11:12
I don't have any more texts prepared :|
2013-05-20, 12:18
Great T&T series mang!
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