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Cars  /  13 Apr 2012, 19:03
An announcement of an announcement
Hi guys,

So this is my first blog. Right, well, that's good then.
I have at other points been very close to writing blog pieces on the controversial topic of maps and what makes a good map and how the holy trinity of dm3 dm2 and e1m2 work. But thankfully I didn't, I feel like I wouldn't really have been able to add anything that would result in positive action.

So instead I've saved my first blog piece for an announcement of action that is going to come and add value to the community. I'm embarking on a small project that, should the right circumstances develop, will assuredly grow as time goes on.

Without further ado, I present to you a video explaining poorly what you should expect to see in the near future.

Click me!

I'll have more information in the coming days, but if you have any ideas or suggestions feel free to communicate them!
2012-04-13, 20:12
Sweet, looking forward to it!

This is exactly whats needed and for some reason totally underestimated. It's imo the reason why some people can put up an insane amount of game time every month and still don't improve at all (the lack of the thinking part that is).

Again, great initiative!

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2012-04-13, 21:09
Sounds promising.
2012-04-13, 22:28
Can't wait!!
2012-04-14, 07:36
Sounds cool and it will be interesting to see what comes out of it. If analyzing demos etc i'd like to see the analyzing not always taking place in realtime so to speak, but perhaps rather pause, take it a bit slower and also make sure to use the radar/team overlay as aid in explaining what to do next. I'm sure you've already thought of things like this tho. Good luck
2012-04-14, 08:35
Looking forward to it as well. What's the rl trail settings?
2012-04-16, 08:47
Cool initiative!
2012-04-16, 14:38
This type of show is like tailor made for me. One tip: don't read off the screen so much you already know so much about the material, and you are pretty social in teh realz, so just make it like a one-sided conversation.

Looking forward to it
2012-04-16, 15:01
Just starting my Starcraft career i've been helped a bit by Day9's newbie tuesdays while he's also quite entertaining to just listen to. If this becomes something similar for QW i'm sure it will be a hit.
2012-04-17, 14:33
This should be very helpful for a qw rookie like myself, looking forward to it.
Extra, can anyone tell me how to get rockets, nails and grenades looking like the ones in the stream thankyou.
2012-04-17, 21:47
In the folder ".../qw/textures/models" you need to create PNG-files. The PNG-files can be a pixel big, but should be colored with the desired color you want for the projectiles.

* grenade_0.png = grenade color
* s_spike_0.png = super nails color
* bolt2_0 = the color of the shaft
* spike_0 = regular nails color

I use grenades as rockets, so Iīm not sure what the rockets are called. I would assume itīs rocket_0.png.

Have fun!

EDIT: Iīve already talked to Nuke about this, but to clarify for anyone else who might read the post and be interested in trying it out. The correct file name for the rocket model texture is: missile_0.png, and not rocket_0.png, which I originally assumed.

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2012-04-18, 06:54
Thanks guys!

Logistically it looks like it may be a bit troublesome to get the stream going but I'm going to record a bunch of stuff locally that I can then upload to youtube. The first youtube video is coming, we'll be starting small with the basics evidenced by the content of the first vid which will be an explanation of the dm3 spawns. I have a huge list of videos to record, it's a bit more overwhelming than I had anticipated originally :E. Also one more thing to note, in the future I'll also be putting them up in 480p until I get fibre, at which point I'll goto 720p.

@Timon - I think these are all the settings for the trail/tracer stuff.

gl_part_tracer1_color "150 150 0"
gl_part_tracer1_size "1.5"
gl_part_tracer1_time "0.7"
gl_part_trails "1"
r_rocketTrail "6"

EDIT: I had in this post the video but upon last-minute peer review I decided to unlist it as it only had 23 views and I'm going to re-do it so it's more comprehensive for new comers!

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2012-04-18, 09:00
Thanks for the reply, I will try this out when I get home from work.
2012-05-01, 12:58
Good idea, sounds nice.
2012-05-02, 11:23
Canīt wait, ddk. Go on then! :]
2012-05-04, 20:18
The first two videos was a treat to watch, good job! They should be uploaded to and added to the site aswell, hyperlinked somewhere for easy access along with the speedjumping guide.
2012-05-05, 00:36
what videos, did I miss something?
2012-05-06, 00:50
You can find the vids here Para:

I don't think I'm going to announce anything further 'til I have a few more up and there is more content.
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