Age :44
Group: Administrator
Location: Portugal
Started playing Quakeworld in 1997. Always been active in the community. With strong opinions about the game and the path it should follow, always fought the conservative qw ideals. Lately has been involved in bringing new players into the game, making their life easier and promoting different game modes and maps.

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Guides  /  20 Feb 2013, 18:34
Tips and Tricks #0
I will write Quakeworld Tips n' Tricks, easy small tweaks you can do to your config, how to practice effectively, list the resources available to you, promote some things that aren't considered good enough to be "official" but are useful anyway... stuff like that. The text will be enterely based on the excellent nQuake package.

I'm aiming for at least one blog entry per week, in the upcoming weeks.

If you have ideas for the content, write about it in the comments! At least it will make me happy

2013-02-20, 21:00

(Edited 2013-02-21, 18:26)
2013-02-21, 07:31
Great initiative! Guides like these need to be easily found when installing nquake. Not forced upon, but easily accessible should one choose to try to improve their gameplay.
2013-02-21, 15:44
how about a guide about setting up custom hud in nquake?
2013-02-21, 17:05
Thx guys!

CarlJ, i'm not an hud expert, I can't write about it.
Maybe someone else will.
2013-02-23, 19:38
we need more blogs
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