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IRL  /  3 Apr 2012, 12:00 v3 - Development Blog
Ok, so we launched - The site could have been more ready for it, but ParadokS wouldn't let me have more time.

The design is going to get quite an overhaul, also the comments css is horrible... I did that just 5mins before launch.

Please keep bug-reports floating.
- Issue Tracker

Status: Working on server browser.
- Please test:

- Forum/comment links

Stuff that works now but didn't this morning
- Config Compare ('s+cfg)
2012-04-03, 12:26
Some errors and missing pages:
Error 403
Error 404 (media -> media in menu)
Error 404 (content -> content, scene -> content in menu)
2012-04-03, 12:30
All the old Forum URLs are broken because the forum seems to only accept the "rewritten" ones now. (Zalon already replied in IRC that this will be fixed, yay!)

If I have a textarea (like the one I am just typing into) focused, I cannot use ctrl-tab to cycle tabs anymore. Really weird. Latest stable Opera.

Below the Navigation bar I always get "An unexpected error has occurred".

Quotes in the forums are not shown different from the rest.

Some Javascript is eating my CPU. This is bad! I'd drop the whole ">> Main Navigation" bar. The online count seems silly wrong anyways.

Blogs sidebar looks like person X has Y posts. It is misleading and not obvious that the number are counts of the comments on the last post.

The pixel font screams 2002.

Overall I like it!
2012-04-03, 12:32
I'd add a "(...)" on each post snippet on the frontpage. Otherwise it is not obvious that one should click Read More.
2012-04-03, 12:37
Links in signatures are not rendered as HTML.

Age in profile is wrong (at least mine).

"Media" and "Content" are weird. I did not know what to expect after either and in both cases I was surprised at what appeared.
2012-04-03, 12:44
No easy way to go to the lastest post in a forum thread. This is particularly annoying in the 'Art farts' thread.

(Edited 2012-04-03, 12:48)
2012-04-03, 13:03
Fresh is nice! Some first impressions:
  • Main navigation is to small and cluttery, it's probably better located where the blogs are now, or moved up and put under the banner and made a bit bigger.
  • Forum posts with images are more or less impossible when having posts in the center column with the current width. One solution could be to widen the center column for the forum so its as wide as both left+center+right are now. Navigation would also be solved in that case by having it the same width and have it under the header.
  • Sub navigation looks more like main navigation, you get the feeling that you don't really know where you are.
  • I personally would want the padding between forum posts on the right a bit less, the column a bit wider and perhaps a bit bigger font.
2012-04-03, 14:00
Is it possible to get the forum seperated? I liked it fullscreen
2012-04-03, 14:46
Larger font would be nice, especially for the news. More comments/posts per page would be great too (make it 50 or so instead of current 10).
2012-04-03, 15:03
Yes, as Spirit already noted - we are all currently 42 years old/young. No matter the dob.
2012-04-03, 15:40
Agree with anni, I liked the forum better standalone. Was smoother to browse around and read.
2012-04-03, 18:23
Being redirected to the forum page you were in when you log in would be nice
2012-04-03, 20:55
Thanks for the new design and all of your hard work!

Some suggestions:
PLEASE bring back the full-screen forum. PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE.
I know you said the GUI will get an overhaul, but I just had to say that the fonts are way too small =( "coverage" "forum" "play" buttons are way too small.

What happened to the horizontal navigation bar on top? =[

Edit: I see a major flaw with the serverbrowser: the gamedir is not shown! There are still ctf/ra/TF games out there..

(Edited 2012-04-03, 20:57)
2012-04-03, 21:36
Thanks for all the feedback, I will be working on an update the next few days, so keep the ideas coming.

However up2, gamedir can't be used to filter the servers. Some server admins use gamedir qw for ctf/ra/whatever mods and some don't. We have to filter the servers manually, this havn't been done yet tho.

But if you go to the server browser and click advanced search, there should be a dropdown called "Gametype".

(Edited 2012-04-03, 21:58)
2012-04-04, 09:05
It doesn't seem as if the OS shows up on your profile!
2012-04-04, 10:30
I think the forum needs some working. You can't 1) go to the newest post 2) see which topics have new messages after your last visit 3) see which subforums have new posts in them.

Also the search seems to be quite flawed, it looks like it searches for separate posts instead of threads as the default option, and when theere's enough search results to divide them into multiple pages, changing the page will nullify your search.
2012-04-04, 17:14
Mipa, if you go up in the top part of the page, there is a 'Updates x/x'. You have a complete overview of what you have missed on the entire site, not just forum - but it works great for that as well

A feature you will learn to love fast =D
2012-04-04, 17:25
Guys use the issue tracker to report bugs! Zalon appreciates it!
2012-04-07, 20:34
I'm not sure but the request for the old forum was rejected. Can we please have the old forum back, or at least a link to it for people who liked it? This new one is very inconvenient to use. There are so many things missing.
2012-04-07, 21:37
The old forum is not coming back. What is missing? In a forum you need to make new threads, post in them and.... well basically that's it
2012-04-07, 22:15
When I hit forum, none of the links of the sub-forums are bold/different color telling me which contain new posts. They don't tell me which post is the latest one to be updated, when, and by whom.

When I click a sub-forum, only 10 posts are shown (as opposed to like 30-50 from the old forum). Posts don't say who the last person is that replied, and I can't see the number of views.

I love everything about the new site except the watered-down forum =\
2012-04-08, 04:22
We can work on improvements on the forum to make it closer to the old in features, patience
Pages will be upped in limit soon. Maybe the other issues can be looked at as well, make a proper feature request in the issue tracker.
2012-04-12, 01:10
I request ragequit button instead of the forum, should be same usable, well, more usable.
Sorry, I am sure all this changes was for a good reason, but just read that Up2nOgOoD[ROCK] mention in his post #20, all that forum finctionality is just MUST HAVE, but myeah, patience patience and one more patience.. :E
2012-04-12, 18:18
He says he would like to know which post is latest and by whom, this is exactly what you get when you visit "Updates" and click any of the posts that are marked as unread there. It also says who made the last post.
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