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Guides  /  20 Mar 2013, 20:21
T&T#7 USE your keyboard!
Ahh, config optmization. I've always liked this part. Today i'm gonna talk about binds placement (keys). After reading this I hope you open your config and take a closer look at your binds, and make some improvements.
To motivate you, i'm going to talk about my own binds.
This image shows the keys I use regularly CLICK TO OPEN:

Cyan are my movement keys
Yellow my switch keys
Orange my team binds

And here are the detailed binds:
bind TAB "+switch" // switch key
bind SPACE "+jump"
bind 1 "_replace"
bind 2 "_safe"
bind 3 "_lost"
bind 4 "_getquad" // multi bind key
bind 5 "_getpent" // multi bind key
bind 6 "_soon"
bind b "tossrune"
bind c "_waiting"
bind e "_cancel" // multi bind key
bind f "_help"
bind g "_took"
bind h "_trick"
bind j "_trick"
bind q "_sync"
bind r "_coming" // multi bind key
bind t "_trick"
bind u "_sync"
bind v "say_team $\$nick quad in 10!"
bind x "_status"
bind y "_slipped"
bind z ".team_powerups"
bind UPARROW "_enemyLocation1"
bind DOWNARROW "_enemyLocation2"
bind LEFTARROW "_enemyLocation4"
bind RIGHTARROW "_enemyLocation5"
bind ALT "+movedown" // to use in water
bind CTRL "_point"
bind LSHIFT "cmd shownick" // teammate information
bind F1 "_packs"
bind F2 "_quad_over"
bind F3 "_enemy_powerups"
bind F4 "_soon"
bind F5 "menu_slist" // server browser
bind WINKEY "_sayUnknownQ"
bind POPUPMENU "_sayUnknownP"
bind MOUSE1 "+rl"
bind MOUSE2 "+lg"
bind MOUSE3 "+gl"
bind MOUSE4 "+sng"
bind MOUSE5 "+rjump"
bind MWHEELUP "mwdw" // multi bind key
bind MWHEELDOWN "mwup" // multi bind key

Notice that:
  • Alot of keys are used, basically all the keys near my movement keys;
  • Capslock, winkey, alt, shift, ctrl and even popupmenu keys are binded;
  • In order to use the special keys, you have to type sys_disableWinKeys "1" and cl_keypad "1";
  • The "switch" key is very handy, easy to reach. And the multi-bind keys are also handy;
  • I shoot all the weapons with the mouse buttons (for more, see T&T#3);

If you open your config now and look at your binds, you might discover that maybe you aren't using every key available. You can improve it. Maybe you can find or replace existent binds and use those "special" keys, like capslock, windows key.... It all comes down to you and what you want to do while playing this amazing game.

I hope this text inspired you to analyze your config and make improvements. Will you change your config after reading this?

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2013-03-20, 20:41
No I won't my cfg is the best !
2013-03-21, 09:57
how does your showrankings alias work?
2013-03-21, 21:16
bps, you are right, I wasn't consistent.

In T&T6 my switch alias is called "switch"
ill rename it here - done.
2013-03-22, 10:53
Impressive, most impressive. How do you reach for the Menu key and the arrows?
2013-03-22, 10:53
and you'd better paint Alt cyan
2013-03-22, 11:54
Tonik to reach those keys i use my mouse hand the right hand.
I just ocasionally use those binds.
menu key is used to ask Pent time
and the arrow keys I just use when i know an enemy RL is on those areas, camping. so i usually die there, i have some fractions of a second before i spawn but i use them without dying as well, arrow keys aren't that far from the mouse in terms of distance.
2013-04-05, 09:09
I've always wondered why people insist on using wasd for movement. I have used tfgh instead since pretty much day 1 because there are far more keys 'nearby' that way. Not that it really did my game any good
The only reason I can see is space for mouse and keyboard somehow.
2013-04-16, 10:08
Thats an interesting point jj. It became the standard, not because being the best option but maybe imo because its handy and "natural".
When q3 came out i adapted Sujoy's config to my own, if im not mistaken he used 0iop and . to jump. much more keys around as you say, I didn't adapt that well, and ive never tried to change my qw's wasd. Its a matter of taste, and after 15 years, confort.
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